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September 18, 2013 8:35 am

Report: Anti-Semitism Keystone of Belgian School Curriculum

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Email a copy of "Report: Anti-Semitism Keystone of Belgian School Curriculum" to a friend The Belgian Ministry of Education has been supplying primary school teachers with anti-Semitic material through the state-funded Special Committee for Remembrance Education, which provides teachers with ready-made templates for their history lessons, the Gatestone Institute reported Sept. 16.

The teaching material includes cartoons like “Never Again, Over Again” from political cartoonist Carlos Latuff, who is known for anti-Semitic, pro-Palestinian motifs in his artwork. The cartoon, taught at to schoolchildren ages 6 -12, equates Palestinians to the Jews under Nazi tyranny.

The educational material also includes a “role play” in which children are given a role as either a Palestinian or an Israeli. The Israelis are almost always depicted negatively, with the exception of an Israeli character with many Palestinian friends.

“You have sympathy for the radical group Hamas. You live in Gaza and go to work every day in Israel… the death of a Palestinian girl shot by Israeli soldiers in the school playground has shocked you deeply. Israel denies having shot the children, but according to representatives of the United Nations in Gaza everything indicates that she was killed by the Israelis,” describes the Palestinian cue in the role-play exercise.

Belgium’s Special Committee for Remembrance Education curriculum also does not include information on Israel as the only democracy in the Middle East, according to the Gatestone Institute.

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  • lustigkurren

    Not off-topic: there is no Belgian Ministry of Education. Check your facts. Belgium’s three linguistic communities each have their own Ministry of Education.

    • Rachamim Dwek

      You are arguing semantics and that is a ridiculous thing to do. If it helps you, it is the Flemish Ministry of Education in partnership with a private consortium named “KlasCement” [sic]. Hope it helps you.

  • nicole gonzález

    Pro-palestinian is NOT anti-semitic

  • Librarians for Fairness, a pro-Israeli organization of librarians and archivists has posted the Gatestone Institute’s report about this outrage on our website. We are also submitting a formal protest to the Education Ministry of Belgium.

  • Bill Sloan

    It’s ok – the idiots are being overtaken by radical muslims. You reap what you sow.

  • Carl

    No wonder these people are so full of Jew-hatred. Just like the Palestinians, they are fed a steady diet of lies and bias from childhood. I’m sure none of their “lessons” address the very intentional murders of Israeli children by Hamas rockets fired from schools, mosques or hospitals. Do they “role play” the shock of very intentional hands-on murders of entire families by slashing their throats or shooting them point-blank or standing beside human beings while detonating an explosive vest? None of these can remotely be considered accidents or unintended civilian casualties of a legitimate military target.