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October 11, 2013 3:21 pm

IDF Reserve Colonel Murdered in Jordan Valley Killed 40 Years to the Day His Brother Died in Yom Kippur War

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IDF forces training in the Jordan Valley in 2011. Photo: IDF.

In a tragic twist, the Israel Defense Forces reserve colonel killed Thursday in the Jordan Valley village of B’rosh Habika lost his life 40 years to the day that his brother was killed in the Yom Kippur war, Yedioth Ahronot reported Friday.

Major Yitzchak Ofer, a pilot, was killed on October 11 1973, when his plane was shot down over the Golan Heights.

Sariya Ofer is believed to have been beaten in the early hours of Friday by at least two Palestinian men wielding iron bars and axes.  His wife, Monique, sustained minor injuries. Israeli security forces have arrested five Palestinians suspected of being involved in the incident, Army Radio reported.

Speaking from her hospital bed Friday, Ofer’s wife recalled her husband: “He was a wonderful man, a wonderful father, a wonderful grandfather, there are no words,” she said. “There was no one who didn’t love him, who didn’t connect to him.”

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  • RMM

    Jews throughout the world are disgusted with what is euphemistically known as Arab-Jewish relations”.

    There IS no such thing.

    Those who are guilty of killing Jews should receive the identical sentence: DEATH…and never mind a firing squad. Let’s not waste good bullets on these Jew-hating swine. One bullet to the brain is eminently sufficient. Why waste more? Save the bullets for the next murderer. In Israel and throughout the world: make it publicly known: If you kill a Jews, YOU ARE NEXT. Why spend taxpayers money feeding and giving free hospitalization to murderers? And after a few days in jail, they’re RELEASED??? WHY????? Maybe they’re killing the wrong people: how about killing IMPORTANT JEWS??? Don’t ordinary Jews don’t matter? Their killers are released to kill again. Let’s encourage all killers to us all a big favor and kill IMPORTANT PEOPLE. THEN, PERHAPS, THEY’LL BE IMPRISONED FOR A FEW MONTHS….and THEN released!

    The Israeli judicial code needs a little fixing, don’tcha think???????

  • Alan Kennedy

    Tragic, yes.
    I wonder if the other side won’t take this up as a propagandistic “victory” cry

  • Jews are targeted everywhere one earth,important Jews are the target, one get killed the other get a Nobel Prize, recently a Swedish Nobel committee person which declares the two Israeli USA candidates to the Nobel prize did clearly body movements of an ” Ape” in the TV news. Wake UP! He did with a cruel act! As I said those barbarians’ primitive people will never give up fighting Jews physically and psychosocially when been concern of scientist easily been blind of reality. They also enter the Israeli scientist milieu conflict by targeting those two Israelis candidates. I guess the killing of Sariya Ofer Zihrono levraha by ax happened the same day the Nobel Prize declaration took place.

    • jacob mandelblum

      And if I would have been any of these Jewish laureates,
      I would not only make apes movements and yells but even “OIK” as pigs do and then ask that bastard of a moron why is he allowing apes and pigs which is why his “prophet” Mohammed said Jews are, to be awarded Nobel prizes…

      Shame nobody thought of spitting on his face…

  • Sonia Willats

    Surely this is clear: ISRAEL MUST CEASE TO RELEASE PALASTINIAN PRISONERS. The recent 3 murders and 1 attack, hailed by the PA, CERTAINLY JUSTIFY RENAIGING ON THE AGREEMENT promoted by John Kerry. There is no peace in the minds of the PA.

    • Leon

      you are surely correct Sonia.
      Comfort be to Israel

    • jacob mandelblum

      Israel has a disgraceful Judicial Dictatorship which will ALWAYS rule for the animals and a left and NGO bent on the destruction of Israel and governments scared shitless
      of world public opinion…
      Because instead of keeping these murderers sitting around
      honing their terrorist abilities, 3 glatt kosher meals a day at taxpayers expense, striking at will for “rights”
      and stupid governments giving in to their demands, they should be in chain gangs breaking rocks with sledgehammers in the desert, building roads and railways
      and if worked to death well,as in Polish “TOUGHSHITSKI”

  • vivarto

    Such incidents can be easily minimized by instituting death penalty.
    Any palestoid involved in killing or raping an Israeli is automatically sentenced to death. It would be even better to also kill their mothers and some of their brothers.

    Only inhuman methods can work against the degenerated inhuman humanoids.

    • michael garfinkel

      I’m not sure why the Isaelis tolerate this – refusing to hang these bastards, instead sending them to prison where they earn college degrees, and eventually are released at the behest of the John Kerrys of the world.

      This is truly a serious flaw in the Israeli/Jewish character.

      Perhaps it’s origin is described in Genesis 32:25:

      “And when he saw that he prevailed not against him, he touched the hollow of his thigh; and the hollow of Jacob’s thigh was out of joint, as he wrestled with him.”

    • jacob mandelblum

      First you will have to ELIMINATE the dictatorship of the Supreme Court and give back to the KNESET its legislative function, USURPED from the beginning by these idiots…