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October 14, 2013 12:23 pm

EXCLUSIVE: Israeli President Shimon Peres Explains Fascination With Social Media as He Launches New Campaign

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President Peres' new social media campaign. Photo: Screenshot.

Israel’s nonagenarian President Shimon Peres announced plans for yet another social media campaign Sunday, inviting the public to ask questions via Facebook and vote on those which it would like to see answered.

In an exclusive interview with The Algemeiner, Peres explained his fascination with social media platforms, and his apparently remarkable ability to adapt to the times. “We live in a changing world and you have to change with it,” he said. “The new world is run by science and technology, it’s no use having an old mind in a new world. Those that fail to embrace the new age will be left behind.”

The President’s latest campaign entitled “You Ask, President Peres Answers,” comes with the launch of a new application on the President’s Facebook page. The drive calls for questions to be posed by users of the popular social networking site from all over the world, and offers a promise that the top questions will be personally answered by President Peres in writing and through video messages.

“The new application creates a direct link between President Peres and people all over the world who are interested in the State of Israel,” said the President’s office in an email to reporters.

Asked if he was concerned that inviting questions from the public might attract the involvement of anti-Semites or enemies of Israel, Peres said that after spending so many years in public office, there is little that surprises him. “I’ve been in public life for a long time now and there aren’t many questions that can still surprise me! I hope to use this as an opportunity to engage with people in meaningful discussion, people who really want to know more about Israel and the Jewish people but I will answer all questions,” he told The Algemeiner.

“If anyone comes to spread hatred I will tell them that our greatest wish is to live in peace, and that peace and hope are the future, not hatred and war,” Peres pledged.

Peres said that he sees the advance of information age technology as a positive development.

“Firstly; history has no reverse gear and we cannot control it. We live in a global world with global communication and we can’t change that. Information is positive, dialogue is positive,” he said.

“Facebook, Twitter and social media in general allow us to communicate faster,” explained the President. “My engagement with social media, and this campaign as an example, is exactly intended to ensure the global conversation is a positive and enriching one. There are many advantages in this information era, for example the young generation has already developed a global communication method; the digital language.”

“We were once divided by language and geography but now we’re more united than ever before, through technology,” said Peres.

President Peres launched his Facebook page in March 2012 from Mark Zuckerberg’s personal computer in Silicon Valley alongside the Facebook founder. Since then President Peres has maintained an active online presence through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube in a project known as “Peres 360,” which aims to creates transparency and accessibility to the president through social media, his office said.

President Peres has launched other innovative projects including his “One-on-One” conversation application, a voter turn-out project for Israel’s elections, live video streaming and the “Be My Friend For Peace” launch video.

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  • I live in exile China, left Norway because of “Mind Attack” by shadowed Nazis. I can not use facebook in China which I believe it is very good thing ” Peace in Mind”, I no need it! Because the universal “Mind has no form”. Norway did give a Nobel Prize to Mr. S. Peres which he did accept It, for me it is against mans own dignity, specially when we know that Norway did in fact cooperate whit Nazi Germany under the WWII and yet Norway did fortune in Germany concentrations camp. German people live with their past and there is no Jews revenge against Germany which is a correct behavior. German people did NOT hate the Jews, the majority of German people which are farmers were afraid of Jews, too many lawyers, too many doctors, too many intellectuals in Berlin. The German Jews were Germans “Keiser Jews” which did not relate to Russian and polish Jews. In Norway there is many Nazis with covered up faces, a coward minds which is easy to fund out and yet Israel do nothing about it! We see how the camouflaged faces of the Swedish Nobel Price doing hand movement of a ” Ape” under proclamation of the N.P. to two Israeli USA citizens. The Nobel Prize hand language of ” Ape” was a sign to the world for Jewish been descendent of ” Apes” which was said by two country leader not long time ago. The Nobel man that did the hand movement is a nordic farmer which do fears Jews and try hard to humiliate Jews by the electronic media. Why? Because they also fear Jewish control of the electronic media and specially when a president of Israel does use it, it scars the hell of them and it is understood as a propaganda tool! I personally do not think that any president should use the electronic media as Mr. Peres does! Why? Because any tool which is used by very many will go “Bust” it will work against is own idea! The world actually does not change” only the tool change” but not the ” Mind”, by media which do attack ” Mans Mind” becomes weaker by been mind controlled, give a good tool the a weak mind the effect of it will be worst then the previous mind, because the electronic media does directs the mind to other ” Mind space” which do not EXISTE! I think Mr. S. Peres should understand that the electronic media has nothing to do for been an old fashion, by him using it shows that he is not aware of the time he is living in! He thinks that the electronic media practice will change to world to a better place to life on, I personally believe the electronic media does the apposite when it deals about ” Peace” talks or politics. Mr. S. Peres should not deal with politics! The electronic media is good for learning language as I do, getting needed information which is learning and having a good critical mind in it!

  • Dita Gould

    I waws priviledged to be at the 90th birthday party. Shimon Peres answered many young peoples questions,always sensibly & wisely. We can all learn from him

  • i will be always in prayer for you and the nation
    Of Israel.
    may the Holy G-d of Israel
    always keep and protect you and grant you peace.