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November 13, 2013 6:05 pm

Algemeiner Editor Dovid Efune: Keep Pushing Sanctions Until Iran Folds (VIDEO)

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Algemeiner Editor Dovid Efune on Real News TV discussing Iran. Photo: Screenshot.

Sanctions on Iran should be escalated until the country volunteers to halt its nuclear program, Algemeiner Editor Dovid Efune said Friday, speaking on Real News TV.

“Keep pushing the sanctions further and further […] until Iran comes and says we are going to stop on our own,” he said.

His comments came hours after Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu criticized a proposed deal between Iran and world powers that, he said, would allow Iran to retain its nuclear capacity, while being relieved from biting sanctions. “This is a bad deal – a very, very bad deal,” Netanyahu said.

“They don’t want to leave Iran with the capacity to enrich uranium, when at some point they might decide to do so,” Efune said, explaining Israel’s position.

Asked if there is a possibility that Israel might order a military strike against Iran if faced with no other option, Efune said that “The talks really tie Israel’s hands.”

But, he said, “this is something that the Jewish people has had to contend with, and has understood from history […] that sometimes no-one is going to come to your defense.”

“There are a number of instances where Israel has literally had to say (to the United States) I’m sorry but we have to protect our citizens,” he said.

Watch a video of Efune’s remarks below:

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  • bernard

    Every time Israel resolve has been slow down and almost stopped,we b have have been forced to make concessions which could not help the state of Israel in any way.We are not a peaceful europe.
    We are opposing iran a terrorist state.No less no more.

  • Vivienne Leijonhufvud

    Iran cannot be reasoned with, the politico fanatical religious administration of Iran is the greatest stumbling block. I see no solution other than military intervention on targeted sites or same principal wrongly applied to both Kennedy, Lincoln and other reasonable leaders. The same principals applied to Abass, Erdegan and others in Afghanistan, and all other Stans! All these religious politicians have acquired through guile and fraud huge fortunes at the expense of us in the West via Aid monies. This is to the detriment of their own peoples. The millions of dissatisfied Arabs all over the Middle East have been stirred up through religious fervor as in Marx famous words ‘Religion the opiate of the People’. The principal applied to all extreme Islamic leaders in the Middle East, and indeed is justified. An nuclear Holocaust brought about by the fanatics of the Middle East will affect all of Eurasia, Central Asia, the Med Basin during trade winds blowing bi-annually carrying fallout as far away as China and the Pacific. Therefore for the safety and security of the entire Eurasian land mass immediately affected such an holocaust is irresponsible and will certainly escalate because of emotional and unstable unthinking Islamic leaders including those in the Gulf States! Israel lives in the 21st Cent. as does Judaism. The West in recession one could almost say this has been has been manipulated by all Islamic dishonest leaders hence the anarchy among lowly Arabs with no jobs or infrastructure.Egypt has lost millions in the last ten years.I am certain I read on 29th October an article from Australia stating 230 billions of OIL are under the deserts of South Australia. Israel now has Oil the Sinai Peninsular also. Until these amoral leaders are deposed by foul means or fair there will be no peace not even in Israel with the so called Palestinians. Obama & Kerry are doing nothing to alleviate the pressure in the Middle East. In the case of Obama his connection to the Muslim Brotherhood in Kenya is virtual treason against the US people. Ms. Oprah Winfrey’s naive remarks on Al-jazeera screened in Ireland last night! What choices do we have?

  • Arthur

    Israel will only do what is required to keep its country and people safe. NO SURRENDER!!!

  • Martin Bookspan

    The three comments preceding mine should be required reading by the resident of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue……

  • Only a credible use of force will cause Iran to abandon its nuclear program. Increasing or decreasing sanctions on Iran will not stop it from developing nuclear weapons. Israel will be forced to act alone against Iran because of weakened Western resolve to confront Iran. A nuclear-armed Iran would be a bigger nightmare than North Korea. And the civilized world cannot tolerate Iran with atomic bombs.

    • maria

      Iran must stopp producing nukes if necessary by attacking Iran.More severe sanctions against the terrorist stgate No,1

    • bernard

      Helping Iran to develop atomic capabilities is 100% forbiden and too dangerous for the state of Israel. 6 millions is already too much. IF NOBODY HELPS US ,WE WILL DO WHATEVEET WE HAVE TO DO TO PROTECT OUR PEOPLE!

      • bernard

        We have to make the maximum to stop Iran to reach atomic bomb
        The past of the 6 millions jews slained by the nazis must make us decide whatever we have to do to stop a nuclear Iran .Its now or never!

  • How right he is but who is going to listen to him? After all said and done, he is a Jew!

  • S. Klein

    Only military might will stop Iran. All else is delusion.

    • yussi

      Not so…sanctions are working and by escalating them further would force those fanatics to voluntarily give it up. Forget negotiating with them..Sanction them into “giving up” Bring them to their knees on this.AND only if need be bomb the nuclear sites into oblivion…

      • Tomm

        Being kind to the cruel, is being cruel to the kind.
        Sanctions work, but mostly against the populace.
        Iran held a trade fair and was flooded with buyers and orders. Many of the sanctions are already being bypassed and this ineffectiveness is given as a reason to desist, not strengthen the sanctions.
        If it is possible to escalate sanctions, it is a consideration, but who will escalate them?
        Isolated attacks without full scale force? The refinery? Missile plants? These cause minimal civilian casualties.
        Support for the majority of Iranians who wish to enter the 21st century, such as was denied them during/after the last elections.
        America has threatened Israel that they will warn Iran of any attacks by Israeli jets. This removes possible surprise and increases the likelihood of casualties and risk of escalation.
        American military threats have been intimated at that America may put troops on the ground in Sinai to protect Palestinians. They mean not Judean Palestinians, nor Christian Palestinians.