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November 25, 2013 8:18 pm

Australia Shifts to Pro-Israel Stance in the U.N.

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New Australian PM Tony Abbott. Photo: Wiki Commons.

JNS.orgAustralia’s new Liberal Party government under Prime Minister Tony Abbott has shifted to a pro-Israel position in the U.N., saying that it will not support resolutions that are “one-sided.”

Earlier this month, Australia abstained from two votes in the U.N.’s General Assembly that condemned Jewish construction in the West Bank, and another one forcing Israel to comply with the 1949 Geneva Conventions.

“The government will not support resolutions which are one-sided,” a spokeswoman for Foreign Affairs Minister Julie Bishop told the Sydney Morning Herald. “The government considers each Middle East-related resolution on a case-by-case basis, and on its merits,” the spokeswoman added.

The center-right Abbott government also indicated that it no longer considers Israel to be an “occupying power” in the West Bank.

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  • cityca

    Well done Tony Abbott – thank you Aussies.

    It doesn’t take much to work out that a western style democracy, with rule of law, freedom of worship for all, and a habit of trying to help whenever there is a humanitarian disaster anywhere in the world, has to be at least given a chance to make a case at the UN, instead of being the most sanctioned state. As the UN interpreter said recently, it doesn’t seem fair so many resolutions against just one state. No it doesn’t and that’s because a Muslim block of 56 states put down resolution after resolution.

  • Peter Winton

    We all beloved that anything would be better than Gillard. Now the truth is that Abbott has shown his ignorance of the entire Middle East scenario. Until occupying Israel withdraws and stops persecuting Palestine there will never be peace in the the region, never! Arab countries will never be comfortable with the west while there brothers are imprisoned and mistreTed and deprived of there own land. Abbott is wrong . Obama deserves the accolades for standing up and speaking up for Palestine. He knows it is the key problem to solve. Abbott just has no idea. Or he’s too easily manipulated. But he’s absolutely lost my vote

  • Arie

    We are seeing a major strategic global shift in security and economic alliances with the united states of obama, narco-terrorists, and jihadists on one side and civilized people on the other

  • Richard Bramwell

    An abstention is not as significant as a vote against a motion.

  • Thank you PM abbott,
    You are man enough to tell the world about your intention not support resolutions which are one-sided. Israel has being there for 3000 yrs and it is rightfully their land. Obama is a crazy frick who is always against Israel. G-D bless Obama. He will sow what he is planting. DOes BHO go to church, if he does he should know very well to make decisions against Israel.

    Hanxks PNG

  • David B. Klein

    When the political pendulum swings right in a western country its foreign policy becomes more supportive of Israel until they get tossed out again for entirely unrelated reasons. Canada is one of the good guys at the moment, but the Liberals have a cute and charismatic leader who is no friend of the Jews and who will probably become the next PM. Vanity all is vanity….

    • KJ

      This is why Israel needs to reach the liberal crowd in the west because the far right is no ally either because of dominionism. I say let Iran hang herself, Israel needs to reach out “one on one” via TV to the West, Israel needs to remain as balanced as possible with decision-making/addressing Iran(not reacting)/Palestinians/and the liberal community (some of which think that Israel sides with the far right fundamental Christians who are considered a threat to democracy in the States currently via their dominionnistic behaviors and politics (some very cultic Christian groups in America /”end-times” religion). It’s a matter of clarifying the details via communication which will take longer than a ten-minute interview via TV rather than allowing Americans to just find pieces of scattered info throughout the news and then trying to piece it together based upon that premise, gossip, or rhetoric. Americans really do not know exactly what is happening in Israel. They only judge the simple surface without understanding how complex the underlying issues are. They need to be reached from a secular perspective which CAN be done. But, this news regarding Australia is awesome and in the right direction!

    • London_Liz

      Doesn’t seem to be true here in the UK. This Government admittedly is in coalition with the basically anti Israel LibDems, but it does not seem to have any problems with them in respect of that particular issue of Foreign Policy. Listening to the unctuous pronouncements of Hague on the Iranian ‘deal’ & the speed of Cameron to phone Rouhani they have no problems in throwing Israel under the bus. The pro Muslim/Arab biases of the UK Foreign Office are well known & operate exactly the same whether it is the left of the right in Government.

  • Steve Marks

    My faith restored in Australia. What I love about the Australians is they take no bs from anyone and are not intimidated by the international pressure. They stand for even handedness. Kol Hakavod

    • Jeff

      Perhaps due to happenings in their own country they are seeing that they and Israel have a common foe.

      I hope the rest of the Western world wakes up in time and also realises it.

      • Frank C.

        Until Ozzies begin pandering to their growing Muslim swing vote. Let’s enjoy their moral clarity while it lasts.