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November 18, 2013 11:11 am

Former Israeli National Security Chief: Israel Could Halt Iran’s Nuclear Weapons Capability ‘For a Very Long Time’

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F-16 fighters. Photo: WikiCommons.

An influential Israeli official said at the weekend the Jewish state is confident a military option can be effective if diplomatic efforts to curb Iran’s nuclear program fail.

Yaakov Amidror, a former national security adviser and close confidant of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, told the Financial Times that Israel could halt Iran’s nuclear weaponscapability “for a very long time,” and added its air force had been conducting “very long-range flights”‰.”‰.”‰.”‰all around the world” as part of preparations for a possible military confrontation with Iran.

“We are not the United States of America, of course, and believe it or not they have more capabilities than us,” Amidror said. “But we have enough to stop the Iranians for a very long time.”

Israel has expressed concern about a possible deal between world powers and Iran. Netanyahu told CNN Sunday that Iran is “getting just an enormous deal, from their point of view, and it’s giving practically nothing in return. They’re keeping their infrastructure to make nuclear bombs.”

Netanyahu also said Sunday that Western powers can reach “a much better agreement” with Iran over its nuclear program.”I hope that we will succeed in convincing our friends this week and in the days afterwards to achieve a much better agreement, and it will be possible to do so,” Netanyahu said at the start of his weekly Cabinet meeting.

“Iran is under economic pressure and continuing – and even increasing – this pressure will be able to achieve the much better result of a peaceful, diplomatic solution. I believe that many in the region and beyond it share this view.”

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  • Luigi Rosolin

    Iran had eliminated any internal dissident. The regime is base on Islamic extremist: guide by the religious who are determinate to enforce Islam. They had eliminated any internal moderate Muslim with any other form of faiths: consequently they are with any mind expanding-imposing Islam. Israel is the first on line but they are working well with Europe, USA and Asia-Australia.
    Obama administration had many Islamic advisers: Obama is a fox that can’t be trust. The way his control USA and foreign policy like in Egypt and Syria and Africa give much suspicion of be a Muslim-brotherhood affiliate: his half brother is one leader of them. Israel should act if the agreement is not removing their capacity and will to get nuclear capacity.

  • Victoria D Matlock

    About time

  • Bill

    Now that the USA has gone to the dogs under Obama, Israel with Saudi Arabia should take out the Iranian Nuclear Plants. Obama has thrown Israel under the Bus. The great late US has no friends and their enemies aren’t scared of them anymore.

    • Jonas lieberman

      Your comments hit a grand slam home run. They were not as eloquent as I would’ve expected, nevertheless everything you did say in one paragraph was sufficient. Obama is an outright Muslim despite the fact that he claims he is a Christian. However the media does not have the balls to call the president what he really is. It is now Israel’s responsibility and requirement to take out the nuclear infrastructure of Iran. However we must realize one important issue, nothing is ever what it seems to be. Situations such as this; the truth is withheld all that is true is perhaps 10% of what actually took place the balance is much more mischievous and devious then we can ever imagine

  • “Might is Right”, quite” often, but “the Pen is still mightier than the sword”

    • Sonia Willats

      For a moment I mis-read:”Jewish state is confident a military option can be effective if diplomatic efforts to curb Iran’s nuclear POGROM fail…” Then I realised the slip of perception was not so far from the truth- indeed it has been threatened, graphically, on youtube.

      It depends who is writing, Jack, and what they are writing. Some writings are poisonous; some are the very words of truth and covenant and life. There is a time when it is right to put down your pen and take up your sword.

      With all his heart, PM Netanyahu wants peace for his family; his nation; his people. With great reluctance he may have to stand, like David of old, and fight.

      • Luigi Rosolin

        Sonia well said: Hitler had manipulate in the same way the world, now if God will Israel should get the sword in case of pour outcome.