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September 9, 2013 1:20 pm

New Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott Known as Outspoken Israel Supporter

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New Australian PM Tony Abbott. Photo: Wiki Commons.

JNS.orgAustralians elected Tony Abbott of the conservative Liberal Party as prime minister in a national election on Saturday. Abbott is known for supporting Israel, and said during his election campaign that he is “firmly committed to restoring the Australia- Israeli friendship,” according to the Jerusalem Post.

Abbott and his party defeated Kevin Rudd’s Labor party with a majority of 30 seats in the 150-member Australian parliament. Australian Jewish voters turned away from the current administration after Rudd’s foreign minister, Bob Carr, in a speech at the Lakemba Mosque, Australia’s largest mosque, said that “all [Israeli] settlements on Palestinian land are illegal under international law and should cease.”

“That is the position of Kevin Rudd, the position of the federal Labor government, and we don’t make apologies for it,” Carr said, according to Israel National News.

Australia’s election was originally scheduled to fall on Yom Kippur, but was rescheduled.

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  • colin

    now let him stop all muslim immigration ,and stop and repeal any law that advances Islam.before it destroys Australia,

  • kravi

    After USA, Canada and Czech Republic, another member of the club of countries who defend Israel. They’re not so many !
    Welcome !

  • Julian Clovelly

    I would not like to see the confusion caused by the Murdoch media in Australia to be transmitted to the Jewish community internationally. The previous Government’s position – and especially our previous PM’s
    position on a number of Middle Eastern issues were based on the consistent policy of successive Australian Governments to support the United Nations – a policy reflected over many years in Australia’s willingness to supply forces for peacekeeping purposes.

    The Government’s position reflected the attitudes and conclusions of such international organisations as the UN General Assembly and Security Council, the International Committee of the Red Cross, the international Court of Justice and with common interpretation of the Fourth Geneva Convention (which is disputed by Israel)

    What is important is not to confuse pro-Un with anti-Israel, and most certainly not with antisemitism. Arguably the strong voice that anti-Israelism gets in the Left in Australia comes from the silence within the Left of parts of the Jewish community, and that in turn is a reflection of Right Wing political association in Israel and America. Where any community turns to the Right politically it must expect a reaction from the Left ,but the triggering issues are those between Right and Left generally within democratic societies – not those issues between factions in the Middle East crises

    We are talking “polarisation” here. The Murdoch media has polarised Australia. Polarisation in my opinion is never in the interest of minorities. It is that dynamic I would caution minority communities to be watching. Our new PM seems set on attempting to interfere with present democratic structure such as the Senate – an upper house potentially hostile to his Government, that holds a majority in the lower house. Please do not get too concerned – but please also never forget the Enabling Act. A populist created political swing can through constitutional measures and a malignant media be turned into a de-facto coup.

    • Eve

      You’re kidding, right? Or just stupid? You can’t confuse being pro-UN with being anti-Israel. They’re synonymous.

  • When oil is no longer our main source of energy the support for muslims will disappear. It that simple

  • Sandy Brown

    Cameron’s family are Jewish and his wife is one of the Astor family. So are Miliband’s family – I think they were in the camps. Glad this new guy in Aus is pro-Israel. As for Tony B Liar as he is known in the UK, he has no clue. And his wife (Cherie Antoinette as she is known is not liked either. Both of them are egotistical and avaricious. Blair lied about Iraq. He said that they had weapons. They did not.

  • Joy

    As someone from down under, I can only say that it is with great relief that the Liberal Nationals with Tony Abbott as Prime Minister won the election. Not only is he a strong friend of Israel, but his sense of honesty is most welcome. Jewish Australians have been most concerned by Carr who was the past Foreign Minister and Kevin Rudd the past Prime Minister’s attitude towards Israel.

  • Rodney Gouttman

    The Rudd Labor Party Government turned off the Australian Jewish community over its increasingly hostile attitude to Israel. This was particularly so in the heat of elections to draw the pro-Arab cum Palestinian vote particularly in the strong Muslim provinces of west Sydney. Already, the Government had sold its soul to win a seat on the Security Council. On the other hand, the Jewish community voted in strength for Jewish incumbents in the Rudd administration.

  • Mario

    With friends in Canada and USA in the northern hemisphere and Australia in the southern hemisphere, support for Israel looks solid for the moment. God bless Israel.

    • Jenny P

      This is good news. Let’s hope support is solid! Israel could sure use it.

  • Rob

    Unfortunately Bob Carr / Kevin Rudd and the labor party will say anything to anyone to get elected. Much like the hard-left everywhere

  • nat schmelzer

    Most mainstream conservatives are pro-Israel e.g. Merkel, Harper, Berlusconi, Cameron. However, not all on the left are anti-Israel e.g. Blair, Brown, hopefully Milliband if he ever becomes PM, and Hollande.

  • Julian Clovelly

    I am afraid it is really not as simple as that. Our new PM is personally quite unpopular and is leader of a Coalition rather than of a single Party, albeit the majority faction in the Coalition has virtually throttled and digested its Coalition partner. On a first peference basis the Australian Labor Party still drew more votes than Abbott’s own Liberal Party

    Abbott is a traditional practising Catholic of Jesuit education. His mentor is Cardinal Pell, who spends much of his time within the Vatican. Abbott mostly achieved his Prime Ministerial position by first gaining the leadership of his own party by one vote, on a policy of denying anthropogenically caused Climate Change. He then spent a period of extreme negativity in Parliament, as Opposition leader, with the Opposition behaving more like a Parliament in exile

    His personal unpopularity was countered by the most vicious media campaign against an incumbent Prime Minister – a woman – I have ever witnessed. This was orchestrated by an Australian media dominated by the Murdoch media empire. Yes the person who most decided the new Australian government was an American citizen, born in Australia, but based in the USA. It was nothing less than billionaire foreign interference in internal Australian politics. The final battle for the Labor Government was against Murdoch as a self declared enemy

    The main area of contention in relation to Israel remains the settlements question, which plays into the hands of pro-Palestinian factions in the grass roots political organisations. Australia as a modern nation has never been anti Israel. We grieve over the violence in the Middle East especially the loss of childhood. But to many the settlements provide what they see as a focus for blame. Bob Carr, a former State Premier as well as foreign minister, told you how people feel. I think you need to know

    As to the Jewish vote – I am not sure there is one. Jewish people are integrated here as our brother and sister Australians. Many families have past Jewish connections through intermarriage as long ago as over 100 years. And what really would be such a votes significance? – after all it was a fact recorded in contemporary books such as “Germany Puts The Clock Back” that some Jewish people even made the mistake of voting for the man who was to becone their worst enemy. For Australia the concept of a Jewish vote would be a peculiar antisemitic concept

    Australian attitudes towards Israel are not about antisemitism – we are better than that, we learnt from the mistakes of the thirties when our nation denied entry to refugees. They are a reaction to the pain we see on our TV screens, to the obvious difference in living standards between the Israelis and arabs of the region. In this we are like many Israelis too who seek nothing more than to live in peace. You cannot expect every Australian to understand complexities that are rarely explained most especially in its more popular organs by an irresponsible media conglomerate that isn’t even properly based here.

  • Fred

    The Left & the Greens have never been friends of Israel.

  • Frederick Remington

    Good for Australia! They seem to understand the true meaning of U.N. Resolution 242. Wish I could say the same about our current U.S. administration.

    Fred Remington

  • Delighted to read that Israel has a firm and supportive friend ” Down Under “

  • Delighted to read that Israel has a firm and supportive
    friend ” Down Under “

  • EthanP

    I only hope US Jews would also realize the Left/Democrats are no longer Israels friends.

    • PAK

      The radical left is certainly no friend. Probably not so true of the Democrats. Problem is that although the Republicans may be a more steadfast friend of Israel, they are no friend of the average American citizen. It’s still possible to support Israel and progressive causes in the US at the same time. All one needs to do is follow the evidence and think logically.

    • Maybe Obama can help American Jews face this long overdue misconception of Democrats and Israel being friends.