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October 21, 2013 11:21 am

Time Magazine Lies About Oslo and Slanders Jews

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Bill Clinton, Yitzhak Rabin, and Yassir Arafat at the Oslo Signing Ceremony, September 13, 1993. Photo: Wikipedia.

Karl Vick in Time does what he always does:

Two decades ago, the word Oslo evoked everything the Middle East normally refuses to provide: hope, trust and compromise. Israelis and Palestinians, two peoples claiming the same biblical lands, had rarely talked peace with each other before in a serious way. Then, in the space of four months, their leaders secretly agreed upon a set of plans — the Oslo accords — that promised an end, once and for all, to the violent conflict between them. The diplomatic achievement was sealed on the White House lawn on Sept. 13, 1993, with a signing ceremony and a handshake between Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat and Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin.

The reality came home nine months later, in July 1994, when Palestinian guerrillas led by Arafat ended 27 years of exile by rolling into the Gaza Strip escorted by Israeli soldiers. “From the moment we entered Gaza, it looked like, my God, really peace has come,” says Nabil Shaath, one of Arafat’s lieutenants. “We were doing things fast.”

The momentum ended on Nov. 4, 1995, when a radical right-wing Jewish settler shot Rabin dead at a peace rally in Tel Aviv. In that moment, many historians have argued, the Oslo accords suffered a fatal blow. Without Rabin to reassure a nervous Israel that Oslo was a genuine path to peace, extremists quickly began to drive events on both sides.

Were things wonderful and peaceful and hopeful between July 1994 and November 1995?

During that time there were dozens of drive-by shootings of Jews on the roads, as well as stabbings. On August 26, 1994, Shlomo Kapach, age 22, and Gil Revah, age 21, were killed at a Ramle building site, and the PA protected their killers.

On October 19, 1994, a Hamas bomb killed 22 people on a bus in Tel Aviv.

On January 22, 1995, a double suicide bombing at the Beit Lid junction near Netanya killed 21 others.

On April 13, 1995, a suicide bomber blew himself up at the Hadera Central Bus Station, killing five and injuring 30.

On July 24, 1995, six civilians were killed when a terrorist blew himself up on a bus in Ramat Gan.

On August 21, 1995, three Israelis and one American were killed when a terrorist blew himself up in an attack on a Jerusalem bus.

But none of those deadly attacks – and these are only a few of scores of them – are considered by Vick to have harmed the Oslo process. No, Arab violence is never the problem. Only Jews are responsible for ruining “peace.” The dozens of Israelis killed before Rabin’s assassination weren’t killed by Arab extremists, according to Vick – their extremism only started after Rabin’s assassination.

Beyond that, Vick is clearly unaware that Rabin never advocated a Palestinian Arab state. He never advocated dividing Jerusalem. His last speech in the Knesset before his assassination described his red lines:

We would like this to be an entity which is less than a state, and which will independently run the lives of the Palestinians under its authority. The borders of the State of Israel, during the permanent solution, will be beyond the lines which existed before the Six Day War. We will not return to the 4 June 1967 lines.

…First and foremost, united Jerusalem, which will include both Ma’ale Adumim and Givat Ze’ev — as the capital of Israel, under Israeli sovereignty, while preserving the rights of the members of the other faiths, Christianity and Islam, to freedom of access and freedom of worship in their holy places, according to the customs of their faiths.

The security border of the State of Israel will be located in the Jordan Valley, in the broadest meaning of that term…

(UPDATE): Moreover, as Soccer Dad reminds me, within two months after Rabin’s assassination, Israel left every single major Palestinian city except for Hebron. In other words, the peace process accelerated after the assassination. It was only after the terror attacks of February-March 1996 that the peace process went off track.

So who are these anonymous historians that Vick confidently quotes, and what are their credentials?

Vick goes on:

Violence erupted in 2000, and Israel’s peace camp was destroyed in the face of the ensuing wave of Palestinian suicide bombings. The center of Israeli politics shifted firmly to the right.

“Violence erupted” as journalists have said hundreds of times. Arab terror is something that simply happens by itself, without any responsibility.

Most outrageously, to Vick, the tragedy of the second intifada wasn’t that Arabs were slaughtering Jews by the hundreds – it was that their deaths killed the Israeli peace camp.

Vick, of course, doesn’t mention that Prime Minister Olmert went way beyond the initial Israeli offer in 2000, showing that even with so many murdered during the PLO’s and Hamas’ terror spree, Israel still wanted peace. That narrative doesn’t make it into the mainstream media, which is wedded to the lie that Jews are the only people responsible for setbacks to peace.

Then Vick just makes things up:

Two decades after the White House signing, Palestinians have less income, less land and much less freedom than they did in 1993.

The implication is that this is all Israel’s fault. They may have less income and less freedom – but that is because of the terrorism that forced Israel to separate Arabs from Jews. Does Vick think that an international border between Israel and “Palestine” would allow workers to freely enter Israel?

But how can Vick say they have “less land”? There was no Palestinian Arab autonomy before Oslo, but now 100% of Gazans and about 97% of West Bank Palestinian Arabs live under Arab rule, with Arab security forces, Arab infrastructure, and in what are virtually two separate Arab states – one of which is recognized by most of the world’s nations.

Vick’s bias is once again obvious. Yet these lies are the accepted conventional wisdom, and Time doesn’t even bother to fact check it.

Accompanying the story is a photo essay that is even more biased than this piece, if that is possible. It portrays Arabs as eternal victims, and does not show a single Jew living in Judea and Samaria who is not an aggressive interloper on Arab and Muslim land. Muslims work fields or are victims of Jewish terror; Jews are not shown as normal human beings.

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  • Fritz Kohlhaas

    Selfhating jews, selfhating Brits, selfhating Germans,
    selfhating Americans etc., etc.. They are all leftists.

  • His understanding is identical to that of AT LEAST one third of the Israelis….. esp Shimon Peres and friends. The fact is that Rabin promised tens of ‘rightist’ ideas in order to get elected, among them that he wouldn’t even ‘shake hands’ with Arafat. But once elected he scoffed at his electorate, and violated all of his promises…… and the Arabs, in turn, scoffed at him and violated all of theirs. No one benefited!! Jewish heads were literally rolling in the streets of Tel Aviv and Jerusalem and we had to kill who knows how many Arabs. But that didn’t and doesn’t dissuade the Israeli left from idolizing Rabin’s heritage Peres’ vision and the Oslo debacle.

  • Karl Vick wants to be famous out of boredom on others minds which he has not, a tricky jumping frog. He jumps into something which has historical wisdom for life. The real cause of the roots of the problems getting worst for Israel and the Palestinians is in fact the interfering of those barbarians of descendent into a problem which they can not master to solve ! Fact is that without the existence of Israel stat it will be no Palestinian issue as it is today!

  • Karl Vick wants to be famous out of boredom, the whole Oslo agreement was staged by Norwegians alcohol night party people bringing Norway stat to international focus, getting international attention to Norway a forgotten country which has no historical cultural influence in the modern world, Norway did indeed deceive both the Israelite’s and the Palestinians, the importance for Norway was to be international famous and didn’t really care about the peace agreement. Norway wants to be something they are NOT! They have no peace in mind as a nation.

  • RMM

    ‘TIME’.. for what? More public anti-Semitism? More Anti-Jewish? More outright lies?

    Let’s face it folks, Time Magazine has been (and let’s get the term correct: anti-semitism in INcorrect…there are millions of NON-JEWISH SEMITES.

    WANT TIME MAGAZINES SLANT ON THE NEWS??? You’ll get it every week. It might even be accurate. But when it comes to the Jews…fugeddaboudit.

    TIME MAGAZINE probably isn’t anti-Semitic…it’s just ANTI J-E-W-I-S-H. (Not all “Semites” are Jews, y’know!!)

  • Amy

    I think Time Magazine explained the true facts, which doesn’t put the Jews in a favorable position…but the truth… No one answer explained what the “true” facts are, which should be noted in their comments, but are not, so where is the truth???

  • Stuart Hersh

    What else would you expect from a magazine that has historically lauded such personalities as Al Capone, Adolf Hitler, Mao-Tse-Tung, etc.

  • dawnvick

    Having worked for more than 6 years for TIME, and having tried dozens of times to ‘correct’ the obvious anti-Israel skew of their coverage and editorial stances before it hit the stands, I can testify that Vick’s ‘reportage’ is part and parcel of the vigorous anti-Israel bias endemic in that magazine. No amount of arguing and logic and fact-presentation was enough to change the color of their yellow. One would be listened to politely, and then the equivocal and slanted items would inhabit the pages without a single shift.

  • yussi

    Time Magazine is a fraud. I will cancel my subscription first thing tomorrow. Every Jew should do likewise.

  • judorebbe

    Jew haters don’t care about facts, don’t need facts, and in most cases don’t want facts – because they get in the way. Such is Karl Vick’s career as a highly overrated and overpaid “journalist”.