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December 5, 2013 10:44 am

‘Life in Gaza’: Sally Idwedar ‘Forgets’ to Mention Hamas in Indy Essay

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avatar by Adam Levick

The skyline of Gaza City. Photo: Wikimedia Commons.

Sally Idwedar is just your average girl living in Gaza.

She’s also a blogger who, at some point in her life, acted “on impulse,” quit her corporate job in Washington D.C. and made “Aliyah” to Gaza to start her life anew.

Idwedar also just published an essay at The Independent, “Life in Gaza: ‘We wake up to terrifying sonic booms and try to sleep while Israelis are shelling,'” describing life in the Palestinian controlled territory.

Her polemic on the difficulties of life in the Strip as the result of Israeli villainy includes the following passages:

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I was thinking about how I would start to write about life in Gaza – how I would lay the words out with eloquence – when suddenly an explosion boomed close by and those thoughts fled my mind. I didn’t know the source; maybe it was internal training or perhaps another air strike.

The UN issued a report last week saying Gaza is becoming uninhabitable and the humanitarian conditions are deteriorating – sadly that is true.

Two weeks ago the sewage pumping stations stopped working in many areas – they simply did not have the fuel to work. Raw sewage leaks into the streets. Fathers carry their children to get to school and most cars won’t venture into it. The sludge reeks and brings mosquitoes in swarms.

There is fear it will end up in the water supply as well…

This is life in Gaza now: a constant struggle to find the bare necessities.

As Elder of Ziyon observed today in his post on Idwedar’s “meditation,” she oddly doesn’t use the word “Hamas” even once.

This omission is even more glaring in light of her own Twitter battle with Richard “faux scoop” Silverstein (richards1052) in October (as noted by the blog Israellycool) where she was much less reticent about using the “H-word.”  Indeed, Idwedar’s exchange with the evidently pro-Hamas Jewish blogger is especially revealing in light of her complaint about Gaza sewage noted above.

Don’t go into the water! The rank sewage smell coming off the Mediterranean is unbearable this morning. There HAS to be another way! #Gaza

— Sally Idwedar (@sallyidwedar) October 12, 2013

Who needs to take action?

@richards1052 I wouldn’t wish this on anyone. The ‘gov’ here needs to seriously take action @cwharlow

— Sally Idwedar (@sallyidwedar) October 12, 2013

Who could import needed parts?

@Mohamed_Morsi Same w/ the power plant-they refuse to import parts even tho they could get anything thru the tunnels @richards1052 @cwharlow

— Sally Idwedar (@sallyidwedar) October 12, 2013

Finally, just in case there’s any doubt as to who precisely she’s criticizing:

@richards1052 I never tried to hide it. I am openly critical of Hamas and have never supported them @Mohamed_Morsi @cwharlow

— Sally Idwedar (@sallyidwedar) October 12, 2013

Yet, for some reason, Idwedar indeed “tried to hide” her opposition to the Islamist group in her more than 1,100 word first-person account of the “constant struggle to find the bare necessities” in Gaza.

I simply can’t imagine why.

Adam Levick is the managing editor of CiF Watch, an affiliate of the Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting in America (CAMERA)

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