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October 30, 2013 10:53 am

Author of ‘IBM and the Holocaust’ Takes Apart NIF Funding Sources in New Book (INTERVIEW)

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Author Edwin Black.

Author Edwin Black.

In a new book by Edwin Black, author of IBM and the Holocaust, the Jewish writer grapples with the New Israel Fund, unraveling its financial sources and, ultimately, connecting U.S. tax payers to programs that de-legitimize Israel and the Israel Defense Forces.

“Financing the Flames” takes a hard look at the many non-profits funded by NIF, the role of the historically anti-Semitic Ford Foundation in propagating hate materials in 2000 and 2001, and how that ethos and funding transformed into NIF. Black also highlights many of the grievances long made by watchdog group Palestinian Media Watch and others, showing general readers the payments, effectively subsidized by U.S. tax payers, and received every month by Arab terrorists sitting in Israeli jails.

In an interview with The Algemeiner, Black said, “Certainly, many in the media […] will have heard some of these stories, but for most Americans, this is all inside baseball that needed to be exposed. People in Congress and, more importantly, the people who fund Congress, are in the dark on this pivotal issue.”

Black has written ten best-selling books, but his most famous remains “IBM and the Holocaust,” which he said was the model for “Financing the Flames.”

At the Washington, D.C., Holocaust Museum, “there had been at least 6 million tourists in there before me, and they all saw the giant IBM machine, it’s the first artifact in the museum,” Black said. “Not until I looked into it, and found they organized the whole Holocaust, that IBM was involved at every level; it was more than just selling a few machines to the Nazis.”

“What ‘Financing the Flames’ does is shine a bright spotlight on all sorts of misuses of tax payer funds, really, the perversion of American tax payer moneys intended to promote peace is actually financing culture of confrontation,” Black said.

“American tax payers don’t realize they are indirectly paying salaries of convicted terrorists in Israeli prisons on a sliding scale that increases in proportion to their heinous crime,” Black said.

NIF’s wide range of beneficiaries “are influencing the political process, trying to erase Jewish identity, while many of their American donors don’t realize the negative impact it’s having,” he said.

Black said, as a historian, his work has focused on clarifying what happened in the past, so it’s not repeated. Now, he sees a systematic destruction of what we thought we knew about history, to modify the future.

“At the core of it, these people are stealing our past, first, so they can rob us of our future.”

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  • Harvey

    Trojan horses come in all shapes and sizes . A little further down the line comes JStreet and their UK equivalent Yachad . All are enemies of israel and ultimately the Jewish people .
    Keep your friends close and your enemies closer still . Expose tand undermine them at every turn
    The enemy is within . Was it not always the case

  • Sandy Brown

    Have not read his books. I have written a book on the Shoah. I must get off the sofa and find a publisher.

  • Shalom-Hillel

    Edwin Black has done a great service in exposing this.

  • Chaim

    Kol Hakavod, Mr. Black! Please keep up this EXCELLENT work and shed light where there is darkness. THANK YOU!

  • Pretty much like how in most Israeli schools they teach that REAL Judaism began with Hertzel and the Palistenians REALKY do deserve part of Israel.

    • Raymond in DC

      Most Israelis have little knowledge or understanding of Diaspora history. Not that before the destruction of the Second Temple, and not that post-destruction. This was made evident when I visited what our guides called the “doll museum” near Haifa, which represents Jewish history through figurines. Scenes go back to the Garden, through Biblical stories, through the Second Temple era until the destruction, then … nothing. Until the late 19th century, the pogroms and persecutions and the rebirth of the State of Israel.

    • shoshana

      sorry, what you wrote must be the result of misinformation. my three children born and educated here in Israel never learned tha Israel started with Hezl. Of course they know of Herzl’s activity for the creation of an israeli state, but zionists movements had started before him already