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November 14, 2013 5:20 pm

Zionists of America Arise

avatar by Dovid Efune

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Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu. Photo: Screenshot.

When Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu publicly called out President Obama in a terse and direct statement last Friday, he did so only out of a deep sense of desperation and betrayal.

The Prime Minister criticized the proposed deal between Iran and Western powers over the Islamic Republic’s nuclear program. “This is a bad deal – a very, very bad deal,” he said. Throwing etiquette to the wind, Netanyahu’s public rebuke was a diplomatic last resort, perhaps the verbal equivalent of a military strike on Iran.

And understandably so. For months now, the Obama Administration has hung the specter of a nuclear Iran over Israel’s head to ply many a painful concession on the Palestinian front.

Israeli daily Ma’ariv reported recently that the U.S. has been pretty straightforward in impressing on Netanyahu that if Israel walks down the U.S. path of “peace talks” with the Palestinian Authority, “it will be easier for the U.S. to support Israel’s position” when it comes to Iran.

Surely Israel’s decision to release 106 Arab convicts, guilty of the most heinous crimes, was strongly influenced by the looming nuclear threat and Obama’s promise to help curb it in a satisfactory manner.

Imagine Netanyahu’s consternation when he discovered that the Americans had quite something else in mind.

Now entrenched in the peace talks and faced with a string of threats if he pulls out, including isolation and a third Intifada, as enumerated by John Kerry before leaving Israel last week, Netanyahu’s leverage with the U.S. is limited. In the throes of the nuclear negotiations, a strike on Iran would surely herald a diplomatic tsunami for Israel. With his hands tied, Netanyahu’s best option right now is to shout.

The tone of a recent statement released by the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) also conveyed a feeling of betrayal.

In a sharp turnaround from agreeing to a temporary suspension of lobbying for sanctions after a meeting with White House leaders only two weeks ago, ADL national director Abraham Foxman called for new “crippling” sanctions to be passed by the Senate.

“I wanted to give the Obama Administration a chance to demonstrate that they could make real progress on this issue,” Foxman said, going on to admonish the Administration on the nuclear issue and a number of other matters.

This position is even more noteworthy considering that it comes from a group that hosted U.S. officials as senior as Joe Biden and Chuck Hagel at recent events, and has taken to Obama’s corner at some pivotal moments of conflict with members of the U.S. Jewish community.

It seems apparent that both Netanyahu and some Jewish groups feel that Obama has played the same “If you like your (health insurance) plan, you can keep it” bait and switch game as he did with Obamacare, only this time with a nuclear twist.

The next confrontation is set to play out in Congress, where Obama is now going head to head with Jewish and pro-Israel groups who believe, as Israel does, that America and the world’s best interests are served by keeping the Iran sanctions pressure valve turned all the way up.

The battle is over a new sanctions bill that has passed the House and now awaits a Senate vote. If the bill is passed, it will send a clear message to the Administration and Iran that the American people do not favor compromise with the Mullahs that allows them to retain their nuclear infrastructure.

According to BuzzFeed Democratic leaders in Congress are under “an extraordinary amount of pressure” from President Obama and Vice President Joe Biden to back the White House on delaying new sanctions.

The stage is set, and the voice of uncompromising rejection of Iran’s nuclear capability must be heard.  Zionists of America arise.

The author is the Editor-in-Chief of The Algemeiner and director of the GJCF and can be e-mailed at

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  • Topcat

    Does anyone bother to seek out their true friends at a time such as this? Instead of knocking true Christians as your guest blogger does today. Look at how C.U.F.I. (Christians United For Israel) speaks out for you. Did anyone bother to sign their petition to stop the Obama administration unfreezing billions of dollars of Iranian assets. I did!! STOP looking to Obama and Kerry, you’d be in much safer hands befriending John Haggee and Joseph Prince. These are true men of God, unafraid of world opinion and outspoken supporters of Israel. (and huge donators). “For Zion’s sake I will not remain quiet. For Jerusalem’s sake I will not remain quiet till her righteousness shines out like the dawn her salvation like a blazing torch. Isaiah 62 . 1 C’mon Israel, get your act together.

    • judorebbe

      Many in the Jewish community appreciate the efforts of our Christian allies on behalf of Israel. However, most don’t realize that this alliance is a “means to an end” for Evangelical Christians, who are mandated by the Christian Bible (aka New Testament) to “go first to the lost sheep of the House of Israel” (Gospel of St. Matthew 10:6)
      I differentiate between “allies” and “friends”. 2,000 years of “Christian love” screams that a strong defense is necessary in dealing with our Christian allies, whose “love” invariably turns to hate when we don’t accept Christianity.
      Some of us who appreciate the alliance, will fight ferociously when (not if, but when) “Christian love” again shows its true face … Jew hatred.

  • Al Talena

    Time for Netanyahu to state that the p.A. is not serous about peace. Their continued incitement should be grounds for such a move. Unfortunately, Bibi is no Begin. He is not the heir to the Etzel & Herut. He haas the backbone of those who followed havlagah- ghetto Jew.

  • “American People”,? Most American Peoples wish you Israel and Iran get it on, annihilate each other so we can have some world Peace. Something is very strange about this Israel, Iran “smokescreen”, stalling for time for 2 fraudulent entities, Iran a Shia murderous trouble making, bloodsheding machine in the Arabic Islamic world and Israel,, you figure, it’s up for grabs as to what she really wants but what we do know true to form Israel, this Israel needs an enemy always for he underdog, always picked on image.

    • Perla

      Boy, are you an ignorant b…..! Shame on you. And you call yourself a Christian?

  • Joe

    Sadly with ObamaCare revealed, our President has demonstrated that he is an outright liar. This is a pattern that is not erased with a simple I am sorry, rather, it is a character flaw. It leads me to believe the Secretary of State Kerry, and Vice-President, Joe Biden, are natural liars or have been compelled to join in the great game of being mendacious.
    Congress cannot rely on assurances proffered by this deceitful team regarding Iran and vote yes on another red line that has suddenly turned green

  • 106 Palestinians many of them murderes released from Israel’s prisons. Forced by America and welcomed home as hero’s.
    Mr Obama why are you unwilling to pardon only one person Jonathan Pollard after 17 years in America’s goal, he was not even a murderer.

  • Avrumeleh

    Well, sure advocates of Israel feel a particular level of hurt and offense at the President’s enthusiasm for concessions to Iran. Is it any surprise that there is an acute sensitivity to efforts to cozy up to those who openly profess an interest in destroying Jews. And, is there any surprise that Israel-advocates should would be outraged by any American acquiescence to Iran’s continued ability to develop a nuclear capability no matter how much the Iranians agree so slow it down? The Administration’s claims to be “well aware” of things doesn’t serve as much consolation or reassurance since President Obama’s foreign policy has been…by any real standards…an enormous failure, particularly in the Middle East. Watching the news will make it clear that each and every day this President is becoming less and less relevant to developments, from Saudi Arabia’s unusual public condemnation to the charade in Syria to yesterday’s revelation that Egypt is renewing its close relationship with Moscow. Just as relevant is the fact that even before President Obama’s first election to the Presidency, he declared that he will always be willing to negotiate with the Iran. This was literally a hallmark portent of an Obama Presidency. It seemed peculiar that this man, with no diplomatic experience of any value, was so fixated on doing the tango with the hideous Iranian Regime. In effect, he’s salivating at the very idea that an agreement can be reached with Iran so that his earliest (albeit) quirky foreign policy musing will have “succeeded.” His toady, Mr. Kerry went so far as to castigate Prime Minister Netanyahu for his animated criticism of the then probable agreement telling Netanyahu to shut up and wait until after the agreement is signed to complain. Wow!!

    There are a lot of pro-Israel people that do share part of the blame, though. An Obama Presidency, despite his claims to the contrary, was very surely going to be problematic for Israel from the outset. Many supported his candidacy anyway. Some, with great energy and enthusiasm.

    Still, the President’s policy’s have developed into one of unnecessarily antagonizing Israel and her supporters. It verges on the bizarre. But, even that would be justified if any of his policies were successful. But they haven’t been. They’ve been long term disasters.

    Zionists and other supporters of Israel are justified in being unusually shocked by the game of footsie that he’s plying with Iran. But, so should any sane individual who recognizes that the game is lost before its played out because there simply is no agreement that the Iranians would enter which would stop them from pursuing their expressed aims. The U.S. Senate is now the important playing-field where Obama’s defeatist acquiescence to Iran can still be stopped. That’s were pro-Israel energies should be put.

  • Laura Jane Burkhart

    It is time for us to reach deep inside, to that part of us that does not want any human being to be hurt, yet we must act, and act quickly. We must support your right to exist, to lift your hands, and stand, in courage, with you, no matter what it may cost us…around the world. It is an hour for the allies of Israel to stand, and show support for Israel, the only Jewish homeland. “Those who bless you, I will bless…” For those of us who know that Iran is an enemy, with sword drawn, waiting to hurt Israel & all allies, and anyone close enough to be touched by their ridiculous war plan. We must make it clear to Israel, that though our America has become a country which has humiliated us by the lack of support for Israel, that we support you, the common people of America. We stand with you…and though the Nations say you cannot defend yourself, WE, THE GOYIM SAY, listen to Golda Meir, and act quickly, before your children and grandchildren pay for your patience. Do you not remember those living in Israel now, who lost four Jewish Grandparents during the holocaust. You are not alone, and we all stand together, in prayer, with a common goal, that, though we may be far…we care, and we support you, though ALL NATIONS TURN AGAINST YOU…as some, who watched “Christian Europe”, and many did nothing, we cannot stand idly by, silent, for those who rule us, have defeated us. Do you trust America? Shame on you, for we have signs of a Nation coming to an end. If we turn against you, then, surely, God will turn against us! Germany created a nightmare unparalleled in history, and the blood still cries out…will you allow your little ones, and their blood to cry out, simply because your “allies”, who are no longer allies at all…have turned against you, as they have turned against us, the common people of America, in economics, education, and anti-American mentality, more in support for Arabs, and the vogue sentiment of the world, which says, “live and let live.” But, as the world becomes more and more vogue, Israel suffers, America suffers, and we all stick our heads in the sand, hoping for better times. It is time for Israel to wake up, and to open their eyes to facts as they find them, that though America should be a friend, that we once were a friend, are now, (through the evidence of actions, certain people placed in the Government, and legislative agendas set in place, that do not support Israel and the Jewish people.
    While sitting at a table, celebrating Independence day, in 2010, I was asked, “What do you think of Obama?” I said, “I am so embarrassed! Those at the table knew, being former military in Israel. So, why have the American people not recognized that sad truth, that we as a Nation have allowed ourselves to be corrupted, and now those in power humiliate Israel, as if we are “represented well.” Our leader should be impeached for the crimes against our nation. Please forgive us as a nation. We support you, as ones who cannot throw off our captors. As the Jewish people once stood in foreign lands, begging God for mercy, you as a nation must remember the promise, that you are loved, chosen, protected, if you will honor Him, before you honor men, or rulers. Honor Him, by standing for your nation, for the West Bank, for your policies. Be strong. Do not forget those who founded your nation. If they could, after the holocaust, create a nation, with people who were tired of seeing death, how much more now, will you have to be strong, and stand for your freedoms, before your freedoms are removed, as we find, in America, our freedoms have been robbed from us, by those who Govern us.

  • C. Barnett

    Netanyahu and the US Congress have no choice but to vote to tighten sanctions, because of the direct, and constantly, repeated threats from Iran to nuke both of us- and Saudi Arabia. The president’s credibility and continuous lying to us and our allies and others makes it imperative that Israel and the Congress follow their beliefs and their own sense of integrity. Someone has to stand up for the US and protect us as they had each vowed to do.Israel doesn’t have to commit suicide for Obama and Kerry.

  • newsel

    This a Dem battle over party politics and doing what is right and just. We shall see what these politicians are made of but I have my doubts that their humanity will shine. These are the same people who have been lying to their own citizens for the past 5 years. Yes you can keep it and yes we have your back…:-(

  • Muhd. Rafiq Abdullah

    In the knowledge that the government of the United States of America be dominated by Zionists surely this “stand off” must be seen as nothing but a tactical charade, the nuance of which be cloaked in subterfuge….

    • Mike P.

      Muhammed, you are obviously an anti-Semitic conspiracy theorist. The Muslim world will never emerge from the Dark Ages so long as it is the world leader in conspiracy theory beliefs. The truth is, Mohammed, that the US acts and has acted frequently against Israel’s interest, forcing its withdrawal from Sinai in 1957, lying to Israel about keeping Egypt out of Sinai afterward leading up to 1967, refusing to sell Israel weapons until the 1960’s, delaying arms re-supply in 1973 under a stated policy of “bloodying Israel’s nose,” condemning Israel for taking out Saddam’s reactor in 1981, forcing Israel to stop its assault on Hezbollah and Hamas quite recently, which could have improved the prospects for peace had they lasted two more weeks, supporting the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, doing nothing about chemical weapons in Syria and now letting Iran cross the finish line. Must be a Zionist plot to make you believe they don’t actually have any control!

    • Mark_

      Your twisted and illogical thinking and is linked to your lies and need to demonize Israel and the Jewish people with wild conspiracy theories. Your views are similar to Hitler’s views. I’m sure you love Hitler and wish he had killed all the Jews. In the end Hitler lost though, just as you and your kind will be defeated in a war of your own making.