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November 8, 2013 9:38 am

Netanyahu Urges Kerry Not to Sign ‘Very, Very, Bad Deal’ With Iran

avatar by Zach Pontz

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Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu. Photo: Screenshot.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu urged U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry not to sign what he described as “a very, very, bad deal” with Iran that would relieve sanctions on the country in return for it curbing its nuclear program.

“It’s a very bad deal,” Netanyahu said following a meeting with Kerry, who was heading from Israel to Geneva to take part in talks with Iran and other world powers.

“Iran is not required to take apart even one centrifuge. But the international community is relieving sanctions on Iran for the first time after many years. Iran gets everything that it wanted at this stage and pays nothing. And this is when Iran is under severe pressure,” he said.

“I urge Secretary Kerry not to rush to sign, to wait, to reconsider, to get a good deal. But this is a bad deal, a very, very, bad deal. It’s the deal of a century for Iran; it’s a very dangerous and bad deal for peace and the international community.”

According to The Telegraph, Iran has agreed to a six-month suspension of its nuclear program in return for a U.S. commitment to ease “economic sanctions, possibly by releasing some Iranian foreign exchange reserves currently held in frozen accounts” and ease “some restrictions on Iran’s petrochemical, motor and precious metals industries.”

In that time period, Iran will place a moratorium on enriching uranium to 20 percent and will convert its existing stockpile into harmless uranium oxide. Iran would be able to continue enrichment to 3.5% purity necessary for nuclear power plants — but would agree to limit the number of centrifuges running for this purpose. Iran would also agree not to activate its plutonium reactor at Arak, which could provide an alternative route to a nuclear weapon.

Watch a video of Netanyahu’s comments below.

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  • Beatrix17

    This deal resolves nothing. It just puts everything on hold until Obama leaves office, then the next President can deal with it.

  • Prime Minister Netanyahu repeats over and over (ad nauseum) what a bad deal that is being decided in Geneva with Iran. He emphasizes the supreme error of giving Iran benefits without receiving any serious commitments on their part. I suggest he review his policy and strategy with the continued negotiations over the Oslo accords with our grateful Arab neighbors who continue to receive benefit after benefit without any relinqishment or commitment on their part. Am I witnessing cognitive dissonance? Maybe Israel’s unwillingness to be resolute and its continued trust in false friends has backed us into a corner without any exit. Wake up time…we are a people that stands alone. We have only one true friend. Guess Who?

    Alan Ziegler, Jerusalem

  • Luigi Rosolin

    Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is correct, USA with Obama federal and international is bankrupt. The only reason to sign with Iran such deal in my opinion is that Obama is a Muslim that pretend to be a Christian just to favor Islamic ruling!Jews should leave USA and immediately go in Israel. Time is running out. Israel trusting with an Obama USA alliance will bring a devastating effect. That will be in line with scripture.

  • Anthony C Abela

    I feel for Israel, once again it seems to be getting a “bum steer”. Kerry must do what his boss O’bama says. One must remember that O’Bama is an Arab C— Su—r. His word is dirt and his only aim is to lease his brothers the Muslims. God must be really on your side, remember, gold digger Kerry could have ended up as a President of America, which I believe could have been worse. Yahweh said that you are the apple of His eye. Don’t despair. Apart from all this Kerry could be sending the wrong signal to North Korea. Israel has to fight for it’s survival, bugger the Europeans and other know it alls.

  • Sandy Brown

    I would not make a deal with Iran. No way! But then I always thought that John Kerry looks like a mutant Ninja Turtle!

    • Patricia

      Great image lol. That fits well with Kerry’s ideal of America being left to fighting our enemies with spitballs!

  • yussi

    Good for Bibi…Israel will not be sold down the river as long as Bibi is PM..if need be at some point,if Israel has to take iran out,they will,with or without US and western support. They will ensure their own survival and the survival of others in the world. So,Kerry,Obama and the other world leaders,MANUP and do not remove sanctions based on the promises of a fanatical,hate mongering regime in Iran..If anything,increase the sanctions and bring them to their knees..

  • Paul

    If you want peace, you talk to your enemies,
    not your friends. Capito?

    • yussi

      yes,talk BUT dont give without receiving in return.

    • Michael Garfinkel

      “If you want peace, you talk to your enemies,
      not your friends. Capito?”

      Left unsaid in this facile, obnoxious comment is the obvious: that without the realistic expectation that
      your enemy has a similar interest in the pursuit of “peace,” talking is useless, if not dangerous.

      Another comment, which opens with “What are they afraid of ? they have many themselves” is similarly contemptible, made more so by the stupidity of the ensuing exposition.

      Thankfully, the gravity of this situation is attracting the attention of persons more serious than this.

      “Paul is obviously content to serve up adolescent cliche and call it an argument – something as facile as it is creepy.

    • Luigi Rosolin

      With some enemy like Hither that are only interest in eliminating all who are not Muslim give not any chance to trust and we should all treat the regime there as evil. Not all Iranian’s.USA is not a clean union they himself had and are committing human right violation and are not any longer a free democracy. Corruption had take over BIG.

  • P gaetti

    Naives are the ones ypthatbbelieves Iran has good intentions . What about a deal to stop Iran aiding terrorists around the globe , especially Hizbollah ?

    • yussi

      Yes,agree 100 %

  • bruce

    What are they afraid of ? they have many themselves . the bomb that is . for a country that rich and wealthy they should have had it right at the time when Germany developed it and the rest of the allies stole the technologies and what not ! why do you think Iran strive to allegedly to develop nuclear bomb? because it’s essential to the stability of the oil rich area. Russia from north , and foreign intruders including the west itself who have a horrible record from world war 2 when they invaded iran from north and south makes it inevitable to have the bomb if that’s being the case , besides since when any one country decides for another ? just look at the track record of countries , iran has never invaded any countries and they are not about to either. nor they have any plans for Israel,you people are just paranoid . Iraq with the help and finances of the west invaded Iran so many people died , it took Iran back 100 years , that’s what the west and most of the free world counties wanted.why you may ask? caus they could not stand to see Iran prosper at the rate it was , yes prosper ! when the late shah was running it the country was moving at the speed of light towards a westernization and and democracy that western leaders had once hoped for for their own good and the good of the stability of the middle east , oil companies are to blame , they wanted to keep the price of oil high so they doctored this whole misery that spread like cancer all over the world for the past 35 years or so . there is so much to say , it will take hrs and hrs of writing of how american people were fooled and were taken advantage of ,. question your government , demand answers
    good luck ..

    • Iran was called Persia. Persia was the greatest empire in all history. Twice Persia attempted to conquer Europe and twice coalitions of Greek states defeated the Persian expeditionary forces, first in the Battle of Marathon (490 B.C.) and again in the Battle of Thermopolae (480 B.C.). Finally, Alexander the Great defeated the Persian empire definitively and proceeded to occupy it until his premature death. Iran still harbors visions of empire and its most potent weapon is the ignorance of Bruce.

    • arcaneone

      Sometimes I think the world will die from well=meaning
      but shallow “true believers”. A case in point is the
      supposed lack of an Iranian urge to invade and absorb
      its neighbors, as there was in former times when Iran
      was a colossal power that bestrode the ancient world.

      As of roughly 1700 AD, Iran was trapped in a decline that
      lasted for centuries(similar situations exist for many other imperial countries). As of that time, Iran’s
      neighbors included Ottoman Turkey, which had just entered its own period of decline but which had been falling for a lesser period, Tsarist Russia, then showing signs of explosive power accumulation across the
      trans-Caucasus and trans-Caspian region, and the British
      Empire, growing increasingly interested in India. These
      neighbors were all stronger than the disintegrating Iran, and that is why Iran did not attack them, not some commitment toward pacifism. Nothing complicated in
      all this, but a fact nonetheless difficult to understand.

    • Luigi Rosolin

      You are getting paid by the Iranian Regime? Look like to me.Or you lack completely any Islamic knowledge and political history. What media and new you read or listen. Are you from the Iranian radio? Or TV? Sorry but can believe that you can said that.

    • Ronit Fraid

      yep, sure am paranoid about a country which openly declares genocidal intent against Israel and the US….like what part of “death to Israel, death to America” don’t you understand? …Umhh they (Iran) are supporting terror all over the middle East…financially and otherwise. Hizbollah is their agent in Syria and Lebanon. In 1979 they held 200 Americans hostage for over a year. Iran has been overrun by Islamic fundamentalists in 1979 and there is no freedom there for the people, particularly the women! America soon won’t need their bloody oil…so…What took Iran back 100 + years is their totalitarian Islamic fundamentalist leadership!
      Try living there! Might be better than under Obama you think? Good luck!

  • Steven Korbin

    “It really all depends on what you mean by ‘bad,'” responded Kerry. “If by “bad” you mean that it gives Iran every conceivable concession and at the same time allows them to pursue their nuclear weapons program, then yeah…it’s quote unquote “bad.” But rather than getting caught up in semantics, let’s stay focused on the actual terms of the deal.” Ok…what are they? “The deal pretty much grants to Iran every conceivable concession AND at the same time allows them to continue pursuing their nuclear weapons program.” Genius. “We sure think so. We had our TOP guys in the State Deptartment working on it ALL night.” ALL night? “Ok…MOST of the night.” MOST of the night? “OK! You got me! We had a guy stay WAY after 6:00.” You mean 6:15? “Yeah…6:15.” And he came up with this? “I know right! Well…he IS our ace on Middle East affairs.” Howd he earn that distinction? “We all went out for falafal the other night and he ordered for the rest of us. It was AWESOME!” You really do fit in this administration like a hand in a glove don’tcha? “If it fits…call me Fritz…and call it quitz!” You gotta it Giganto Headasaurus.

    • Sonia Willats

      Well-written, Steve. Like a love-stricken bride, America was ready to agree and say “I Do” to Iran even before they asked! Not America, of course, just those who now represent her.

      My heart goes out to PM Netanyahu. He made huge commitments to America, I believe, to protect his nation, his family, from Iran.. and Syria. I believed at the time he was being duped. Its all tied to this confounded peace (???) process too.

  • David Most

    It was inevitable that the Persian carpet salesmen from Iran would easily con the gullible Western tourists, including our own Sec of State!
    Who could be naive enough to think a “Western Tourist” could come out with a good deal when bargaining with a centuries old regime of Persian Carpet Salesmen!

  • Jonathan C. Marchant

    The Secretary’s family name, changed by his forbears to “Kerry”, was “Kohn” – changed to avoid the stigma of Judaism. I suspect the Secretary is turning more than just his political back on Israel: For me, just one more thing for which to dislike Mr. “Kerry”.

    • No one should abandon Israel. The deal with Iran should not be agreed upon.

    • maria

      Kerry is the most terrible traitor and anti-semite
      He should be impeached for helping enemy:It is not the first time.
      Impeach him for crime against humanity

      • Sonia Willats

        Kerry and those who pull his strings. His heart is certainly not for Israel. He, and the regime he represents IS LEADING ISRAEL BLINDFOLDED AND ON A STRING UNTIL A FEW MONTHS’ TIME, when the “peace accord” – which they, no doubt, SCRIPTED LONG, LONG AGO, will be FORCED ON ISRAEL as a fait-accompli. They will DEMAND that Israel conform to it, and will be backed by the world, in concert. The question, then, is how they plan to enforce their “peace” on Israel.

        The good news, after the bad news, is that the G-d of Israel “mocks” those plotting against Him and his Anointed.

    • yussi

      Never heard this.. Are you certain this is fact? If it is,then he should disqualify himself from any talks involving Israel or the middle east.

  • xynnek

    “We will never allow Iran to develop nukes. PERIOD.” Barack Obama. Just go to and click on the plan that is better than your old plan.

    • maria

      No, never. Congress must stop this deal