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October 24, 2013 9:31 am

An Open Letter to Jerry Seinfeld and Jon Stewart: Boycott Roger Waters

avatar by David Mackler

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Roger Waters. Photo: Wikimedia Commons.

Dear Messrs. Seinfeld and Stewart:

As a fan, it saddens me to have to contact you on such an occasion; however, it recently came to my attention that you will both be performing at the Stand Up For Heroes benefit in New York City next month with Roger Waters.

While I applaud your devotion to the Bob Woodruff Foundation (from all appearances a worthy organization), I am extremely disappointed that you would participate in an event that features an anti-Zionist, anti-Semite such as Mr. Waters.

Roger Waters is a staunch advocate of boycotts against Israel, and he has continuously disparaged, degraded, and slandered both Jews and Israel in furtherance of his cause. It is time that educated Jewish celebrities such as you abandon complacency, and begin to speak up.

Over the last few years, Mr. Waters has increased his antagonism and outright hostility toward both Israel and global Jewry. He has continued to support a divestment movement, which echoes the Nuremberg Laws by selectively boycotting Israeli-made (read: Jewish) products.

The organizations involved do not employ such tactics on true human rights abusers such as Syria, Saudi Arabia, China, and others, but instead single-out the Jewish state for their form of selective justice. Moreover, although Mr. Waters believes that he “don’t need no education,” his selective use of facts – or his wanton creation of them – has perpetuated the historical lies that have haunted Jews for thousands of years.

For instance, he claims that Israel is an Apartheid state, even though all of its citizens enjoy the same rights, enabling Arab-Israelis to sit on the Supreme Court, hold ministerial offices in the government, and serve in the Knesset. Of course, Waters makes these statements while championing a Palestinian cause that considers it a capital offense to sell land to Jews and is led by a president who openly insists that his future Palestinian state be judenrein.

To top it all off, his recent concerts have featured an inflatable pig adorned with dollar signs, the hammer and sickle, swastikas, and Stars of David. This is no political argument, nor is it a misunderstanding of history or current events; this is a caricature that would make Joseph Goebbels proud, and is Jew-hatred at its very core.

For two millennia, Jews were forced to accept the libels of those infected by prejudice and hatred. But with the birth of a Jewish State, we as a people were finally able to defend ourselves knowing we could find sanctuary in our biblical homeland.  Yet many of Mr. Waters’ malicious charges go unnoticed or unchallenged in the mainstream media, leaving the false impression that they are at most true, or, at the very least, condoned. Now, with global anti-Semitism at levels unseen since the fall of the Third Reich, Jewish public figures need to display the conviction and fortitude necessary to address and rebuke these mendacious claims.

Mr. Stewart, we share a similar genealogy with families that left the shtetls of Eastern Europe where they undoubtedly were subjected to pogroms and rampant anti-Semitism. And I know that, even growing up in New Jersey, you were subjected to anti-Semitic bullying.

Mr. Seinfeld, you not only share the same European background, but also trace your roots to Syria where a proud, ancient Jewish community has been destroyed and eradicated.

I bring this up, gentlemen, not as an attempt to earn your sympathies or to generate guilt, but rather to contextualize the importance of seizing the opportunity to make a statement.

I know that my grandparents would never have shared a stage with the likes of Henry Ford or Charles Lindbergh, and, to be candid, Mr. Waters’ statements are no less defaming or untrue. I believe that your inaction – i.e sharing a bill with Roger Waters – sends a chilling message to Israelis, Jews, and the world at large that the one Jewish State can be minimized, ostracized and, according to Mr. Waters’ BDS brethren, undone.  It is bad enough that a stage has been provided for him; it is infinitely worse that Jews would help him fill the seats.

Is Israel perfect? Of course not. But good luck finding a nation that tries harder to achieve that perfection (or that gets closer to it). Even though they are a fraction of one percent of the global population, the Israelis are often the first responders to any global tragedy and are responsible for innovations that are saving and improving lives every day. They do this, of course, under constant threat of annihilation, surrounded by genocidal enemies.

Those people, the ones who constantly try to better the world while most of the world tries to rid it of them, THOSE are the heroes. Isn’t it time that we “stand up” for them?  At the very least, we as Jews should be acutely sensitive to the repercussions of remaining silent, particularly in response to modern day blood libels.  I’m doing my part, and I challenge you to do the same.

To further his agenda, Mr. Waters and his ilk have managed to successfully convince several artists to boycott Israel, although many have snubbed his hateful overtures. I truly believe that a refusal to be associated with him is not only an appropriate response, but will also be a loud voice of dissent against his venomous attacks and bigoted cause.

I appreciate your consideration, and sincerely hope that you will echo the spirit of the event by “Stand(ing) up for Heroes” or, in this case, becoming heroes yourselves.


David Mackler

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  • GI

    When Roger Waters wrote “Baroness Deech (nee Fraenkel),” it cleared any remaining doubts about his malicious views.

    (To better understand how the phrase is used by the type of people who use the phrase:

  • G.S.

    My god (excuse me, g-d), it is so clear which of you have followed this man over the long term and which of you have absolutely no clue as to what he’s about.

    There are so many context-obliterating statements in this article, that I can’t contain myself.

    >by selectively boycotting Israeli-made (read: Jewish) >products.

    This idea that criticism of the Israeli government equates to anti-Semitism – a notion that at this point you’d think anyone credible would want to be disassociated with – is extremely fallacious, to the point that it negates any other views the author is trying to convey. It’s the equivalent of accusing someone who has issues with the state of Utah’s laws of being anti-Mormon. Israel is a NATION and like any other NATION, should not get special treatment when it comes to forming an opinion about its government.

    >his recent concerts have featured an inflatable pig >adorned with dollar signs, the hammer and sickle, >swastikas, and Stars of David.

    What the author left out – and I’m sure very intentionally so – was that there were also crescent moons and other religious symbols coupled with dollar signs, the point being (whether valid or not) that war is about money regardless of who starts and perpetuates it. I don’t even know how to address the inflatable pig, as it is a non-issue. This was a prop used in Pink Floyd shows (albeit without the dollar sign) going all the way back to the 1977 tour for the album Animals (based on George Orwell’s Animal Farm), the cover of which it appears on. It has absolutely nothing to with the matters being discussed here.

    And anyone even vaguely familiar with the material on The Wall (the album performed in its entirety at said concert) knows that Roger plays several roles in the concept, one of them being a dictator based on Hitler and it was in this context that swastikas were used. Chastising him for this would be the equivalent of resenting the actors who portrayed the Nazis in Schindler’s List (do you?).

    The contextual problems with this article (letter, whatever) clearly reveal the bias and lack of journalistic integrity of its author. Roger Waters is an extremely fair minded, rational person who views all people equally (whether it be in a positive or negative light). I’m sure someone as intelligent and hip and in the know as Jon Stewart is completely aware of this. Yes, he passionately has issues with the Israeli GOVERNMENT’S policies, not its citizens. While vehemently disagreeing with his views is completely valid, labeling him an anti-Semite is not.

    After following the man’s music and views for 35 years, do I feel like I know what he’s about better than someone who very well might not even have heard of him until recently? Damn right, I do!

    Now go ahead, tell me I’m an anti-Semite (I’m of Jewish heritage, not that it should be relevant).

    • G.S.

      Didn’t realize comments have to be approved first. Let’s see how unbiased this publication is.

    • Mark_

      Unfortunately G.S. has his eyes and ears firmly shut. Unfortunately he doesn’t keep his mouth shut or at least open it to say that he is a supporter of Israel’s right to exist and state that Israel is not a society of racism but rather a decent country surrounded by many racist Muslim states.

  • Jonathan Gray, Ph.D.

    We need to stand against anti-semitism and all racist rhetoric!

  • Golum

    David I totally agree with you.
    It’s really discouraging when I see openly Jewish Entertainers ignore the blatant anti-Israel/anti-Semitism and welcome and befriend an ignorant schmuck like Waters!!!
    For Christ’s Sake…pardon the expression….this asshole is flying Pig Balloons with swastikas & Stars of David on them at all his concerts and you (among a number of other entertainers) don’t seem to notice that he’s damning your people!!!!!!!

    ….and Jon Stewart has the nerve to introduce water’s as…”a wonderful human being”….and hug him…why not just kiss your local nazi, Jon?

    • G.S.

      You make it very obvious that you did not witness the show yourself. If you did, you’d see how glaringly out of context what you’re describing is. But boys will be boys and the brainwashed will be brainwashed, what can you do?

      • Boaz Limor

        Reading your over the top obvious who is really brainwashed here…

        • Boaz Limor

          Roger Waters is in desperate need of therapy BDS and boycotting Israel is not going to help him,in fact it is only making his condition worse…..A good Jewish shrink should be able to straighten him out…

  • Jarrow

    Just the fact that Stewart (ne Leiberman) and Seinfeld have to be petitioned not to appear with Waters shows how out of touch with Israel and Jewish issues they are to begin with. This petition should not be necessary if those two had any decent sense of what Israel is and how indecent Waters is. What disturbs me is that the producers of the show even hired Waters to appear. The biggest problem is the producers.
    Shmucks all of them.

  • ed

    The land of Israel belongs to the Sons of Abraham ,Issac,Jacob it does matter to me who doesn,t believe this for i know that G-d believes it for the truth that it is …

    • M

      Amen; Israel is the apple of God’s Eye & woe to anyone who dares curse her.

      Jesus is Lord, & every knee will bow, every tongue will profess His Name; Zion forever; Maranatha!

  • Michael Wiseman

    I have worked with the local Jewish Federation for seven years, raising money and donating to the cause. I have donated over $5000 and have helped raise many times that amount. I am also a Roger Waters/ Pink Floyd fan. I have seen The Wall tour in several cities in the US and Canada and I can tell you, without reservation, that you are incorrect in your assumption that Mr. Waters is an anti-Semite. He abhors violence and is in fact a pacifist. In his very public point of view, he sides with Palestine in the Israel/ Palestine debate, Yes. I disagree with his view. But, to take that point and turn it into a statement that Waters is a Jew hater is ridiculous.

    • Michael Wiseman

      The reason I bring up my efforts to raise money for the Federation and the fact that I have donated thousands of dollars myself is because I want you to know that, after reading the thought processes of many, I am definitely reconsidering my time and my checkbook and where those thing get devoted. A shame really.

      • Lynn

        Number one…if you want to use this as an excuse to stop giving to Federation, then shame on you. Secondly, go online and read Waters’ own quotes and proselytizing. He may be a great musician (I’m a Pink Floyd fan), but that doesn’t make him a decent human being. And what makes him even more despicable is that he uses his fame to try to spread his venom. Good thing the Grand Dragon can’t sing…

    • Tabitha Korol

      You are an apologist because of your like for Waters’ music? YOu allow your foolishness to flourish and be blinded because you’re a fan. Wake up, man… read more about Waters’ defamation of Israel in front of the United Nations…and then hide your head in shame.

  • Harvey

    Just thought to add to Waters decidedly suspect views on Israel Palestine .
    Following the Nigel Kennedy comments regarding Israel during a live performance at the Summer Proms festival , Baroness Deech wrote to the BBC reminding them of their remit which did not include political propaganda as part of a classical concert .
    Waters scribed a counter to that letter addressing Baroness Deech ( nee Fraenkel ) thereby giving a sly nudge and wink to his acolytes that Baroness Deech was in fact Jewish – Fraenkel being a common Jewish name – and thereby had vested interests .

    Since then the BDS brigade have been employing damage limitation by editing the Fraenkel reference knowing that it damaged their image and cause .

    I have no doubt that despite his protestations , this one incident dispels any notion that Waters is on purely a humanitarian quest . He has other motives and the anti Israel theme is merely a convenient cover .

  • Laurie Sapir

    Excellent letter! Thank you so much.
    Let’s hope Seinfeld and Stewart read it.
    Laurie Sapir

  • Bawoman

    Jon Stewart is a known supporter and admirer of Roger (have any one of you seen when Roger went to his show?)
    so youre not gonna have much luck with him, thats for sure.
    And I doubt Jerry would take anything so seriously, and even if he did, he is probably smart enough to put aside any different feelings for the greater good.

    You are really barking up the wrong tree here, guys.

    • Steve Loeb

      Do you suggest complacency instead? Those who prefer that tactic instead of speaking out at every opportunity might ask themselves what the difference is between the German boycotts of Jewish owned shops in the 1930’s and what Waters is attempting to achieve?

  • Sandy Brown

    It is sad to see that Waters has come to this. I used to be a great fan of his music in the 70s and Pink Floyd. And now he has become like this. He needs to read his history about the Middle East and learn that the land was always lived on by many different races. The Romans, the Jews, the Arabs et al. I always think that people just do not know enough about it. They just go oh it is owned by the Palestinians but that is not true so I always say read your history first before you open your mouth. That applies to you Waters.

  • Syd is Pink

    Global politics and global rock music are a bad mix, Roger. Aren’t you smart enough to know that? Your obvious manic depression has manifested itself in Antisemitism. The Nazis who killed your dad would be proud of you. How sad.

  • David
  • Beatrix17

    “Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America” are honoring Waters with the 2012 Artistic Leadership Award because his “Fallen Loved Ones” project was a part of his tour.

    Brian Williams is master of ceremonies.

  • Dafna Yee

    I don’t know about Jerry Seinfeld but Jon Stewart has made his anti-Jewish/anti-Israel feelings very clear. I find it extremely ironic that an appeal is being made to him to stand up for Jews and/or Israel and I will be very surprised if he reacts favorably to the letter.

    • E benAbuya

      The very reason for challenging him publicly.

  • E Pluribus Beagle

    Jon Stewart believes everything Roger Waters believes. Or have you not been watching his show, ever?

  • derek benZion

    Why did he invite Seinfeld to join him onstage. This is old trick, the anti-Semites invite a Jew to join them, so that they can say “we are not biased. Look, even the Jews agree with us.” Seinfeld should withdraw support from this despicable man.

  • HaroldT

    Why is the Bob Woodruff foundation hosting this Nazi ?

    • G.S.

      Perhaps because he has a mind of his own? Not a carbon copy mind as most of you here. If it weren’t for your user names, many of you could easily be mistaken for the same poster.

      Has the possibility occurred to you that Mr. Woodruff may actually know Mr. Waters personally and may have a better grasp of what he’s about from having spent time with him than people who read about him in outlandishly biased publications? Nah, yeah right – that’s too farfetched.

      • G.S.

        I only now just discovered…

        “All opinions, facts and media content presented by Algemeiner bloggers are presented solely by those authors, and The Algemeiner assumes no responsibility for them.”

        …so I should not place the blame on the publication, but instead on the extremely deceptive writing of Mr. Mackler.

  • Ada

    When reading these comments you can realize that people often live their lives on pre-concepts and are not willing to know and understand facts that would change them. Haven’t we the right to stand up and point on these facts? May be someone will think again and learn about us.

  • Brett Beiles

    Appearing with Waters may help him to hate Jews less. But then it may also negatively affect their core fan-base, assuming that most Jews ironically support a boycott. Rock and a hard place. Waters has grounds to be ‘Amused to Death’.

  • jose carp

    Contrary to your opinion, I believe that by participating in the same show as Roger Waters, the two comedians will make fun of him and ‘water’ down Waters displaced opinions.
    If you can’t beat them, join them and beat them on their own evil grounds with intelligence!

  • Ger

    I hope the writer of the article will follow up if Seinfeld and/or Stewart responds. The mass media will not give the information.

  • Efram Paul

    I hope that Jon and Jerry read this essay.

  • David Mackler my sentiments exactly.

  • Robert

    There will always be the ignorant and dumb masses. Joseph Goebels played on their disinterest by repeating the same lie over and over again until it would stick as the truth in their tiny brains. In the end wisdom will prevail. Roger Waters’ methods are purely destructive. He offers no solutions, just more of the same: incitement to hate which often leads to terror and murder. We have enough of that in our turbulent region with death and mayhem around us. All Waters does is throwing oil on already burning fires. Jon and Jerry: make yourselves be heard and don’t stand shoulder to shoulder with a destructive individual like Roger.

  • Chaim

    I suggest writing a POLITE but informative email to the Woodruff Foundation explaining why it is offensive to some of us that Roger Waters be included in what is a very worthy charity event.

  • Mel Sherwood

    Isn’t not just possible but desirable to simply NOT publish letters by the uninformed and those, like “Shannon O’Day,” with enmity towards the Jews and the Jewish state? It’s not instructive in the least to have to suffer through their ignorant and despicable scribblings. It doesn’t add one iota to the value of the Algemeiner, it only annoys its readers.

  • Chaim

    Mr. Mackler, thank you for this great letter. I do not know Mr. Seinfeld’s politics towards Israel. Unfortunately, Jon Stewart is a hater of Israel. Go to YouTube and watch his October 28, 2009 Daily Show in which Stewart gushes over his guests Anna Baltzer and Mustafa Barghouti and lets them spout their anti-Israel lies without any questioning by Stewart. It is clear from the show that Stewart shares the same beliefs as Baltzer and Barghouti. Thus, I am not surprised that Stewart is sharing the stage with Waters.

  • Reuven

    Israeli model, Bar Rafaeli, is a proud Jew who oput the anti-Semitic Roger Waters in his place.

  • Steven Kalka

    Just as there’s a time for war and a time for peace; there’s a time for anger and a time for calm. You have to stand up for what’s right.

  • Shannon ODay

    Roger Waters is a hater??? Pull your head out of your arse! This man has done so much for humanity! Do your home work and you will see he’s a far cry from a Jew hater! If anything this letter harbours much hate. D


      Shannon, you are just wrong.

    • EG

      There’s no hate in the letter, Shannon. There’s a significant amount of factual information.

      You’re actually correct also; Mr. Waters has done many good works to benefit in humanity in a variety of ways.

      Sadly, for many others, it is now marred by his views towards Israel and Jews.

      You have a right to continue to support him, adore him, and acknowledge his accomplishments.

      We also have a right to hold him accountable.

      • G.S.

        >There’s a significant amount of factual >information.

        But likewise, there is also a significant amount of misinformation alongside it. And if you choose to consider only the factual, while disregarding the other, than you’re doing yourself and the truth a disservice.

    • Chaim

      Shannon, I hate to burst your bubble, but Roger Waters is a vile hater of Israel. I say vile because of the lies he spouts — falsely calling Israel an “Apartheid State” just to name one lie — and the actions he takes, such as projecting the symbol of Judaism, the Star of David onto a huge, inflated pig which floats around his concerts. Waters’ explanation that the Star of David is used to symbolize Israel, not Judaism itself, and that the pig is in no way intended to symbolize Jews is sophomoric, willfully naive and grossly insensitive. This is exactly like the the people who published cartoons of Obama in the White House with water melons on the White House lawn and then claimed that they meant no harm and had been unaware of the historic use of picturing water melons with black people as a way to ridicule and belittle them. Meaning that even IF — and that’s a big IF — Waters was unaware of the anti-Semitic historic use of picturing Jews with pigs or as pigs as a means to make fun of Jews, upon becoming aware of that history, Waters should have stopped using the imagery. But instead, Waters insists on continuing to use it.

      • Beatrix17

        If he put the swastika on the pig then he knew that putting the star there was insulting.

      • G.S.

        My god, man, you speak of things about which you have no clue. The pig is the same prop that was used at PF shows since 1977, as it appears on the cover of the album Animals, which is based on George Orwell’s Animal Farm. In it, the pigs represent those with power and wealth – anywhere and everywhere. It has 100% NOTHING to do with Israel or Jews!

        It’s this type of thing that makes it hard to take peoples’ views seriously. You just believe what’s fed to you by extremely biased sources without doing any research on it yourselves!

        The Star of David was one of MANY religious symbols used in conjunction with the dollar sign at the show. There were no favorites being played here! And yes, it is completely valid to use it as a representation of Israel, without it referring specifically to Judaism, as it is on your COUNTRY’s flag. Argh!!!!

    • Efram Paul

      Speaking of her head up her arse, people said that about Hitler as well. Waters is an anti-Semitic fanatic, a hater. Do YOUR homework. Have you read his statements? Have you seen his act? Waters is a blemish on humanity, and it is he, not Israel, that needs to be boycotted.

      • G.S.

        >Have you seen his act?

        Have YOU seen it?! If you did and you came away thinking he favored any one people or race over another, than you missed the ENTIRE concept.

    • Sorry Shannon to burst your bubble but in fact Roger Waters is an anti-Semite and a liar. Regardless of how many “good” acts this man may have done when it comes to Israel and the Jews he sits alongside some of the most vile in history.

      Many of the most vile human beings in history who perpetrated the most massive genocidal atrocities kissed their children goodnight.

    • Water’s own actions make you a liar and a fellow anti semite.
      He is a near deaf, has been who seeks free publicity for taking cheap shots at Israel and Jews, Water’s is anti Zionist, anti Israeli- Anti Jewish, Anti Semitic and commits these attacks and acts of terror upon all Jews everywhere.
      ( Germany wont be one of his crime scenes due the fact he could be arrested there for these same anti semitic acts )
      He reminds me of a mentally disturbed senior citizen skin head
      ( this one with grey hair ) who’s on the way to the early grave he’s dug for himself.
      And, no one cares.
      Old sick shit.

    • Ilene G.

      Really? Do you also believe that the moon is made of green cheese? Perhaps you should Google ROGER WATERS. Wikipedia for one has a whole section on Waters’ political positions. They confirm everything in Mackler’s letter. There are other Neutral websites as well that discuss Waters’ infamous opinions and rantings. Unless, of course, you’re one of those who believe everything that is contrary to your opinion is the product of a dark conspiracy. Elvis lives and John Kennedy is alive in a coma in a secret room on the basement of the White House…

    • Steve Loeb

      Then why did he believe it was important to make sure those who read his (Waters) letter knew Lady Deech was a married name and her maiden name was “Frankel” – meaning her Jewishness made what she said suspect or invalid.

      That reveals Waters for who he really is

  • A JEW who shares a stage a sociopath like Waters is an antisemitic Jew.

  • In 1947 I joined a group called the AFFFI (American Friends of the Fighters for the Freedom of Israel). We made speeches and collected money to buy arms to be sent to Israel. We were amateurish, and probably totally ineffective, in getting arms to Israel. Yet, Israelis came to help us organize. They knew of our support for their cause, and this extent at least, we were helping.

    Jerry and Jon, do not suppose that joining Roger Waters on stage will have no negative consequences for Jews or for Israel, or indeed, for yourselves. Israel has welcomed Arabs to reside there as full citizens along with many other ethnic peoples. Thus, Israel has earned the right to exist as a national homeland for Jews, not because they are Jews, but because they are human beings.

  • unbelievable

    Is this for real?!

    “…even though all of its citizens enjoy the same rights…” — does anyone actually believe this? If so, I feel nothing but sympathy for those persons.

    Jon Stewart knows way better than this, so… good luck, buddy.

    • Mickey

      Its unbelievable that you know so little about Israe. All its citizens enjoy equal rights, whether Jew .arab,ruse, Christian or anything else. By the way i am a proud Israeli and a proud greek Orthodox Christian.

    • Efram Paul

      Unbelievable, are YOU for real? Israel is the closest thing to a truly democratic state in the world. It is not perfect, but it will stand up to any of your terrorist friends. Anyone who knows the truth DOES believe that that all citizens enjoy the same rights. They don’t have to believe, they just have to observe.

      Good luck moron.

      • G.S.

        Ok, so you’re saying your country doesn’t have the standard race issues that every other nation has?

        I would imagine given the history of the two peoples and comments I’ve read against the Arab race by Israelis (not here, but elsewhere), there is a good deal of prejudice toward your Arab citizens – it would be unnatural if there wasn’t. And if you claim there isn’t, then you truly must be the most advanced nation on the planet!

    • Ruth

      Dear ‘unbelievable’,

      Rather than showering your pity on anyone who happens to believe that “all of [Israel’s] citizens enjoy the same rights”, please shower them (and us all) with your evidence to the contrary.

      Presumably YOU believe that at least some of “those persons” are simply ignorant of the facts. It’s difficult for ME to believe that you would think ALL of “those persons” are simply undeserving of your factual wisdom, as that belief would make you anything but a person who feels genuine sympathy for others.

      So, I implore you, please have the courtesy to enlighten the rest of us and not just present us with mere ‘sympathy-inspired’ platitudes.

  • Dan B

    Thanks for this inspiring message.

  • Mark

    Spot on David Mackler. Waters is a hater to the tenth degree. If Stewart and Seinfeld
    truly respect their religion and their families (both living and deceased), they will not step foot on the stage with Waters nor even in the same auditorium. Further, they will make it known why loud and clear.

  • Luís Ismael

    Sad sad letter…

  • dennis

    someone please contact Jerry lewis…he is missing one of his kids and his name is David Mackler

  • latrun

    This Tikun Olam stuff leads only to the gas chamber. Resistance is survival.

    • wake-up

      I’m with you. NEVER AGAIN.

  • mimi

    This letter does not produce any solution and the PEACE.
    It is rather recipe for anger amoung the individuals.

    • Chuck M

      You’re correct in indicating that Mr. Mackler’s letter engenders anger – anger toward Roger Water a logical emotional response to Waters actions.

    • PAK

      The letter does not need to produce a solution for Peace. That is not it’s purpose. So don’t attempt to change the subject.

    • Efram Paul

      This letter does not deal with the issue of peace, it deals with hate and prejudice, and it deals with it rather accurately.

  • mimi

    This letter does not produce and solution and PEACE!
    It is rather gathering recipe for anger amoung the individual.

    • wake-up

      So Mimi- what what is your solution? What do YOU think will make peace? Perhaps letting Iran toss a few missles into Tel Aviv? Or have Hezbollah throw some rockets into kibutzim? Tell us all what the recipe is… What is “the recipe?”

  • RJ

    Here here!

    • Mike

      Where ? where?

      • Otto Waldmann in Sydney

        ….at “Byalistock and Bloom’s “.

        Reality is that, as John Stewart often pointed out with pride, he is, in fact, relying on some 29 Jewish Ivy League guys to write his funny stuff, so much of a sehel he ain’t go to start with.
        As for Jerry Seinfeld it hurts that:
        – he put on weight
        – abandoned being funny publicly for nearly two DECADES