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October 16, 2013 2:35 pm

Oxford Student Explains Why He Reprimanded Anti-Israel MP Galloway

avatar by Zach Pontz

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Jonathan Hunter approaches George Galloway during an event at Oxford University, October 14. Photo: Screen shot.

The Oxford university student who dared to take on anti-Israel British Member of Parliament George Galloway has spoken out.

Writing in an online editorial, Jonathan Hunter said, “By looking him in the eye and speaking to him in Hebrew, I wanted to show my fellow students that Galloway’s continuing behavior is completely inexcusable.”

Hunter was captured on tape approaching Galloway while waving an Israeli flag and speaking in Hebrew during an event at Oxford University featuring the MP on Monday night.

Hunter reproached Galloway for his behavior during his last visit to Oxford, in which he walked out on Oxford University student Eylon Aslan-Levy during a debate because he was Israeli.

“[Galloway] refuses to recognize my national and civic identity,” Hunter wrote. “He denies my cultural existence. In effect, like Hamas, he seeks the destruction of the State of Israel. This to me and many others is racism of the worst kind. I couldn’t just allow him to return to Oxford and pretend as if nothing happened last time – after all, he is notorious for denying some of his more outrageous statements (thank goodness for the internet).”

Following the incident, Galloway took to twitter to insult Hunter, tweeting, “…and we’ve found the fool of the night!”

Not to be outdone, Hunter then took a jab at Galloway for his response upon Hunter’s initial approach toward him.

“It’s funny that Galloway almost soiled himself when I approached him – thinking there was a weapon in my jumper. His hands were visibly trembling. I don’t believe in violence against individuals – but it can be argued that those whom Galloway could count as fans most certainly do,” Hunter said.

Hunter’s criticism extended beyond Galloway. He also blasted the organizers of the two events for inviting the controversial MP in the first place.

“It is truly perverse,” he wrote,”that for its first event this term, a debating chamber internationally renowned for its respect for free speech invited a man who denies that right to others on the basis of their nationality. Galloway epitomizes everything the Oxford Union stands against. It is disgraceful that he was invited.”

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  • Maarten M

    Well, this Mr Hunter should speak Hebrew in the country where they are used to understand it. And that is definitily not in England.
    And secondly. He should wave his flag in that country where they are of the opinion that is a national symbol and that is agi8bn defintily NOT in England.
    And thirdly. Some readers are obviously mistaken condemning israel for it’s numerous human rights abuses and impunity for ignoring international law, ordeals of the international court of justice and numerous security councel resolutions for anti semitism. That’s a very old worn out tune which should be renewed. Anti israel is not anti semitism.

  • Carl

    I see a very successful career for young Mr. Hunter in the House of Parliament! Bravo!!

  • Lawrence Kulak

    thank you Ms. Scott for the additional information of which I was unaware. It is true that Ivy League institutions and their like consider Jew bashing to be some kind of intellectual sport for the upper class like Polo. I say that for every eviction notice served on a Jew at Harvard some WASP over there gets bashed in the head.

  • Grifter

    “fool of the night”

    Sounds like projection 🙂

  • Lawrence Kulak

    good for Jonathan Hunter; he has made a kiddus Hashem by standing up to an anti-semite. British anti-semites and the Universities who invite them should be exposed. Why was this bastard Galloway invited back by Oxford? Does Oxford University regard Israel as a punching bag as does Columbia University? If so, I say to all Jews in England: Go to Cambridge or Harvard.

    • Felicity Scott

      The Oxford Union is a student run organisation; it has nothing to do with University authorities. As for Harvard, their administration’s reaction to BDS ‘activists’ placing eviction notices on the doors of Jewish students on campus (effectively painting targets on their backs)speaks for itself. ‘The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing’. Harvard allowed evil to triumph

  • Lynne T

    Well done, Jonathan. Galloway is a sad bully boy whose “oratory skills” are vastly overrated. “fool of the night” indeed.