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September 25, 2013 1:20 pm

“‹Rouhani Participates in Military Parade Where Sign Calls for Israel’s Destruction

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President Hassan Rouhani. Photo: Iranian government.

JNS.org Just prior to his speech at the U.N. General Assembly on Tuesday, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani took part in his country’s military parade, which included trucks carrying Shahab-3 missiles and signs calling for the destruction of Israel, Israel Hayom reported.

This information was revealed by former Israeli Ambassador to the U.N. and Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs President Dore Gold.

In pictures of the parade, which took place at the beginning of the week, it can be clearly seen that the first truck carrying Shahab-3 missiles is also carrying a sign that reads in Farsi, “Israel must cease to exist.”

According to Gold, “The fact that Rouhani is presenting positive messages in New York, and at the same time taking part in an event that called for the destruction of Israel, should raise a red flag to the West.”

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  • R

    Ever smell an Arab? PHEWWWW! Rouhani smells like what he is…an Arab.

    • Chris Moyler

      This kind of comment is pure racism. I am an ardent supporter of Israel, and Am certainly no lover of the current regime in Iran, but to speak of the Arab peoples in this way is disgusting and shameful.
      I appeal for this comment to be moderated and removed so that honest and fruitful discussion from both sides of this conflict may take place.
      Chris Moyler, Kent, UK

  • Lawrence Kulak

    From the perspective of the rules of war, it would seem rather obvious that Iran’s continuous provocations would justify a pre-emptive attack on its nuclear facilities once the point of no return is reached. But perhaps Israel (as well as the US) should alter the equation slightly and not depend upon that all too unreliable “line in the sand”. Perhaps the next attempt to transport munitions or to wage proxy terror by Iran should be interpreted as THE provocative act that finally crosses the line. You see, Iran has been playing games for years with the entire red line concept, dashing across it and then dashing back continuously to the point that we ignore the line entirely. Its time to hold Iran responsible for its deeds without worrying about it crossing any red lines. That Islamic Republic has been due for destruction ever since Reagan took office. They have become so drunk with thirst for their virgins that they probably cannot even fight anymore.

  • Steve Marks

    This character is Ahmadinejad with a beard and a turban. Same trash as before.

    • Chris Moyler

      Quite True, and all the more deadly for it. Evil is far more deadly when presented in a polite manner and free of rant. Hitler used the same tactics -see “Hitler, God and The Bible” by Ray Comfort, for a clear and chilling exposition of how to present a policy of great evil under the guise of doing the will of God. Deeply disturbing.