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November 12, 2013 5:29 pm

Report: Netanyahu Played Arab Incitement Footage for Kerry (VIDEO)

avatar by Joshua Levitt

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In a classroom in Balata, near Nablus, a teacher indoctrinates students on "martyrdom" and has them chanting, "Palestine is an Arab land from the River to the Sea." Photo: Screenshot.

In a classroom in Balata, near Nablus, a teacher indoctrinates students on "martyrdom" and has them chanting, "Palestine is an Arab land from the River to the Sea." Photo: Screenshot.

During U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry’s shuttle diplomacy trip to the Middle East last week, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu played a controversial recording for the diplomat, Israel’s Walla News reported.

The footage was from a classroom in Balata, near Nablus, and showed the teacher indoctrinating the students on “martyrdom” and echoing the claim that all of Israel belongs to Arabs. “Palestine is an Arab land from the River to the Sea,” she is seen saying. The phrase was repeated by the schoolchildren.

On the the 75th anniversary of Kristallnacht, the night of “broken glass” that signaled the start of the Holocaust, this weekend, Netanyahu referred to the issue of Palestinian Authority indoctrination again, telling his cabinet, “It is very disturbing that precisely now we are witness to the phenomenon of swastikas and Nazi-style salutes on Palestinian networks,” Netanyahu said. “This is a direct result of the continued wild incitement against the State of Israel. This is not the way to achieve peace.”

Watch the controversial footage, with English subtitles, here.

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  • Gene

    Read Judges and exactly what Joshua did when conquering the land. Leave nothing, raise it all, get rid of all Arabs. This isn’t their land.

  • g.glaser


    • Avrumeleh

      Well, the Pepster is just rattling off what he has heard over and over and over again. He’s probably capable of looking further into the real history and see that the Arab and left-wing propaganda machine simply churns out revisionist history because that is very effective unfortunately, in getting people to sympathize with the Palestinians who allowed themselves to be in the very situation they now find themselves in. That propaganda machine is so effective that it prevents unknowing parties who don’t look into the history of this issue themselves from even asking, why in the world Israel would want to “illegally occupy” anyone at such incredible cost in lives and money over so long a time. It prevents people from understanding that the Palestinians were given a homeland in 1948..which THEY REJECTED because they were so intent and optimistic about “driving the Jews into the sea (their words.)” It’s important to remember, as has been pointed out already…That the PLO which was (and really still is) sworn to the destruction of Israel…was founded by the Palestinians three years BEFORE there was any “occupation” by Israel. AND, it’s just as important not to forget that there’s a very heavy dose of anti-Semitism injected in this entire debate across the globe. There are very few unrelenting critics of Israel who give a single thought to the slaughter in Syria or China’s brutal destruction of Tibet and its culture…or the Indian “occupation” of Kashmir, for right or wrong. There’s an undeniable obsession with the single Jewish country in the world that leads a large number of people to froth at the mouth.

  • Israel

    So, did Kerry have a response? Did he apologize for the Palestinians? What happened? Did he just shrug and say “that’s nice”?
    Man this report is missing a lot if these details are left out!

  • A Zionist

    Pepe Le Pew is a fictional character in Warner Bros “Loony Tunes”, a French “skunk” wandering Paris looking for “l’armour”. He has two problems: first, his malodorous scent; and his refusal to say “no”.

    Here, we have someone who clearly hates Israel spewing fabrications about Israel and a 120 year old conflict. The conflict is about the refusal of the Arabs to recognise the right of Jewish self-determination in the Middle East. To the Arab, Jews are not equals’ at best they are dhimmis, a second class person. During World War 2, Hajj Amin al-Husseini was in Berlin 1941-1945 as a guest of Hitler. They planned the extermination of Jews in the Middle East.

    It is a human right not to be murdered. Today another Palestinian tried to murder an Israeli. There is one international law for everyone and another when it comes to Israel. All countries are allowed to defend their citizens, but when Israel does this, Israel is condemned.

    I suggest, that instead of quoting fiction and propaganda and presenting loony accusations, you educate yourself.

  • 1pepe_le_pew3

    If I was treated as badly as the Palestinians by the Israeli occupation forces and terrorist settlers, stealing my land and destroying my livelihood,
    storming my home, arresting my people and kidnapping my children, I wood tell my children the same and would also show Mr.Kerry the facts of how brutal the Israeli regime is. And don’t twist all the facts around! Tell me
    it is not so.

    • Mike

      It is NOT so.
      You should get your facts straight because you show your ignorance.

    • Tomm

      You say ‘if’.

  • Dave O

    We all need to understand that the USA Administration is headed by someone who is bent on changing the USA from a democracy to something else. He has convinced his leftist cohorts that this is the way to go but they also do not understand where he is heading. I believe that Netanyahu does understand but as much as we don’t want to believe it Israel is still a very small country with few resources. He needs to tread very carefully. The whole world is against Israel.

  • Fred de Haas

    It is saddening to see how education is misused in order to indoctrinate innocent and ignorant children who can be considered as the ‘martyrs’ of a failing educational system.

    • And this misinformation/brainwashing of children goes on in our own backyard. Explain to me: The big organizations (ADL, SWC etc.) traipse around the world, discussing cases of anti-Semitism while they turn away from the basic cause which is just a few miles away. (Just send money! We love too travel.)

  • Topcat

    If people deny the holocaust with all the footage on that why will they be impressed by a bit of Balata footage. These people are just ambitious greedy men that don’t give a toss about Israel, you are just an annoyance to them. Seek God and get His answers and whatsoever He says ‘Do it.’ Nobody cares about the fairness or righteousness of anything to do with you, get used to it. Seek the Lord. He’s your only answer now. As for Jerusalem, the Messiah is returning to rule and to reign from there so it will always be Jewish. Just sit back and relax and let the Lord do the fighting for you. This is His battle and He’s going to win. He’s coming soon. Sooner than you think! So get ready.

  • Victoria D Matlock

    Lets hope something good can happen

  • Mike P.

    Doubtless that Secretary Kerry was more troubled at being forced by Bibi to sit through the video, than by the content of the video.

    The Beautiful People Society does not like to see reality.

    As an aside, I heard that John Kerry will be playing the role of Alec Baldwin in Team America II. Congratulations, Secretary Kerry.

  • Mel

    Since so many comments sound like they originated in the minds of others (chiefly Lame Stream Media reporters), you are all assigned to reread Avrumeleh’s comment at least a hundred times, until it soaks in. Just because pretty-colored dishwashing liquid carries a reliable hecksher, that does not mean it is suitable for kiddush consumption, like Manischewitz or Carmel wines.

  • Steve MacLeod

    I wish you could get the video with english. Have posted on FB why I do not think the Palestinians want peace. Peace like I mean is the end of war and hostility. Their version is merely a cessation of violence. It is time this is widely known

  • Josh Korn

    It’s about time the “Administration” sat up and took notice.

    If it were up to me, I’d make Kerry sit through half an hour of this vicious material; it represents only a tiny fraction of the hate propaganda that Palestinians foist on their own children every day. And we aren’t even talking about the Hamas propaganda yet.

    If anyone in the “Administration” tries to dismiss this, I’d suggest exposing their own grandchildren to the likes of Farfour. Let’s see what they say…

  • Avrumeleh

    This idea that incitement would be an obstacle to peace is really a high-light of precisely how incredible a sham these “peace negotiations” are. Even without incitement, the Palestinians are not interested in a “peace” that would recognize a Jewish Israel or one that doesn’t “return” all of the land Israel is on…yes, Haifa, Tel Aviv….the whole shebang….to the Arabs. This is still a silly game imposed on Israel by a very unfriendly Obama Administration as it was from the very start. One has to suppose that Netanyahu is simply pointing out this incitement as some kind of obstacle because there’s very little to say to a Secretary of State that’s already made up his mind about doing everything he and his boss can to coerce Israel into a very foolish deal with the Palestinians. Netanyahu knows full well that he just has to do the dodge and/or mark time until….whoever is the next president will be, will be less hostile than Mr. Obama. Is three years up yet?!

    • 1pepe_le_pew3

      I can understand that Mr Netanyahu wants to score points with the Americans by showing a video;
      however, he should be honest and tell them the real reason why the Palestinians hate the Israelis. It is all about human rights in the Palestinian occupied territories.
      Don’t mislead readers that the Palestinians want all lands of Israel back. They are talking lands where settlements are illegally constructed on Palestinian soil!

      If the the Israeli government was honestly persuing peace, the should not announce new settlement construction on the same day of talks
      taking place. This is called “negotiating in bad faith!”

      • Joshua

        Ya, sort of. The part I think you’re missing is the Israeli POV.

        “They are talking lands where settlements are illegally constructed on Palestinian soil!”

        Israel has ceded that land to them, but the PA refuses to accept it. Israel did it in the very beginning of this – 1948 – and every time since – including 1967 – including Oslo – you get the idea – but the PA doesn’t actually ever take responsibility for that “soil.”

        Better to insist on a grey area, where everything Israel does is wrong. Rather than the right thing to do – Arafat didn’t want to, Abbas neither – is to say, ok, this is our land, we will take the responsibility for it, and allow you to live on the other part.

        No. What they do – as you can see in the video – is insist that ALL of Israel is for them, so they will not accept any soil, if they can’t have all of it, leaving Israel in the very PR-unfriendly position of having to “occupy” because the PA refuses its own home rule.

        • 1pepe_le_pew3

          interesting, where can I find out more about
          the Palestinians refusal for land as you mentioned?

          • Joshua

            Indeed. How about every honest article ever written about the issue?

            Here’s one, from Israel’s Ambassador to the United Nations in 2012:

            Israel has always extended its hand for peace and will always extend its hand for peace. When we faced an Arab leader who wanted peace, we made peace. That was the case with Egypt. That was the case with Jordan.

            Time and again, we have sought peace with the Palestinians. Time and again, we have been met by rejection of our offers, denial of our rights, and terrorism targeting our citizens.

            President Abbas described today’s proceedings as “historic.” But the only thing historic about his speech is how much it ignored history.

            The truth is that 65 years ago today, the United Nations voted to partition the British Mandate into two states: a Jewish state, and an Arab state. Two states for two peoples.

            Israel accepted this plan. The Palestinians and Arab nations around us rejected it and launched a war of annihilation to throw the “Jews into the sea”.

            The truth is that from 1948 until 1967, the West Bank was ruled by Jordan, and Gaza was ruled by Egypt. The Arab states did not lift a finger to create a Palestinian state. Instead they sought Israel’s destruction, and were joined by newly formed Palestinian terrorist organizations.

            The truth is that at Camp David in 2000, and again at Annapolis in 2008, Israeli leaders made far-reaching offers for peace. Those offers were met by rejection, evasion, and even terrorism.

            The truth is that to advance peace, in 2005 Israel dismantled entire communities and uprooted thousands of people from their homes in the Gaza Strip. And rather than use this opportunity to build a peaceful future, the Palestinians turned Gaza into an Iranian terror base, from which thousands of rockets were fired into Israeli cities. As we were reminded just last week, the area has been turned into a launching pad for rockets into Israeli cities, a haven for global terrorists, and an ammunition dump for Iranian weapons.

            Time after time, the Palestinian leadership refused to accept responsibility. They refused to make the tough decisions for peace.

            Israel remains committed to peace, but we will not establish another Iranian terror base in the heart of our country.

            We need a peace that will ensure a secure future for Israel.

            Three months ago, Israel’s Prime Minister stood in this very hall and extended his hand in peace to President Abbas. He reiterated that his goal was to create a solution of two-states for two-peoples—where a demilitarized Palestinian state will recognize Israel as a Jewish State.

            That’s right. Two states for two peoples.

            In fact, President Abbas, I did not hear you use the phrase “two states for two peoples” this afternoon. In fact, I have never heard you say the phrase “two states for two peoples”. Because the Palestinian leadership has never recognized that Israel is the nation-state of the Jewish people.

            They have never been willing to accept what this very body recognized 65 years ago. Israel is the Jewish state.

            In fact, today you asked the world to recognize a Palestinian state, but you still refuse to recognize the Jewish state.

            Not only do you not recognize the Jewish state, you are also trying to erase Jewish history. This year, you even tried to erase the connection between the Jewish people and Jerusalem. You said that Jews were trying to alter the historic character of Jerusalem. You said that we are trying to “Judaize Jerusalem”.

            President Abbas, the truth is that Jerusalem had a Jewish character long before most cities in the world had any character! Three thousand years ago King David ruled from Jerusalem and Jews have lived in Jerusalem ever since.

            President Abbas, instead of revising history, it is time that you started making history by making peace with Israel.

      • carl

        Really?! Then why is Hamas still committed to the destruction of Israel and continues its rocket attacks? Why does the PLO charter still deny Israel, just like the “teacher?” Why was the PLO founded in 1964, 3 years before any “occupation?”

  • SHmuel HaLevi

    Netanyahu duplicity is underwhelming already.
    In the one hand he exposes the nature of the Islamic death cult adherents in our Land and in the other he offers and provides Land to the same hordes, closes free Jewish access to Temple Mount, freezes Jewish construction, releases murderers and other gruesome characters, blocks legislation aimed at controlling the NIF and foreign governments NGO’s, ignores the Judge Levi Report, just to mention a few of Netanyahu’s acts against Jewish National interests and rights. Netanyahu wantonly failed to address Iran nuclear plans for over a decade…
    WE need true leaders in Israel, Netanayhu is not such element.

  • Alon

    The dogs can bark but the convoy will keep going on (Ben Gurion)……

  • It’s very biblical
    Zec 12:2 Behold, I will make Jerusalem a cup of reeling unto all the peoples round about, and upon Judah also shall it be in the siege against Jerusalem.
    Zec 12:3 And it shall come to pass in that day, that I will make Jerusalem a burdensome stone for all the peoples; all that burden themselves with it shall be sore wounded; and all the nations of the earth shall be gathered together against it.

  • The video is documentary evidence of young minds being destroyed by a culture of death. And Secretary Kerry does not seem to grasp the depth of hatred toward Israel and the Jewish people.

  • If it doesnt discourage the Israelis why should it impress Kerry.

    • S. Klein

      Exactly. This prime minister, behind the United States, is in the forefront making the case to Congress and the American people that he is eager to establish a Palestinian state in Judea, Samaria, Gaza, etc.

  • Beatrix17

    Kerry is as capable of doing anything about this as Chamberlain would have been.