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September 11, 2013 11:22 am

Israeli President Peres: ‘Assad Cannot be Trusted’ to Honor Agreement on Chemical Weapons

avatar by Zach Pontz

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Israeli President Shimon Peres. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Israeli President Shimon Peres voiced skepticism Wednesday over a Russian proposal to place Syrian chemical weapons under international custodianship.

Speaking at the Israeli Navy graduation ceremony Wednesday, Peres said, “Assad cannot be trusted to honor the agreement” but expressed optimism that Washington and Moscow could impose conditions on the Syrian president that would force him to give up his chemical weapons.

“I know both President Obama and President Putin and I am convinced that if an agreement is reached it will be reliable, explicit and significant. The agreement must ensure that Assad has no chemical weapons,” he said.

A Congressional vote on whether or not the U.S. should strike Syria militarily in response to the chemical weapons attack it carried out in late August was postponed earlier this week after Russia, which has backed the Assad regime in its more-than two-year-old civil war, proposed a solution whereby Syria would relinquish control of it chemical weapons arsenal.

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  • As others have pointed out, Assad will simply hide a lot of his chemical weapons as Saddam Hussein did (anyone who *doesn’t* believe Iraq had WMDs is fooling themselves, as so many appeasers did in the UK; some of the Syrian chemicals may even be leftovers from Iraq). To say that Assad is not to be trusted is a truism, what about all the denials from himself and his ministers they his regime used gas in the first place? The only solution is to send a drone to target Assad himself, if they Israelis can target individuals in Gaza it is surely not beyond the wit of the western world to do the same.

  • Oboma and David Cameroum are serious isue of chemical weapon president Asaad use kill Innocent people just because to maintain the power. in contrary U.S,French and British should speed up the millitary action against Asaad.

  • Moshe

    Wait, something is wrong here. Assad can’t be trusted but palestinian authority can? Perez is so far out of the bounds of logic it is almost comical. Of course Assad can’t be trusted. Palestinians have vowed to kills ‘Jews’ and call it national pride but yet…

  • Good analysis. If only the rest of them thought like you.

    • Stuart Hersh

      President Peres is only half-right. While Assad can no more be trusted to honor agreements than Hitler could (Czechoslovakia and Poland), for Israel the situation is worse, since we are dealing with a US President whose attitude reflects that of the late Neville Chamberlain.

      By authorizing the CIA to arm the extreme Islamist rebels,as Chamberlain permitted Germany to rearm, Obama is laying the groundwork for escalation of the conflict. In siding with Russia regarding her proposal for dealing with Assad’s psychopathic genocidal policy through diplomacy, his policy will fuurther erode trust in US commitments and credibility in a region that desparately needs reliable and credible US commitments.

      As for Israel, we can no longer rely on Obama’s assurances for our security, any more than Czeechoslovakia and Poland could trust those of Hitler and Chamberlain.

  • Israel should stay ready as it is always. Let the world do its lip service.

  • Joseph

    This is a misleading headline. The article goes on to detail how Peres is optimistic about the prospective agreement. With the proper controls, of course.

  • David Jenkins

    It is rather odd for Peres to make this statement bearing in mind he want(ed) to trade away the Golan Heights against rather dim promises.

  • SHmuel HaLevi

    Assad is a murderous, untrustworthy individual. Yet Mr. Peres, for those aware about his long history, is just as much untrustworthy and many suspect far worse. Mr. Peres never won a public election for the positions he held and holds in Israel. He is known in public as a conniver, undermining individual, (in the words of Mr. Rabin himself). Mr. Peres for decades performed and still does, activities against which there were direct Law prohibitions or understandings. Meeting and entering into agreements with Arafat on behalf of the State during the Oslo years was illegal. He and his associates broke existing Laws and thus caused thousands of “victims of peace”. He repeatedly did so before Oslo and to this day. Such person acting as a voice of the people is anathema.

  • Amy

    Neither country can be fully trusted. Nor the enemies of the Assad regime, who could have committed the chemical weapon act of terror and then put the blame on Assad…For centuries history such acts have been done by evil men who then blamed the victim.

    It is time for peaceful settlements.

    George Washington,, the first President of the United States said: In order to insure peace, a nation must be prepared for its defense. Israel is well prepared
    and should understand other nations should also be.


    • Elliot J. Stamler

      Washington was paraphrasing Cicero who millenia earlier declared: If you want peace, prepare for war.

      • Is it still paraphrasing when the initial statement is shorter than the “paraphrase”?

  • Miriam

    Following the “logic of the President of Israel”…..Peres, otherwise known as the father of nuclear Israel….a consummate liar is warning us, the world of observers, about what he sees in the mirror…pure projection…after his many decades of deceit and finger pointing.

  • Mike

    I was born in Egypt Muslim.

    I agree with President Peres.

    However, I believe that while Assad cannot be trusted just as any other Muslim regime, the rebels cannot be trusted either. They are Muslim Brotherhood, Al Qaeda, and the like. While Assad is a “smart” enemy who wants to survive, the rebels are stupid and don’t care for any life even of their own. One should not forget that Assad is diplomatic when it comes to the West and Israel while the rebels are militants even if they get killed.

    As we pray for Israel, we pray that those hateful such as Muslim Brotherhood and Al Qaeda will be destroyed.

    • Sonia Willats

      I am sure you are right, and that the Syrian opposition could be even worse than Assad, and also capable of using chemical weapons, victimising minority groups etc.

    • j glueck

      Thanks Mike… So true and accurate… nothing is more clear… political leaders are fools, the opposition is the same or worse… let em’ fight it out and then we’ll defend against the new opposition!

  • Master Adrian

    But then, what head of state can be trusted on and about weapons that the state has not signed a treaty against hey?
    Syria has not signed the treaty against the fabrication, storage and use of chemical weapons, and thus is he can not be trusted, were Israel has not signed the treaty of non-proliferation of nuclear weapons, thus can not be trusted either…..

    Both countries have what they did not sign, both countries are willing to use them, and both thus9 following the Logic of the President of Israel, can not be trusted….

    Logic of so-called statesmen…. politicians

    • Master Adrian there is a clear and significant distinction between the use of weapons for aggression or defense. To equate Assad gassing Syrain people not in revolt along with some that may be, cannot be compared with Israel’s nuclear defense which is intended to prevent oft expressed threats of military invasion from being carried out. Not even Iran fears a pre-emptive nuclear strike from Israel. In my opinion, you owe Israel’s leaders an apology.

    • What part if signing a treaty all of a sudden makes you honest? And dishonest if you don’t? No logic there. And Israel has never confirmed nor denied possession of nuclear bombs so not sure how that makes them a liar either. The biggest difference is that Syria HAS USED their weapons. Israel HAS NOT. Really the only similarity, using your logic, is … Nothing.