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September 29, 2013 3:00 pm

French Comedian: ‘One Can be Jewish and Not be Completely Disgusting’ (VIDEO)

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A screenshot from the CANAL+ TV station.

French Jews reacted with concern after anti-Semitic comments were made by humorist Sebastian Thoen on the prime-time Le Grand Journal show, on the country’s CANAL+ television station earlier this month.

The offensive remarks came as Thoen was introducing popular Jewish Comedian Elie Semoun, who appeared on the show to promote his newly published book.

“You never embarked into communitarianism […] You could have also appeared in the streets selling jeans and diamonds from the back of a car saying ‘Israel is always right, f*** Palestine woualala….’ But you did not … One can be Jewish and not be completely disgusting. No offense to some!” Thoen said according to a translation provided to The Algemeiner.

Roger Cukierman, president of CRIF, the Representative Council of French Jewish Institutions responded to the incident by calling to the attention of Mr. Bertrand Méheut, the chairman of the CANAL + group, the severity of the comments which he said amounted to the “trivialization of anti-Semitism,” according to a statement published on CRIF’s website.

New York based French Jewish artist, activist and Algemeiner blogger Ron Agam said that “These incendiary remarks are the culmination of an attitude often found in French media where Jews are often demonized for their support of Israel.”

“These two minutes set off a huge storm within the Jewish community in France, including outrage and demands of resignation addressed to CANAL+,” Agam said. “The indignity is mounting daily; the realization that such words of extreme gravity can be pronounced on TV is creating a feeling that it is OK to lash out with anti-Semitic remarks.”

A video in French of the incident on CANAL+ can be viewed below.

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  • Lou Hodges

    I was a stand-up comedienne in Hollywood for quite a while. I write comedy and know a lot of fairly famous comics. This off-color remark is what we call a “cheap shot” in the industry. It’s an easy laugh when you really aren’t that funny to begin with. Lots of TV hosts and celebrities backstab their way to the top, only to find out they have no talent. So they find something offensive to say, and hopefully people will laugh. The black comics do the same thing in the United States, making up “cracker” jokes. Intelligent humor is much more difficult, obviously this guy isn’t that intelligent. All he can do is act like a comical nazi and hopefully keep his career on the top. As far as the President of the TV network saying that Jews have no sense of humor, Hollywood has been dominated by Jewish comedians going back to Charlie Chaplin. The person with no sense of wit, is the witless TV executive who programs French TV shows.

  • Anthony Abela

    Doesn’t this merde know that you can be French and not be such an arshole as most of them are?. The French leathers (condoms) are still upset since the valiant Jews went in Marseilles France and took back by stealth the five torpedo or gun boats that Israel bought from the French Government by paying in GOLD as nothing else was good enough. After they got paid they changed their mind but kept the GOLD. This is why Israel took what it paid for. Pity no film was ever done to show what these imbeciles are capable of doing. Viva le Ignorence, vive le Stupidite, vive le arrogance as only the French know how. No wonder the morons have little compassion from other countries. Hear O’ Israel, billions of people love you, don’t despair. The world in General has benefitted from Jewish or of Jewish origin more in health discoveries then the rest of the world put together. SHALOM from a Maltese friend of yours.

    • Kyra Nelson

      Thank you for having the courage to say it out loud.

    • F Callen

      Seconded, by a Scottish friend of Israel

  • Uzi lowenthal

    French Jews……listen to Bernard Ross…leave and try to make Israel your choice!

  • It wont be long until France and the rest of the EU will be begging for the Jews to come back. Enjoy your muzzies Europe.

  • Lou Adams

    Someone should have a little conversation with him after work, he needs to comprehend consequences for his actions. All these complaints are a waste of time and energy.

  • Myriam Cuneo

    Disgusting, horrible, fire him!

  • Sylvia Navon

    This character Theon’s remarks haven’t just angered French Jews. He is called a humorist in France? I call him simple minded and not creative if he resorts to anti Semitic remarks. He needs new material.

  • David Levy

    The real question is: can one be French and not be a total loser and disgrace?

  • Efram Paul

    “One can be Jewish and not completely disgusting.” It’s a shame that the same can not be said of being French.

  • David

    French anti-Semitism has a long and sordid history so this incident isn’t so unusual.

    With its ever-increasing Muslim immigrant population dragging France down and inciting its own anti-Jew and anti-Israel enmity it didn’t take long for French society to join in.

    And this is the country that participated with its Nazi collaborators to export Jews to the gas chambers in WWII. France has such a sordid history of religious and political bigotry that such an incident, sadly, was to be expectd.

  • April K

    Too bad he can’t be Sebastian Thoen without being “completely disgusting.”

  • Fred

    To be treacherous to Israel ( Jews ) is fashionable even in comedie. It is sad when a Jewish comedien does it. Very sad.

  • Yup…I guess it’s akin to say that a frenchman historically was not always a whore

  • Bernard Ross

    jews should get out of france, its a cesspool.

  • Felicity Scott

    One cannot, apparently, be Sebastian Thoen and *not* be disgusting. Bigot.