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December 9, 2013 12:20 pm

Norwegian Trade Union Tells Members That Israel Poisons Wells

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A clipping of the offensive article. Photo:

A Norwegian trade union repeated an age-old anti-Semitic canard to its membership, telling the 340,000 workers of the Union of Municipal and General Employees who receive its monthly magazine that Israel poisons wells of its Arab neighbors.

The accusations of well-poisoning, along with “genocide” and “ethnic cleansing,” were flagged by blogger Elder of Ziyon from a report by, a pro-Israel Norwegian website that saw the original article in Norwegian. The article was written about a group of Norwegian trade union delegates who were received by Palestinian Authority members.

As Elder of Ziyon noted, in addition to the baseless accusations, the internal logic of their argument was flawed: “It notes that the Arab population in the area has increased by a factor of 10 in the past 100 years, and compares that to Norway’s population which has only doubled in the same time period. If the Palestinian Arabs have suffered ‘genocide’ and ‘ethnic cleansing,’ as the union claims, then what do you call what happened to Norwegians?”

“The article also says, as fact, ‘Israeli settlers are known to poison wells.’ Thus we see the medieval blood libel of Jews poisoning wells has become accepted as truth in the 21st century,” the popular anonymous blogger wrote.

Commenters on the Elder of Ziyon site were quick to add context to the poisoned well story.

Mike Konrad wrote that “the story has legs,” citing a report from a  Wikipedia entry on “well poisoning.”

In recent years, unconfirmed reports of well contamination by Israeli settlers in the West Bank have surfaced. Cases include that of rotting chicken carcases [sic] found in a well at At-tuwani near Hebron in 2004, although suspected settlers blamed Arab infighting. In the following years, various NGOs reported similar occurrences, accusing settlers of deliberately contaminating cisterns.

“The worst case I have seen was about 17 years ago on a USENET newsgroup when the Arabs accused the Jews of putting medicine in their aquifers to make Arabs impotent,” Konrad wrote. “I tried to counter that idiocy on the newsgroup by noting that aquifers are not confined to any one area; and that poisoning Arab wells would also poison Jewish aquifers by seepage; so the charge is ridiculous – since no Jew would take a chance with his own virility.”

Another poster, Effect, went further back in history… “Poisoning wells? I’ve read that before,” Effect wrote, citing a selection from the Wikipedia article on “Black Death Jewish persecutions.”

In Germany there had already been massacres stirred up by local demagogues: the Roettingen “Knight Rindfleisch,” the Rintfleisch massacres (1298), and the innkeeper-knight Arnold von Uissigheim König Armleder (“King Leatherarm”) of the Armleder massacres (1336-38).

As the plague swept across Europe in the mid-14th century, annihilating more than half the population, Jews were taken as scapegoats, in part because better hygiene among Jewish communities and isolation in the ghettos meant in some places that Jews were less affected. Accusations spread that Jews had caused the disease by deliberately poisoning wells.

The first massacres directly related to the plague took place in April 1348 in Toulon, France, where the Jewish quarter was sacked, and forty Jews were murdered in their homes, then in Barcelona. In 1349 massacres and persecution spread across Europe, including the Erfurt massacre (1349), the Basel massacre, massacres in Aragon, and Flanders.  900 Jews were burnt alive on 14 February 1349 in the “Valentine’s Day” Strasbourg massacre, where the plague had not yet affected the city. Many hundreds of Jewish communities were destroyed in this period.

One Norwegian stood up for her countrymen. Helene Kihle Michelsen said that the country’s newly elected government is much more pro-Israel than the previous administration of the Socialist regime of Jens Stoltenberg, which governed from 2005 until last month.

The new Norwegian government is formed by a coalition of the Conservative (Hoyre) Party and junior partner the Progress Party, which leads The Friends of Israel organization in the Norwegian parliament. Its party leader, Siv Jensen, was named Finance Minister.

Michelsen wrote on the Elder of Ziyon blog, “And we are many who are against these brainwashed young idiots! We have many pro-Israel movements, and we are not all like this! Please believe me!”

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  • So? What’s new? Same old same old Anti Semitism pure and simple. Let them choke on their schmorgansborgen!

  • In spite of Quisling, it is a fact that most Norwegians were surprisingly anti-Nazi which really astonished the Germans. It is not fair to tar all of them with the same brush. Norway and Sweden are countries with small populations and they have been overwhelmed by the influx of Arab “refugees”.

    • mark_

      I agree completely. Neither Norway or Sweden are countries with a history of vast anti-Semitism which was the case in France, Spain, Germany and so many other European nations and is still the case to some extent in France especially with it’s large Muslim minority and it’s home grown anti-Semites and some other European countries like Croatia and Bosnia and Rumania which have never faced their own brutal and murderous fascist past. The Norwegian trade union in question must be let by morons or bigots or both. The workers should remove all those who supported such a vile and stupid resolution.

  • Dave

    It’s really a shame that various unions in Norway have nothing better to do but blame Israel for all kinds of fabricated atrocities. The decent people in Norway should stand up to these Islamo-Lefty propaganda lies and oppose the defamation of Israel.

  • Mel

    There may have been limited activism to severely reduce the practice of ritual circumcision among Muslim infants, due to the excessive brain damage they suffer from it.

  • “IF” anyone is “poisoning wells”, it IS the U.S. “Black Opts”…Trust and Believe!

    The U.S. government will stop at nothing to achieve their own agenda’s…whatever that may be! “WE” live in a “police state” now! “WE” have no control over our own government. “WE” are ALL…”slaves!!!”

  • Fred

    From the land of Quislings no suprises. Norway now has become another devotee of Arab money & propaganda as in the good old days of Hitler & Quisling. What is democracy, truth but a mad figment of a perverse imagination.

  • Hinda39

    This does not surprise me. Norway was complacent with the Nazis and except for “40” Oslo residents were pushing for the “invented creatures” to force Israel to allow the enemies of Mankind in the signing of the ridiculously suicidal Oslo Accords.

    Norway is becoming Sweden in the rate of crimes against children and women rising due to the influx of the Islamo-Nazi “refugees” that the UN has brought in. Interesting that the “Jews” are still being the target of hatred from the non-Jewish world. Yet they use our inventions and procedures. Such hypocrites.

  • art Frank! That was not a nice thing to say! Most people here in Norway are decent people! You should really be ashamed of yourself, if you have the ability to!

    • Avi

      By your definition, Norwegians were decent during Hitler years too!
      What exactly, is your measure of decent? Collaborating, with Nazis perhaps!

      • NO! Most Norwegians did NOT collaborate with the Nazies! If you believe that, you are very wrong! And, the people of today really do not want all the false “refugees” they are importing here! We ARE mostly decent people!

  • mika.

    Whether true or false, how is Israel of any concern to a Norwegian trade union? This reeks of pathetic desperation. The focus on Israel is a pathetic and desperate tactic to divert attention from things of paramount concern locally. The Islamo-Arab elites use this tactic to divert attention from their oppressive tyranny; apparently it’s the same with the European/Nordic elites. But more pathetic is that the population puts up with these scoundrels and such tactics.

    • Carlos Gilman

      I agree…pathetic desperation coupled with darkness of the mind.

  • art frank

    The norgekies are just being good christians. I’m hoping that one day in the future, they will live under muslim rule.

    • Carlos Gilman

      I hope no else will have to live under muslim rule no matter what their faults, be careful that curse doesn’t fall on you…better to hope for illumination to the young idiots.

    • BlueShadowII

      Careful what you wish for. When Christians live under Muslim rule, there will soon be no Jews to see it.

      And what makes anti-Semitism different from your anti-Christian attitude? Bigoted hatred is still bigoted hatred.

  • In ‘A Distant Mirror, The Calamitous 14th Century’, American historian Barbara W. Tuckman wrote this on the 14th century plague:

    “On charges that they [the Jews] were poisoning the wells, with intent “to kill and destroy the whole of Christendom and have lordship over all the world”, the lynchings began in the spring of 1348 on the heels of the first plague deaths. The first attacks occurred in Narbonne and Carcassonne, where Jews were dragged from their houses and thrown into bonfires. […] The accusation of well-poisoning was as old as the plague of Athens, when it had been applied to the Spartans, and as recent as the epidemics of 1320-21, when it had been applied to the lepers. At that time the lepers were believed to have acted at the instigation of the Jews and the Moslem King of Granada, in a great conspiracy of outcasts to destroy Christians. Hundreds were rounded up and burned throughout France in 1322 and the Jews heavily punished by an official fine and unoffial attacks. When the plague came, the charge was instantly revived against the Jews:

    … rivers and fountains
    That were clear and clean
    They poisoned in many places …”

  • Fredrick Swenson

    My forefathers came from Norway, and settled in the upper Midwest region of the United States. Until now, I’ve not had any reason to feel any sense of shame about the positions of organizations within or the government of the country my ancestor came from. Like I said, until now. Simply appalling.

    • Erik

      Then you should also check out It’s bad english, but informative about Norway’s Israel relationship