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November 29, 2013 9:00 pm

Israeli Official: John Kerry Gives ‘Legitimacy to Terror’

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Secretary of State John Kerry, then chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, speaks at a December 2009 hearing. Photo: U.S. Navy Petty Officer 1st Class Chad J. McNeeley.

JTA – An Israeli deputy minister has accused U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry of giving “legitimacy to terror” and misunderstanding Middle East politics.

“John Kerry, who warns us of an intifada, does not understand the Middle East, and he is not worthy to be a mediator when he goes back to his country. His words give legitimacy to this terrorism,” Eli Ben-Dahan, deputy religious services minister, was quoted as saying Thursday by Israel’s Channel 2 news.

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  • Israel doesn’t have nuclear weapons and Mordechai Vanunu
    served 18 years in prison for distributing fake pictures
    of 5 underground levels of plutonium bomb making facilities at Dimona and Jason Pollard is rotting in a US jail for being framed as a spy and Ben-Gurion resigned because JFK was getting on his nerves about having his inspectors wanting to check out Dimona.

  • First, as a Republic of Vietnam veteran, who has watched this Massachusetts want-a-be Peace Negotiator and, former US Naval Officer betray his country by testifying before the US Congress and lying (which I will show later)concerning US Military war crimes. This was after returning home with enough Purple Hearts (medals for being wounded in action) that he earned an early release to return to the US!! Kerry’s testimony before the US Congress was so graphic in detail and seemed to demonstrate that it was such a normal and all encompassing Rule of Engagement, that it was almost enough to convict the entire US Military who had ever entered The Republic of Vietnam!!! However, there’s more, during the US-Vietnam, Paris Peace Talks, guess who showed up while still a US Naval Reserve Officer, which, of course, is HIGHLY against ALL REGULATIONS!!? You got it! John Kerry!! The Massachusetts want-a-be Peace Negotiator!! And suppose who he was attempting to aid in their negotiations? Well, you know. Earlier, facts were promised to be backed up. During Kerry’s 2004, Presidential bid for US President running against President George W. Bush, an extremely large amount of fellow Naval Officers and Navy Enlisted men, who knew Mr. Kerry during his days as a River Boat Commander, came out of “The Woodwork” you might say, to explain how he, as Commander, wrote all of the after action reports to include even his smallest scratch he got after leaving his river boat to chase down some “Poor” and all alone Vietnamese man, who , when Mr. Kerry finally reported back, stated that he had killed this one Vietnamese! GOOD Hunting, MR KERRY!!! By the way, he picked up another scratch and a Purple Heart for murdering that little “Bastard” also!! His former Navy buddies all agreed that Mr. Kerry’s testimony was highly fabricated. Last, but far from least, I hope you may remember President H. G. Bush’s acceptance speech for the Republican National Party, in 1988. I only remember a few words, but they hit me vey hard. He mentioned a “New World Order”. H.G. Bush, his son, George W. Bush, and, GUESS WHO!.. John Kerry, all attended Yale University. AND, they all belonged the a very secretive club which is appropriately named, “Skull and Cross Bones”. I very distinctively remember G.W. Bush, when running for president in 2000, promising to move the US Embassy to Jerusalem. Of course, he lied about that! When John Kerry was running in 2004, someone asked him a question concerning United States foreign policy and he replied that he would probably take it up with the United Nations!! These “One World Government Elitists” are currently using Hussein Obama until his usefulness to organize the Muslim Brotherhood (which failed miserably in Egypt) and other Arabs and the Persians has dissipated.(As V.I. Lenin once stated, “Useful idiots”.) I also advise that, at the extreme risk of being called every vulgar name I know, the Catholics eventually may join in. That’s all.

  • Fred

    John Kerry the new Chamberlain.. beware of new Us treachery vis a vis Israel.

    • Arie

      Chamberlain actually believed – stupidly tho – that he was making peace. kerry and obama have no such illusions. PERIOD

      Their goal is to provide trade and profits to their paymasters, including soros immelt and bain as well as profiteering for companies they own like GE and Exxon.

      A massacre of millions of Jews would just be – to them – a bump in the road with a slight short term political setback

    • Zelda Zadorah

      I don’t understand your paranoia about Iran. After all it is Israel which has hundreds of nuclear warheads, which will be able to threaten Iran. But I guess that Israel hates competition when it comes to nuclear arms and must revise their foreign policy towards Iran. Who knows, they may even find Iranians are human people too.

      • Zelda`s application of moral symmetry attempts to justify America`s endorsement of Iran joining the “nuclear club”. Throughout the sanctions many of us already noted the West`s soft approach of sanctions as being a de-facto recognition of a new reality in the middle-east. The intent of sanctions was, in fact only a facade. The only security that existed in the nuclear balance-of-power between the Superpowers was the deterrence of “Mutually Assured Destruction”. The Soviet regime might have been evil, but weren`t suicidal.
        Martyrdom, in contrast, embraces the notion of “dying for a higher cause”. In the case of Iran, there`s no need to second-guess them, since they admit themselves their intent to carry “martyrdom” to its ultimate conclusion in the form of a nuclear holocaust.
        And the reason I say this is not because it will change your mind; but rather to clarify that this replicates the “progressive left-wing liberal rationalism” used by the West 65 years ago to intellectually whitewash genocide against my people.
        So you are simply reminding us, that while Hitler didn`t survive to see his dream complete, you celebrate the West`s promotion of Iran to that seat.

      • cymbalak

        That’s a very interesting statement Zelda. Could you please specify your source of information about Israel having hundreds of nuclear warheads.
        Oh and yes,Iranians are human people too,especially the ones in Iranians prisons.