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October 9, 2013 11:36 am

Guardian Poll: 75% Say Rouhani Deserves Nobel Peace Prize

avatar by Zach Pontz

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Iranian President Hassan Rouhani.

With the Nobel Peace Prize set to be announced on Friday, readers of the UK’s Guardian newspaper overwhelmingly support one dark horse candidate for the award, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani.

According to a poll on the Guardian’s website, some 75% of respondents chose Rouhani from a list compiled by Guardian journalists. The second closest contender, Malala Yousafzai, an activist in Pakistan, garnered a mere 15%.

The paper explains its rationale behind the selection, saying that Rouhani has “already brought encouraging changes, not least putting an end to the embarrassment of the Ahmadinejad years, starting a new chapter for improved relations with the west.” This month, Rouhani’s charm offensive resulted in a meeting between Iranian officials and U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry and a personal phone call between Rouhani and U.S. President Barack Obama.

Many Iran watchers, outside of those who read the Guardian, feel that Rouhani’s new tone is a ruse to buy time to work on Iranian nuclear projects in secret. A Wall Street Journal columnist suggested yesterday that Rouhani may indeed be more moderate, but that he is relatively powerless when it comes to the Iranian government’s decision making. “Maybe Mr. Rouhani isn’t ‘a wolf in sheep’s clothing,’ as Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu says. Maybe he’s a sheep among wolves,” he wrote.

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  • Mel

    Does an Edwardian reading his Guardian act too Retardian?

    Will the hateful few occupying the loo ever accept the Jew?

    If the imam’s a kook the world must rebuke an Iranian nuke.

    Without any wit, the Islamic Brit has a mind full of dreck.

  • Vivienne Leijonhufvud

    Only trendy lefties from Islington, Oxford parts of Hampstead, possibly Cambridge and the Chattering and Lovy classes UK subscribe to this fatuous newspaper. The reporting is so biased in one direction one only reads it to see how far from the mark they are. Rouhani is about as deserving of the Nobel Peace prize as Arafat was. Who ever nominated Arafat must have been equally trendy left wing and oblivious of Arafat’s skills to deceive and lie and defraud many governments of millions of dollars. There are so few of us in the world with any kind of insight and clear thinking.



  • Yitzchak (Joel) Strauss

    Are those guys f**king crazy?! Rouhani has not proven to pursue peace. He still supports the nuclear program and is an anti-semitic!

  • Lynne T

    Over at Harry’s Place they are saying this “poll” was conducted among the Graun’s staff only, not its (rapidly plummetting) readership.

    If you want to help the Graun get shuttered, ditch the Auto Trader, which is owned by the Graun and is its prime revenue stream.

  • E Pluribus Beagle

    Guardian readers would nominate the chemical Zyklon B for the prize if they could.

  • carol

    The Guardian of Garbage, Lies and Hell, which is just where the British are headed with a burgeoning Muslim population.

  • Fortune


  • Alon

    Anti-semitics, just full of envy. Nobel for chemistry, Nobel for medicine. And our cousins? Nobel for bombing….this is the Islamic contribution to the civilized world

  • Colin Scott

    I am guardian reader and I wanted Malala to get the votes, but I wouldn’t worry too much, the Nobel prize is a joke and it always has been, Alfred Nobel was the inventor of smokeless gunpowder, great for unseen sniping which is why it was developed, also Pres. Obama got one for just repeating the words change and hope over and over again, it may be a recognised prize but in reality its a worthless award, its a peace award from an arms manufacturer, in Chinese circles its called “the Gunpowder prize”. Irony and the Nobel peace prize go together like a hand in a glove.

  • Don Corrigan

    WTF is Guardian, an under arm oderizer?

  • HaroldT

    I am too old to see the UK become a Muslim state with sharia law in 20 years time.
    Good luck to your children.

  • Fritz Kohlhaas

    What else can you expect from the Guardian?
    The Guardian would nominate bin Laden for the Nobel Peace

    • Sonia Willats

      Well observed, but what does it reflect of the ability to read, weigh-up and judge of its average readership; given that they may also have had access to PM Netanyahu’s well-constructed rational(e) UN speech, pointing out that Rouhani’s utterances are not borne out by his actions.

      This same readership would have given Hitler a peace prize in the early years (and perhaps some of them in the later years as well!)

      One can only wonder where the hearts and minds of the average Brit really are!

  • Kenneth D Hegler

    A now reconsidering cancelling planned “The Guardian” subscription. On seeing this, will advise friends to do likewise. Appears that the “Guardian” is full of them. Never met an anti Semite I did not like. Let Rouhani do something, then possibly consider him.

    And this is called informing the public. What an utter disservice in reporting and misrepresentation of facts. Sounds more like wishful thinking and praise from the chattering media, looking for something to report.

    No wonder Melanie Phillips finally struck out on her own and stood up for the truth.

    Again, I will no longer give any credence to “The Guardian”. Hardly fit for the litter box of birds or cat!

    • dr.zhivago

      Just FYI, Guardian is a go-to-source for BBC. Another “paragon of objectivity”! When will Brits wake up and stop paying for that anti-Western, muslim sympathizing garbage?!

  • Sunshine

    CNN lied during Rouhani’s interview to make him look good.

    Most media repeated the lies willingly. It is known for years that the ayatollahs wanted to get rid of Ahmadinejad, not only Rouhani, but nobody mentioned this.

    The lies went as far as British media falsifying Netanyahu’s speech at the U.N.

    The Brits swallow whole anything that is media-fed to them and most media HATE Israel and Jews. Reminds me of WWII all over again.

    Finally, the Brits don’t know their history. Therefore, they are condemned to relive it. I have no compassion whatsoever for British stupidity and ignorance.

    • Colin Scott

      Hi there Sunshine, you should write for the daily mail, you seem to have a knack, I am a brit and am well aware of my history, I am also aware of many other histories, I have also debated (on the side of the Jewish people) the danish national party and radio islam on various anti semitic books and pogroms and I have done it very well thank you, I do it because I hate misinformation and like truth to be told in all cases, being pompous and making generalising statements about different nations will get you nowhere, except as I say, maybe a job with the daily mail. People of all nations swallow their media wholesale, how do you think Rupert Murdoch and the like got so big in the first place, people on mass all around the world are not educated enough to ask the right questions or to think critically, I would think that might be the real problem with people just following what they are told. Don’t get steamed up with hatred, it will always cloud your judgment. All the best Sunshine, keep well.

  • norm_t

    Like all things coming out of the
    Guardian. Outrages.

  • Great, I’m iranian and think this man deserve to it. He is anti-extermist person, this is my main reason to choice him.

    • Ed Clark

      I couldn’t agree more with your comment.
      When one considers the human scum having “won” this “prize,” we see the likes of the terrorist Yasser Arafat, the racist ambulatory pustule Desmond Tutu & other unlikely hominids including shit-for-brains, psychotic Obama.
      In my view, this ridiculous prize should be abolished once & for all… however, if it must endure again this year, I think this year’s most qualified candidates – those with the most in common with past laureates – would be Robert Mugabe, Basher Assad, Mohammad Mursi, or some other abominable murdering, thieving beast.
      FYI, over here in Brooklyn, I’m hardly alone in renaming this honorary distinction The Nobel Piece O’ Shit Price.
      As to the Nobel Piece O’ Shit Selection Committee, what more can I say but that it can be composed only of the the vilest dregs of upright hominids, whom I wish Heaven would exterminate NOW, without further ado. That could possibly awaken some of the somnambulists & other mental defectives whose abdication from reason has lubricated humanity’s descent to its present wretchedness.
      Keep safe & be well,

  • Elliot J. Stamler

    75% of Guardian readers are anti-semites. 100% of the Guardian journalists are anti-semites.

    • Max Gordon

      Well said Elliot

    • Chaim

      Bulls eye.