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November 21, 2013 12:30 pm

IDF Officer Says New Hamas Spy Balloons Have ‘Alarming Capability’

avatar by Joshua Levitt

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A Hamas observation balloon, photos of which were posted to its official Facebook page. Photo: Screenshot / Channel 2.

A Hamas observation balloon, photos of which were posted to its official Facebook page. Photo: Screenshot / Channel 2.

As Israel Defense Forces work to close the terror tunnels dug by Gaza-based Hamas, the Islamist party has resorted to using reconnaissance balloons to spy on Israel, even posting photos of them aloft onto the Hamas Facebook page.

In an interview with Israel’s Channel 2, a senior IDF officer in the Southern Command said that Hamas has resolved to gather intelligence deep inside Israel, and not just on the border. To this end, the officer said, Hamas has also erected a line of poles to which they’ve attached balloons filled with helium and mounted with cameras.

The officer said that the observation balloons have alarming capability to collect intelligence on military and civilian movements in Israel. He said the IDF sees Hamas trying to expand its reconnaissance abilities to strengthen its offensive capacity, based on building its rocket arsenal and digging tunnels into Israel.

The officer said that Israel recently allowed a large shipment of helium gas into Gaza for civilian use, the transfer of which may be rescinded if the intended use is to fuel more spy balloons.

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  • HELLO???

    A single shot should make these things useles?!?

  • Dogan Akman

    But why has Israel not destroyed these balloons from the get go?

    Dogan Akman

  • Mike

    Bomb them or shoot them down!

    • maria

      yes, they are savages and exactly the same as nazis.

  • Hello??????????????? Why should Israel be afraid when it has Rafael Industries Spice 250 optical sensoring bomb? You can only understand Israels strategy, if and only if you understand the ramifications of this revolutionary weapon!!!!!!!!!! Get with the program people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(look it up on youtube)

  • Ray in Seattle

    Reading articles like this cause me to wonder how Israel could possibly carry out an effective strike on Iran’s nuke industry when lethal threats close to home are ignored. The IDF, instead of discussing the threat to Israeli defenses caused by the balloons should be announcing that they just shot them down, as any state serious about defending its citizens would do. Why is any helium allowed into Gaza through Israeli crossings at all? Perhaps Israel thought that the Gazans were entitled to have a big party with balloons to celebrate the launch of their next wave or rocket attacks at Israel. Can’t Israel see how silly its supporters in America feel when Israel refuses to support and defend itself from its enemies on even the simplest matters.

    • Joseph in Sweden

      Don’t worry Ray. The balloons will soon be sent to the sky above and explode in order to celebrate Gaza being a raw sewage piece of land.

    • Sonia Willats

      Absolutely! Israel doesn’t have to apologise for defending her people. It’s absurd.


    • maria

      Israel is the most human country in the World. And they try to do their best to prevent killing people. However this is a wrong strategy. Mohammedans are savages, they hate Jews and Christians and all other non-mohammedans. One of the five pilars of koran is jihad and destroying all non-mohammedans called kufrs in their language
      israe loves democracy and Life, mohammedans hate Life. They love Death and murder

      • Sonia Willats

        Jewish ethics come from Torah. They WILL WIN IN THE END!