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November 26, 2013 9:10 am

U.S. President Obama Touts Iran Deal at California Fundraiser

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President Obama addressing the nation about the Iran nuclear deal. Photo: White House.

Times of Israel – The interim nuclear deal with Iran serves the interests of the United States and its allies and was not signed merely for political expediency, US President Barack Obama said at a fundraising dinner in California Monday night.

Obama praised the deal struck over the weekend in Geneva as a major achievement, as the Iranians agreed to pause their nuclear enrichment program, reduce “to zero” the amount of 20 percent enriched uranium in their possession and allow for “unprecedented inspections, in some cases daily inspections,” thus increasing the prospect that there will be a peaceful solution to the situation.

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  • Allen Donow

    Unbelievable, Jewish and Christian people giving Obama $16,200 each to attend a speech by Obama praising the “deal”. We all know that Iran now has the capacity, facility, and knowledge to generate nuclear material required for a nuclear weapon. Of course that is the first step in their plan to “wipe Israel off the map” and rid the world of the “great Satan” America. But to get rid of America, they only needed to have Obama as President. He has definitely taken Iran’s side in this and is doing all he can to give Iran the time they need to move ahead.

    There are many mission critical tasks in a plan that would provide Iran with a nuclear bomb that can be used as a weapon. Each of them are important to the success of the mission. Iran has succeeded in its knowledge and its actual facilities for generating the nuclear materials for the bomb. Though they have only enriched to a low level, the technology is the same for higher level enrichment. This has been their priority up to now. Other tasks remain that do not attract attention but are important to mission success. There was no sense to spend much time nor money on these other tasks unless Iran knew they could produce and enrich Uranium to nuclear weapon grade. Learning how to assemble such materials into a bomb and its delivery become just as critical now. Iran has now been given 6 months to work on these other tasks with total freedom without being required to dismantle their current centrifuges.

    Practically speaking they can develop a high tech production environment and staff in this time frame to facilitate its mission. This project is not an easy one nor inexpensive. Many, many tasks are involved. I am also thinking of underground bunkers, missile defense systems for protecting its facilities, etc. And this 6 month period allows Iran to consolidate and evaluate its progress, especially with the influx of new cash and the reduction of sanctions, that the “deal” provides. Good for Israel? – Absolutely Not.

    Obama is now repeating a mantra that his job as President, as he says is “to make America safe which is the single most solemn responsibility I have as President”. We are learning that means bowing down and trusting the Iran dictator, even though he announces his terrorist mission repeatably. If safety means announcing you support the Islamists, Obama will make that move also. After all, who in America wants war. Obama has a new ally to protect and encourage, Iran.

    The bottom line is that the “deal” is a mistake and should be canceled immediately.