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October 10, 2013 11:44 am

British Couple Horrified by Wedding Day Anti-Semitism Caught on Tape (VIDEO)

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The couple on their wedding day. Photo: Screen shot.

A British couple was shocked to find that the videographer hired to capture their wedding for posterity spent the evening mocking guests and making anti-Semitic remarks, The Jewish Chronicle reports.

Anthony Aurelius could be heard on the tape calling the bride “unattractive” and referring to guests as “f****** cows.” But the real tipping point came when he surmised, “I don’t think I blame Hitler” and referred to Jews as “the meanest people in the world,” adding, “there’s not a lot of niceness about them is there?”

Stan and Claudia Gocman came into possession of the tape after receiving an edited version they deemed to be of poor quality. They paid extra for the unedited version he sent, but Aurelius was unaware that a microphone had picked up his comments.

Mrs. Gocman was quoted as saying of the video:  “It’s completely anti-Semitic and ignorant.”

“We didn’t want anything fancy or worthy of an Oscar, just a documentation of the day,” she said. “At first, I was really upset but then I was furious. I think he’s a disgusting little man. I can’t even stand to watch the video, it makes me so angry.”

In a subsequent, hand-written letter to the couple, Aurelius apologized for the incident.

“I am very sorry for offending you and possibly your family also. You did not deserve this. I am ashamed, in honesty,” he said. “I am trying to walk a good life, but in this instance I failed very badly in God’s eyes. I need to grow up here it seems and pay more attention to developing my character. This has taught me a lot to grow up in terms of not just my actions, but what I say.”

Watch the video, obtained by The Jewish Chronicle and syndicated to The Daily Mail, below.

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  • The bride looks a treat – what a vile and despicable man, some credit for a partial apology, once caught in the spotlight of discovery, but that last statement, ‘I can’t blame Hitler’, what banal and reckless depravity!

  • Murray Citron

    Why on earth would you spread this video. I haven’t watched it, but assuming it is as the story says, better to leave it in obscurity.

    • bob solomon

      Besides being a hypocrite, racist, and sycophant, the anti-semitic photog should learn about “white balance” and fluorescent lighting’s effects on video color balance. It’s a terrible film, with poor sound, and no sense of composition. Pay him? I’d sue his stupid amateur tush, and his driver’s, too.
      Or call the Jewish Defense League to debate the 2 idiots… in some dark room 😉

  • HaroldT

    Did he refund his fee. I am sure he did not.

    • Yossi Kir-on

      According to the JC article he not only refunded the fee but closed his business. But that is not the issue. If people would only come to Israel (even if just for the simcha, which costs so much less here that the travel costs can be discounted) they would find no shortage at all of Jewish photographers…

  • Harvey

    There goes his simcha business .

  • I wonder if some people ever learn. It was unfortunate, the bride and the groom had to experience this. The bride was not ugly.

  • Bede A.

    It’s such a pity that hatred rising through ignorance and lack of understanding of other cultures, etc. are ruining societies, counties, cultures and other people’s lives…

    A ray of hope, from New Zealand??

  • Lawrence Kulak

    This is small stuff. There is always a degree of anti-semitism that goes unnoticed and that is because it will always exist until the end of time. The best thing is to ignore it because creating an issue only makes it worse. Anyway, like the photographer sai, we think we are better than everyone else. Obviously, we must have a reason.

  • Victor Redlick

    It would be impossible to suggest that a lifetime of subliminal prejudice could be stopped dead in its tracks with one stroke of a most ignorant videographer’s instant – sincere? still to be determined – mea culpa offering. I am sure there is shock on the part of the surprisingly ‘ amateur ‘ wedding film-maker, as he duly purports. The sincerity of his apology, however, will be determined by his forever future actions from hereonin. If he succeeds in patterning himself in a way which makes him the envy of his fellow man then this has not been an irredeemable travesty, but will, in fact, serendipitously elevate the sanctity of the victimized Jewish couple’s wedding to an even more incredible level. If these are but mere knee-jerk words, in the heat of the prima facie moment on a hot mic, then he indelibly disgraces himself and those who are connected to him. Which it will ultimately be is totally up to him.

    • zeynep

      Admirable perspective Mr. Redlick. I am totally with you on this. Thanks for the elegant articulation.

  • David Most

    Muslim anti-Semitism has leaked into the already porous British citizenry. There was anti-Semitism in Ivanhoe’s day and there is anti-Semitism still today.

    And these are the people whose soldiers are murdered by radical Islamists. Their subway was bombed, their airport was attacked, they must fight off Sharia control of their cities but yet the jerk videographer feels free to attack the very Jews who will pay for his services.

  • May this beautiful young couple encounter nothing but nachas, fulfillment and kindness around them. I hope some day soon they will meet their photographer begging in the streets. Maybe then, they will enjoy watching the video of their wedding.

  • Efram Paul

    Nothing like paying a troglodyte to insult you. What a low animal, his crew is not much better. The worst of it is the casualness with which the cretin vocalizes. It is obvious that these views are totally ingrained in his psyche. Yes rabbi, you are right, no news, unfortunately.

  • ruth rachel

    pull the plug on the island

  • EthanP

    He can apologize all he wants. A single off hand comment can be forgiven. This was systimatic old fashioned Jew hatred. I would not accept his apology.

  • Antisemitism in Europe is no news.

    • judorebbe

      They couldn’t have hired a Jewish videographer?

    • Chaim

      I agree. Why Jews continue to live there is the mystery.