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October 30, 2013 10:01 pm

Day After Rushed White House Meeting With Jewish Leaders, Simon Wiesenthal Center Calls Out Obama Admin. on Iran

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The senate.

A leading Jewish human rights group called out the Obama administration Wednesday for its recent efforts to block new Iran sanctions legislation, and urged the senate to “immediately adopt the Nuclear Iran Prevention Act, which earlier passed the House with broad bi-partisan support.”

“We respectfully disagree with the White House’s push to give the Iranians more time,” said rabbis Marvin Hier and Abraham Cooper, founder and dean and associate dean of the Simon Wiesenthal Center, who also called on the President to sign the bill if it is ratified by the senate.

The criticism comes only a day after Jewish leaders were urgently summoned to the White House to discuss sanctions on Iran. Although Jewish leaders touted the meeting as a “constructive and open exchange,”  it was described by the Jerusalem Post as “an effort to dissuade them from lobbying the Senate towards passing harsh new sanctions against Iran.”

The Simon Wiesenthal Center was not invited to participate in the meeting.

“It is important to remember that the Iranians are now celebrating the 10th anniversary of lying to the world about their nuclear ambitions.  How many more anniversaries should we allow them to celebrate?  Make no mistake about it, behind the calm demeanor and smiling face of President Rouhani is a shrewd and devoted follower of Ayatollah Khamenei, who has written the book on how to run out the clock with yet another series of meetings, while Tehran rushes to reach the nuclear weapons brink,” rabbis Hier and Cooper further explained.

“Unless and until the Iranian regime gives full, immediate and unencumbered access to all sites to outside inspection, anything they say cannot be believed. Rouhani himself has bragged how he helped string out earlier nuclear talks dating back a decade,” they said.

“The only hope of stopping the program in the eleventh hour, is the threat of an even more powerful sanctions program, already approved by the US House of Representatives,” the SWC officials added. “Saudi Arabia, the Gulf States, Israel and all of Iran’s neighbors, know that a nuclear Iran will lead to a total destabilization of an already roiling region and a headlong rush by other states to join the nuclear weapons club.”

“Unless and until the Iranians can prove they have stopped their nuclear program, they deserve no moratorium on sanctions,” they concluded.

The SWC statement, and the Obama administration’s efforts come in advance of the next round of talks, over the Islamic Republic’s nuclear program, scheduled for November between Iran and six world powers known as  P5+1.

In recent days, the differing positions of the U.S. and Israel over Iran have come into stark contrast, with Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu dismissing discussion over how far Iran should be allowed to enrich uranium, and insisting that Iran be denied nuclear breakout capability.

“Iran is willing to give up on enriching uranium to 20% and therefore a discussion on this issue is unimportant. The importance of the issue became superfluous in the wake of the technological improvements that allow Iran to enrich uranium from 3.5% to 90% in a number of weeks. Pressure on Iran should be increased because it is continuing enrichment even as it negotiates,” he said Sunday.

On Monday U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry said that “the US would not ‘succumb to fear tactics,’ of those who oppose diplomacy,” with Iran, the Jerusalem Post reported.

The post said that the remarks “could be construed as a reference to Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu’s warnings to the world not to fall for the ‘charm offensive’ of Iranian President Hassan Rouhani.”

On Saturday, Israeli Intelligence Minister Yuval Steinitz told an audience at Manhattan’s Park East Synagogue that the U.S. and Israel disagree when it comes to Iran, both with regard to negotiation tactics and in what they would be prepared to accept as a bottom line outcome of negotiations.

A number of other Jewish groups have also voiced support for the implementation of new sanctions.

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  • Patricia

    This is just what Obama wants…close ties with Iran and kicking Israel to the side. We MUST get rid of Obama.

  • Shalom-Hillel

    Do Obama and Kerry REALLY not know what Rouhani is up to? Are our national leaders really this clueless? Good for the Simon Wiesenthal Center and good for Abe Foxman for calling them out. We are no longer the Jews of pre-WW II. One way or the other the Iranians wil be stopped.

  • The Obama has always sided with Islamist and we can not expect him to change. He and his minions in his administration and the groupies in Congress must be replaced to save Israel, America and the world from an Islamic caliphate with Sharia rule. At the moment the enlightened Western World is losing a battle that we are not committed to. It was started by Islam 1,400 years ago. By now we all should fully understand the goals of Islam and the their determination to eradicate all who are not willing to submit.

  • R

    The Iranian Government is a bunch of political liars to the world. They lie exactly the same way as Hitler lied: ridiculous caims that nat were simply unbelievable, stated as fact with the straight face But there’s a difference between Hitler and his lies, and the Iranians and theirs: NOBODY IN THEIR RIFHT MIND BELIEVES THE IRANIAN GOVERNMENT. A seven year-old knows when he’s being lied to , even by parents or teachers. This is no longer the world of pre-World War II.

    With broadcast news as it is today, and a spy system throughout the world, NOTHING IS SECRET, nothing is sacrosanct, and within hours after the “top-secret”meetings everybody including the laundry-man knows everything. And the more “secret” the information is, the sooner it will be leaked. And once it’s out a little bit…it’s like the old dirty joke, where the horny guy tells the girl: “I’ll only put it in a little bit”.


  • RM

    In terms of military intelligence, the Iranians, like Hitler, believe what they want to believe, and never mind reality. Hitler told the Germans they were the “master race”, and Germany swallowed it, hook, lie and sinker. The Iranians actually believe these Ayatollqhs: who are religious leaders and just one more example why NO religious leaders should also be leaders of state…ANY state. (Even the Pope himself doesn’t have anything to do in Italy’s government!.
    But things are a l bit different than it was at the time of pre-World War II: The existence of Israel, for one thing: whose spy system is rarely discussed; their military; also not much discussed; and certain other countries in the world whose military might will be one helluva surprise to the Iranians, if Iran gets it into their heads to be yet another “master race”.

    Let’s jus’ put it this way: Iran has a lot of “nosy neighbors”.

  • David Most

    We have already seen what an Obama ‘Red Line’ really is: a pink smudge on drifting sand!
    He still believes that the Muslim world will seek peace if only we would ‘understand’ their needs.
    The odds are that the Iranians will succeed in conning Kerry and the other sycophantic European leaders. They will continue enriching while ‘negotiating’ and likely will also get their heavy water reactor running. POTUS really believes Iran wants to negotiate and reach a peaceful resolution.
    Let us pray!

  • Sandy Brown

    I do not believe a word the Iranians say. They are Holocaust Deniers and the have said they will nuke Israel off the planet. So why would you believe anything they say. I heard that Khamenei has been ill. Maybe he is on his way out. Read it in the Times newspaper in London today.

    • They do seek peace, or their definition of peace which has nothing in common with our and the enlightened world’s version. To us peace means a session of hostilities, acceptance of other cultures, and mutual respect. To the Islamists peace is submission of all non-Muslims to Islam and Sharia law. The word is the same but has different a meaning, depending on who says it.