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November 25, 2013 5:39 pm

Iran FM Zarif Strikes Different Tone in Tehran, Says Nuclear Activities To Go On as Normal

avatar by Joshua Levitt

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Iranian foreign minister Mohammad Javad Zarif. Photo: WikiCommons.

Iranian foreign minister Mohammad Javad Zarif. Photo: WikiCommons.

Despite an international treaty to the contrary, Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif, upon arrival at Tehran’s Mehrabad International Airport on Sunday, “underlined that all Iran’s nuclear sites will go on their normal activities” and that “none of Iran’s nuclear programs would stop,” the semi-official Iranian FARS news agency reported on Monday.

“The Iranian top diplomat underlined that no nuclear material would be taken out of Iran and none of Iran’s nuclear centers would shut down, but will continue to work by transparency,” FARS wrote, adding that he also “pointed out that nuclear weapon is an inhuman weapon and contrary to our beliefs and religious viewpoints.”

Zarif’s tone certainly differed from that of the document that Iran agreed to, though it was factually correct, as according to the deal, nuclear enrichment programs are not required to fully stop, but to be reduced to minimal levels of 5% from a 20% currently.

Early on Sunday, the world powers, led by the U.S., agreed to partially lift sanctions on Tehran for six months in exchange for the Islamic Republic allowing deeper inspections into its nuclear facilities and placing limits on uranium enrichment.

According to reports on Monday, secret, back-channel talks between Washington and Tehran have been ongoing for a year.

FARS also reported on Monday that Iranian government spokesman Mohammad Baqer Nobakht confirmed that the agreement would release $8 billion of Iran’s blocked assets by the U.S. administration. The figure was not included in the text of the agreement shared with media, which had estimated the value at $6 billion out of the $100 billion reportedly frozen.

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  • Luigi Rosolin

    The Muslim religion is a cult that had been established by the devil. USA with Obama is more dangerous that Iran with Nuclear. Obama is supporting abortion, ss marriage; his father is Muslim so by them he is too.
    He claim to be Christian that is a Joke, abortion and ss marriage are not allowed by God.
    He is simple a fox.
    If you are in his position how can you better serve Islam, plan to take over the world? Reduce the Jews and Christian’s influence; destabilize the economy, Health Care not working, police spying on all citizens breaking USA law.
    USA had a debit that can’t be paid; even the interest is hardly met. Why USA is still dictating the world affair? Iran can be genuine? I wondering: the regime is control by a cult that crash with the morality-freedom of western country and serve Islam.
    The case are two: or USA had lies on imposing sanction, and in this case Iran will not make a nuclear bomb.
    I support Israel and hope that by the information Israel had first hand will act in self defense if need.

  • Graham Lawrence.

    In order to get things in perspective it is important to bear in mind that Iran has not invaded a country for 214 years!
    Now let us take a look at the global arsenal of nukes and who owns them:

    Russia 8,500
    USA 7,700
    Israel 400
    France 300
    China 250
    UK 225
    Pakistan 100 – 120
    India 90-110
    North Korea 6-8
    Iran 0 ZERO!

    By simple deduction it’s not difficult to arrive at the simple conclusion that Iran is not a threat to world peace!

    • Joshua

      Not yet.

    • Harry

      Hitler had no nukes….. Have we forgotten our history???

    • Robert Yufe

      Only one country on the list published has threatened to destroy another country whose citizens are “rabid dogs” and its’ government “illegitimate” and “should be wiped off the map”. That country is called Iran. It may not be a threat now, but should it acquire nuclear weapons, it will be. Prudence therefore demands that Iran not be allowed to acquire a nuclear weapon. The Jews should not wait to find out. Once bitten, twice shy.

    • mark_

      You think you are so smart, but you are not. Iran has threatened in the very recent past to use nuclear weapons to wipe Israel off the map, to kill all Israelis whether Jewish or Arab. Iran is saying now that it is against its Islamic beliefs to use nuclear weapons, but that can change very quickly. The International Treaty could have been worse but it wasn’t that good either. Israel will have to spell it out to Iran eventually and assure them that Iran will be destroyed if Iran uses nuclear weapons against Israel. Mutually assured destruction. Let us hope the mad Mullahs don’t decide to start World War III. God forbid that.

      • Graham Lawrence.

        The infamous quote to which I presume you refer was an original quote from the late Imam Ayatollah Khomeini which was then re-quoted by former Iran President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.
        Here it is in farsi:
        “Imam ghoft een rezhim-e ishghalgar-e qods bayad az safheh-ye ruzgar mahv shavad.”
        English translation:
        “The Imam said this regime occupying Jerusalem must vanish from the page of time.”

        Word by word translation:

        Imam (Khomeini) ghoft (said) een (this) rezhim-e (regime) ishghalgar-e (occupying)
        qods (Jerusalem) bayad (must) az safheh-ye ruzgar (from page of time)
        mahv shavad (vanish from).
        It was not made as a military threat. There is absolutely no mention whatsoever about Israel or a map in this quotation! Imam Ayatollah Khomeini was referring to the regime of Zionism and he was calling for an end to the occupation of Jerusalem at some point in the future. The ‘page of time’ phrase suggests he did not expect it to happen soon.

        • mark_

          Arab leaders say one thing in English and another in Arabic. In any case your so called “holy book” and the sayings of Muhammad make it clear that lies, deception and back-stabbing are acceptable when dealing with infidels (non- Muslims, especially Jews and also Christians. You are fooling no one on this site. We understand our Muslim enemies and their apologists.

          • Graham

            There you go, showing your complete biased ignorance by assuming I’m a Muslim! I am not a Muslim and the Koran is not my Holy Book! Nor in any way am I religious. I am a British citizen, a secular atheist and only interested in the real truth and real peace – something that obviously you, Israel and it’s USA puppet dictatorship absolutely abhor.
            I made a statement of true facts about what was quoted by Imam Ayatollah Khomeini and re-quoted by President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. Just because these true facts upset you and don’t fit into your force-fed cosy little paradigm of Zionist indoctrination, it doesn’t make them any less valid.

        • mark_

          I hope it comes to pass that when you die not a single person remembers you.

          • Graham

            Your comment shows your ignorance and true colours.

    • Ron

      Pray tell, Graham, where did you get your advanced degree in Logic? Wal-Mart? And tuck this tidbit into your handy Koran: Persia invaded Russia in 1826 and got clobbered!

      • Graham Lawrence.

        And your point is?

  • Mitchel J. Schapira

    Who gives a sh*t if the FM of Iran lies to the Iranian people? Who is even surprised?

  • Arie

    Seems zarif is the only one being honest about what’s REALLY in the deal. Like obamacare, even after you pass it it is still a deep secret with the denigration of society deep within the details.

    BUT look closely, we are seeing a significant shift in global alliances: united states of obama, jihadists, and narco-terrorists on one side, and civilization on the other

    • mark_

      Attacks on the President of the U.S. and the United States itself may satisfy you but they are inappropriate and could harm Israel and Jews everywhere and show a hatred for Obama above all else. Saudi Arabia (represented by France) does not want to see a nuclear armed Iran and did what it could to get the final Agreement with Iran changed with the help of France. Most of the Arab World, with exception of Iraq and Iran’s proxies in Lebanon, Syria and Gaza, don’t want to see a nuclear armed Iran anymore than Israel does. The Sunni Jihadists are actually in a struggle with Iran’s proxies in Iraq, and Syria, Lebanon and Gaza and do not want to see Iran emerge as the dominate power in the Middle East. The Sunni Jihadists have their own agenda and they are don’t like the fact that Iraq’s government, Hezbollah and Hamas are under the strong influence and in some cases the control of Iran. They don’t want Iran to dominate the entire Middle East with a nuclear arsenal. If that should happen it would probably cause an arms race in the Middle East and could spark a nuclear war that would kill millions of Jews, Arabs and Iranians. It could also put small nuclear bombs into the hands of Hamas and Hezbollah and eventually other terrorists which would be a threat to Israel, the U.S. and Europe. A nuclear devise could devastate a large American or European or Israeli city and kill very large numbers of people. By the way Obama care is hardly the issue here and the United States is still part of the “Civilized World.”

      • Joey

        Obama IS hated, you nitwit. Every leader in the free world hates him…..

  • Mike

    To my understanding they would not produce Uranium over % 5 percent purity. Keep their 200 Kilo Stock pile of %20 Uranium that is for Tehran medical reactor till it gets down to some very low level so they have to make a new one. And the third it was to halt the construction of Arak heavy water plant which they vision to replace the Tehran medical reactor gradually for six month. So he has not changed his tone a bid. It is all about transparency and they already invited the IEA team to come and see IRAK heavy water in December. They are not after the bomb now or ever but people like to sensationalize the issue.

  • john

    why am i not surprised?