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October 9, 2013 1:37 pm

Fatah Spokesman Reiterates Refusal to Recognize Israel as Jewish State

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PA President Mahmoud Abbas (right) with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Photo: wiki commons.

The Sharjah-based Al Khaleej newspaper reported on Tuesday that the Fatah party of Palestinian Authority leader Mahmoud Abbas reiterated its rejection of the position of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu that any peace deal must include the recognition of Israel as a Jewish state by the Palestinian Authority.

“This is the language of acquiescence and we won’t recognize Israel as a Jewish state,” Fatah spokesman Ahmed Assaf was quoted as saying. “Let Israel go to the United Nations and demand changing its name into the Jewish state.” If the objective behind Netanyahu’s speech is to ask the Palestinians to give up their rights, he added, “then we all refuse to give up our rights.”

In a speech given over the weekend, Netanyahu reiterated his longtime position that the PA must recognize Israel as a Jewish state for any comprehensive peace agreement to be reached.

“Why are you not willing to recognize the Jewish state?  We are willing to recognize your nation state, and that is at great cost – it involves territories, our ancestral lands, which is not insignificant,” Netanyahu said.

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  • pinchas

    poor Bibi– for all his smarts, rhetorical skill and ability to play diplomatic chess, he “doesn’t get it.” For the Pals, and Arabs and Moslems generally, to say aloud that they recognize Israel as a Jewish state– and to even have the Israeli flag at a joint meeting (which they vetoed a few days ago in Ramallah)– is a HUMILIATION an acquiescence which is absolutely intolerable.

    Of course Jews are supposed to be super-nice,”big” and broaddminded, and feel guilty for what happened in 1948, and are therefore expected to recognize the Pals as a nation state– but not the other way around.

    So keep beating your head against the wall, Bibi, and let Kerry, Livni and the Labor party humiliate YOU and the Jewish People by Your acquiescing to the Pals’ terms of reference. Hide the Jewish flag, salute the Pals’ flag, implicitly accept the Palestinian narrative,give more authority to Livni, make no claim of sovereignty over the Temple Mount, bluster but show no real pride, no red line when it comes to Jewish honor– and cave in– as you have slowly but surely done over recent months.

  • jack shnaier

    The socalled PLO & its affiliates,will never recognize Israel as a Jewish State.Perry & his pals want to obtain cheap oil.They & certain European nations really do not care what is happening in the Arab world.Their attitude is let them kill themselves.They will not bat an eyelid if the violence spills over into Israel.Their only concern is if Israel will drive the whole Arab population into JORDAN,from Israel.This is the only solution Jordan to take over Gaza & parts of geographic Palestine or Israel to throw them to the other side of the Jordan