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November 17, 2013 1:03 pm

Peres Praises Hollande for ‘Unflinching Stance to Prevent Iran From Acquiring a Nuclear Weapon’

avatar by Zach Pontz

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Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu and President Shimon Peres greet French President Francois Hollande at Ben Gurion Airport, November 17th, 2013. Photo: Israel GPO.

French Prime Minister Francois Hollande was welcomed warmly to Israel Sunday by Israeli President Shimon Peres and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu only days after France’s rejection of a proposed deal between Western powers and Iran solidified his country’s firm stance against the Islamic Republic’s nuclear program.

“We are full of admiration for your unflinching stance to prevent Iran from acquiring a nuclear weapon for mass destruction,” Israeli President Shimon Peres said during a short ceremony at Ben Gurion Airport.

“We thank you for your visit at this crucial time. And for your commitment to stand by our side. Your clear voice and brave stance imbue faith in our region, in which the belief in justice and peace was born,” he added.

Netanyahu offered his own brief welcoming remarks, telling Hollande  “All Israelis extend their hand to you in brave friendship and with the blessings of peace.”

Hollande did not disappoint in his own remarks during the ceremony, pledging that “France will not make concessions on nuclear proliferation.”

“Until we are sure that Iran is not developing nuclear weapons we will not stop sanctions. Nuclear weapons in Iran is a threat to Israel, to the region and to the entire world,” said Hollande.

Following his arrival Hollande met with Peres at his Jerusalem residence, where the Israeli President thanked him for his hand in efforts to forge a peace with the Palestinian Authority.

“France is… contributing to the peace process by supporting the creation of economic infrastructure in the Palestinian Authority including the industrial park in Bethlehem,” Peres said.

“At every junction France stretched out its hand to support the efforts for peace and to assist us in ending the conflict between Israel and our neighbors.”

On Monday Hollande will visit the West Bank city of Ramallah for discussions with Palestinian Authority officials.

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  • Obama is willing to make any deal he can. He is imperiling the world. Soon we will have the same standard of living as Kenya.

    • Mark_

      Viva la France! Obama does seem ready to sellout Israel at the first chance he gets. He will be damned if he does.

  • Fine article by Zach Pontz. If only the US President was as loyal to the state of Israel as the French president is. Howard A. Levin May G-d bless President Peres and Prime Minister Netanyahu. Thank G-d Israel has the leadership of Prime Minister Netanyahu during these difficult times. Howard A. Levin

  • Eco

    .” Nuclear weapons in Iran is a threat to Israel, to the region and to the entire world,” said Hollande. REALLY????

  • What a shame the U.S, government has not stepped up his support of Israel in such a direct and forthright way.
    It’s as if the president and his cabinet are blinded to the real and present danger of Iran , a country that can’t be trusted .

  • David Most

    Most unusual reaction from France Considering its own problem with its own unassimulatable Muslim population.

    A Socialist govt. would not be expected to take such a firm position against a Middle East country trying to get across the finish line with an Iranian nuke.

    Let’s hope that US pressure doesn’t make France back down.

    • Mark_

      I don’t think France will back down. France would be a natural target of the mad Mullhas, if indeed they are mad enough to risk a nuclear attack by Israel and France if The Islamic Republic of Iran ever tries to use nuclear weapons against Israel or Southern Europe.

  • Reuven

    To hell with him. It belongs tyo the Jewish Perople.

  • rick

    vive la France

  • Master Adrian

    Well, lets be honest about it, Iran doesn’t have a nuclear weapon, Israel does (by its own admission), Iran allows inspections of its nuclear installations, Israel does not, Iran is a signatory to the treaty that prevents development, owning and trading nuclear weapons, Israel is not a signatory, Iran has stated clearly and by repetition that it does not want to have a nuclear weapon, that its nuclear power is to be used for energy purposes only, and there is no proof what so ever that Iran actually has developed a nuclear weapon, or is trying to develop such a weapon.

    Lets be honest, were Iran is under punishing sanctions for so-called developing a nuclear weapon, Israel should be punished for having and maintaining nuclear weaponry, and for refusing to accept inspections of its nuclear facilities.

    If Israel should comply to the same demands that it sets for Iran, and then, only then it has a right to claim from Iran and any other country to stop develop nuclear weapons!
    Till that moment of compliance, Israel should silence, and hold its tongue!

    Anyway, for a balanced region, it could be safer to have a second country in the region with a nuclear weapon……… either Iran or Jordan, or Saudi Arabia, or Egypt……. who knows….