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November 5, 2013 11:34 am

Hagel: Iran Negotiating Because of Israeli Pressure

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Israel's Defense Minister Moshe Yaalon, during dinner with US Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel at the David Citadel Hotel in Jerusalem, on April 21, 2013. Photo: Israel Ministry of Defense

Iran has been responsive to international pressure over its nuclear program in large part because of Israel, U.S. Secretary of Defense told Bloomberg News.

“It’s true that sanctions — not just U.S. sanctions but UN sanctions, multilateral sanctions — have done tremendous economic damage [to Iran],” Hagel said. “Even many of Iran’s leaders have acknowledged that. And I think that Iran is responding to the constant pressure from Israel, knowing that Israel believes them to be an existential threat. I think all of this, combined, probably brought the Iranians to where we are today. Whether the Iranians will carry forth on that, we’ll see.”

“I think Prime Minister Netanyahu is legitimately concerned, as any prime minister of Israel has been, about the future security needs of their country,” Hagel said. Netanyahu, he continued, “has got a history of being very clear on where he is on this.”

Though Netanyahu has continually warned not to trust Iranian overtures, leading to charges that he and his government are trying to undermine negotiations with the country, Hagel made sure to state he doesn’t think “he’s intentionally trying to derail negotiations.”

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  • Praise be to Schmuel Cohen (inventor of neutron bomb) and the Israeli engineer/scientists and German engineer/scientists who co-developed the German Dolphin Class submarines with special torpedo tubes for multi-MIRV’ed cruise missile torpedos which gives Eretz Yisroel a glorious second strike capability against the IRANIAN THREAT. A nuclear 2nd strike is Eretz Yisroels “ace in the hole” against the destabilizing influence of the Shitites. Can you imagine? Israel and the Sunni’s agree about the Shitites. PRAISE BE TO JEHOVAH GOD THAT ERETZ YISROEL HAS OVER 200 THERMONUCLEAR BOMBS!!!!!!!

  • Balcha Aba nefso

    Israel remains enemy of the world!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Joseph

    There was a hue and cry before and during the nomination process for Chuck Hagel to the effect that he was anti- Israel (maybe even anti Semitic, I don’t remember for sure). Now, I see there are number of stories (well, at least 2 for sure) that he’s supportive of Israel. What’s the deal? Did the hue and criers have it wrong? Did Chuck do teshuva at some point? Was the Administration just throwing Israel a bone, as suggested in the previous comment?

    • Elliot J. Stamler

      From what I can see of his factual actions and statements since being sworn in, Sec. Hagel has validated his congressional testimony that he was not in the least anti-semitic nor was he an enemy of Israel. Actions speak louder than words and in this case the words have been pretty good too. Our military/security connections with Israel remain strong as steel-despite the endless gibes of the Obama-bashers.

    • He did not do teshuvah – Israel is just so good that he has no real choice but to acknowledge it!

  • Shalom-Hillel

    In this instance I think Hagel is being constructive — or is the administration mrrely throwing a bone to a Jewish electorate very put off by Kerry’s offensive remark alluding to Netanyahu using fear tactics with regard to Iran? Double and triple intrigues. Are they playing Iran or trying to play the Jewish community?

    • DungeonDevil

      Re: Shalom-Hillel’s remarks.Mr. Kerry is doing both because the U.S. does not want to go back to war in the Muddle East. He’s got his orders to bend over backwards to resolve this issue without U.S. armed forces shedding any more blood in this region.