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December 14, 2013 9:00 am

Kerry Says Full Israel-PA Peace Deal Possible by April

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Netanyahu and Kerry meet in Jerusalem.

Ynet – US Secretary of State John Kerry said on Friday Israel and the Palestinians were still on schedule to reach a full Middle East peace deal by the end of April, and both sides were committed to the talks.

Speaking at the end of his second visit to the region in a week,Kerry said the two sides were discussing a framework of core issues that lay at the heart of the decades-old conflict and would lead to the final status accord.

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  • David Horowits

    Kerry and Obama were stupid in thinking they could push Israel into giving up the land known as West Bank. Kerry is an idiot, who does not know the first thing about negotiations. Look at Ukrain, this idiot will force us into a war if he is not careful. He is playing with fire with Putin. Watch him and that idiot Obama plunge us into a European war with Russia.

    • zee Soller

      you are so right Kerry is truly an ignoramus when it comes to Middle east Affairs. And he thinks he can take a stab at the Presidency after fueling animosity with Israel – the only ally we have. He is a loser, and the sooner he realizes it the better off he will be. He should really stick to what he knows best, playing Lurch.

  • Charles Krummer

    Kerry is the biggest boob that ever made it to Sec of state. He pushed the envelope a bit too far. He thought he was speaking for the world’s super power, and forgot that the US has diminished its stature thanks to Obama, the worst president America has ever had. Now the peace process is unraveling, thank God. These two bumblers should get lost, and not be invited back to Israel. As for Abbas, he should be arrested for being a murderer and a terrorist.

    • Jack Siddon

      so true, a boob he is. The man has no background in Middle East dynamics and here he sits, like a prince, giving israel its options. And even in the face of rejection, he refuses to listen to the parties, speaking as if he is a colonialist.

  • Randy Shanks

    i am dying to know whether we will go forward with these talks. I don’t understand the driving force behind continuing these talks, can someone fill me in. What exactly do we get in return for giving up more prisoners, a land freeze and talks to give up the Jordan Valley as well? Sounds lie we are giving up everything for nothing in return.

  • Looks like Kerry is back for more of the same- he has enough confidence for the entire state of Israel. Why do we insist on negotiating, what would be so terrible about just saying NO. Didn’t Regan coin that phrase. No to Kerry, no to Abbas, no to the world. We have rights, plain enough? We have equal right to live and prosper as do others. Yet when the argument is raised as to who can live in WB, it appears that the Jews have none.

    Kerry should be told to get out, and don’t come back unless he brings Pollard-end of story. No prisoner releases either!

  • Shmuel L

    Brilliant comment by Ms Lurya- Sec of State Kerry believes Israel is a subject of the imperial power of America. The question i have is will Israel succumb to the pressure and allow it self to become a US protectorate. G-d forbid.

  • Leon

    There will only be peace when Messiah comes, read the Prophets

    • Charles Krummer

      No peace will come when the leader of Israel recognize that they owe nothing for desiring to protect their lands and their people from murderous bands of arabs, aka PA and Hamas

  • Deborah Lurya

    use this one instead of the older version, thanks

  • Deborah Lurya

    Kerry believes that if he thinks it, then it will be. Not to be, Mr. Kerry. No Jewish leader in his right mind wants to let go of Judea and Samaria, the pipeline through which all Arab nations come. The borders in place today are the borders Israel needs to be a viable sovereign nation. These are legal borders acquired in 1967 when Israel was aggressed upon by the arab nations. Those borders include Judea and Samaria.

    If you will, imagine the scenario if Abbas got God forbid control of Judea and Samaria. Soon afterwards, Hamas would be vying for power, and no doubt win. But before that happened, would the US come to the aid of its friends, the PA. That could set off a whole new chain of nasty events, and possibly a world class war

    Israel cannot permit any foreign power, of the likes of Iran, or Turkey, Russia, etc. or even the US on its borders. This would be the end of our sovereignty.

    It appears that old fashioned imperialism is back again, ready to divvy up the ME. America wants to stake its claim early, and make Israel its colony in this land grab- because as time goes on the Middle East will break up into tribalism. As it was before Britain “civilized” its inhabitants.

    Israel will remain unified and emboldened by its experience with the west, and shall rise above the restrictions, the BDS, propaganda, terror, the diplomatic tricks and threats, to be the strongest nation in the region, and it will not permit another hegemonic force into its circumference.

    • Jerry Hamlish

      Deborah, every word a pearl Thank you for your concise explanation for the relationship we now face with the US. It is time for Israeli leaders to reassess and make the appropriate adjustments. People think we are attached at the hip, due to the 3 billion in loans. But the truth is we can get by without loans, especially when they put a restriction on israeli sale of arms. Most people are completely unaware that there is a non competition clause in the agreement which prevents Israel from selling its armaments abroad. Also the point you brought home about what happens if PA has control of the West Bank, that they can then enter into alliances with whomever they choose is a daunting thought indeed.

      • Solly Berger

        This saga continues. April is here, and if it was an April fools day joke,, i would breath a sigh of relief. Instead, perhaps we Israelis should be thanking our lucky stars and President Abbas for preventing our spineless leader from giving away the store. Recently 400 prisoners were offered up by Bibi, for what? I thought it was 26. But Kerry the slime ball decided to go for the gusto and throw in old Pollard for the prize, the carrot being waved . To add insult to injury Palestinian Authority President Abbas ditches the talks for the opportunity to apply to the UN, to join 15 of its organizations, and perhaps soon will go to the ICC on some some trumped up charge. One thing a bout Abbas, he says what he intends to do, he just does’t make blanket threats as does our Bibi. Yet Kerry refused to condemn or even reprimand Abbas, while if Bibi had announced building of a few hundred units he and his spokespeople would be screaming bloody murder. These are our “friends” in the White House, the “honest” brokers.

      • zee Soller

        Kerry thinks he knows what is good for Israel even though he has no experience in the Middle East. The man is ignorant and a egotist who thinks because his blood is blue that makes him fit to rule. The only thing he ever did right in his life was marry that rich woman. If not for her, he would be living in a track home, mowing his lawn on the weekend, drinking Pabst Blue Ribbons, with a gut to match his big chin and droopy long face.

    • Rivka Solkoloff

      The lady got it right, so much for the honest brokers- Kerry is not only a liar but he has a way about him that makes everyone want to hate him- he is condescending and insulting when he deals with people. The other day he called Russia a “regional” power, rather than the super power that it is. How does he think that went down with Putin. What a imbecile.

      • jackie Hamlish

        right on