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August 27, 2013 8:30 am

Report: Yeshiva University Insufficiently Responded to Sex Abuse Claims Before 2001

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A Yeshiva University campus. Photo: Jim Henderson. The findings of an investigation commissioned by Yeshiva University (YU) said the school lacked an “appropriate response” to multiple sex abuse allegations before 2001.

“The investigative team found that, up until 2001, there were multiple instances in which the university either failed to appropriately act to protect the safety of its students or did not respond to the allegations at all,” stated a newly released report by the law firm Sullivan & Cromwell LLP, theNew York Daily News reported.

“Based on what the investigative team learned from its interviews with victims, this lack of an appropriate response by the university caused victims to believe that their complaints fell on deaf ears or were simply not heard,” the report stated.

Thirty-one plaintiffs, all former students of Yeshiva University High School, have filed a $380 million lawsuit against YU. The Sullivan & Cromwell report said that sex abuse at YU extended beyond the institution’s all-boys high school, without offering any additional details.

“I express my deepest and most heartfelt remorse, and truly hope that our recognition of these issues provides some level of comfort and closure to the victims,” stated YU President Richard Joel wrote. “Although we cannot change the past, we remain committed to making confidential counseling services available to those individual victims in the hope they can achieve a more peaceful future.”

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  • 0 replies · active 9 hours ago

    Where are the other Rabbis to speak out.? Are they afraid of loosing their jobs at Y.U. or their standing in the community? Where are the voices of the Y.U. students? Are they afraid they will get a bad grade or not get a letter of recommendation to medical or law school. Where are the Semicha students and Roshei Yeshiva; are they afraid they will not be placed or will be ridiculed. Initially I defended Y.U. because it is the school from which I received most of my degrees , and where all my children have attended. It is the school at which I was taught by fantastic rebbies and teachers. But when it comes to speaking out for those students who were spiritually and emotionally hurt, the silence is deafening. I came full circle when Rabbi Dr. Norman Lamm took the fall for Y.U. He was the Kappurah hin; the Y.U. sacrifice. As yet no one else has been punished. Rabbi Dr. Lamm is now old and perhaps people forget he was the one who saved Y.U.from financial collapse. I know that after my many articles on behalf of the students, I will never again be asked to teach at Y.U. and I am looked upon with disfavor. So be it. The video which appeared on the Forward was predictable. The students are afraid to be viewed speaking against the establishment. I was told at Y.U. by one of the Rabbis named in the law suit, ‘ I CAN GO THROUGH YOU OR AROUND YOU, I CHOOSE TO GO THROUGH YOU.’ I was always outspoken even as a young student. Is there any solution? Y.U. should at least fire or dismiss teachers and former deans and administrators responsible for this atrocity. There should be a real apology made naming those who abused the students. RABBI DR. BERNHARD ROSENBERG

  • Driving to teach Public Speaking at Yeshiva College I received a call stating that the speech department is closing at YU. I was the first speech major at Yeshiva College in 1969 and together with Dr. Abraham Tauber of Blessed memory created the first speech department at Yeshiva College. I had taught at Yeshiva College in the 70’s, 80’s and in the last 4 years. What is not working at Yeshiva College? According to my observations, shiurim are too large and Rebbes are unable to develop close relationships with students. How much do the administrators and officers make? FACULTY has had their salaries frozen for four Why fire talented adjuncts while keeping full teachers who are not evaluated and cannot teach? Consider the YU nepotism which gives untalented people jobs. There seem to be a lot of people running around doing nothing and getting paid. The cafeteria food is terrible and costs too much. Students are overworked with religious requirements which make it impossible to devote enough time to secular work. This has to be reevaluated. Finally, where is the YU spirit of Torah Umada? There has not been an apology given to the students who were sexually molested and Rabbi Dr. Norman LAMM WAS THE KAPPURAH HIN, THE SACRIFICE. Rabbi DR. Bernhard Rosenberg

  • Michael Reiter

    Sorry, this is not good enough! Too many lives have been affected. Keep the law suit going! Good luck!