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December 18, 2013 3:27 pm

Iran Sanctions Are a Thing of the Past

avatar by Dovid Efune

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Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyhau looks on as U.S. President Barack Obama signs a guestbook. Photo: Facebook

The initial hubbub surrounding the deal struck in Geneva last month between Iran and world powers over the country’s nuclear program has all but died down.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, for one, has refrained of late from trumpeting his passionate opposition to the deal at every public opportunity.

Pro-Israel groups seeking to maneuver around the White House by advocating for a new round of sanctions in Congress have been more or less stunted. Obama will have his way it now seems, and by extension so will Iran. The Senate clearly is a big structure that houses very small men. They are aware mostly that the President is on a fool’s errand; Chuck Schumer, Robert Menendez and others have indicated as much.

Pushing for new sanctions is now a game of the past. AIPAC, the ADL, WJC and others are talking of fixing holes in a dam that has already given way. China, India and EU nations are itching for increased bi lateral trade with the Islamic Republic.

The sad truth is that the product of our as-of-yet impotency in stopping the mullahs, is that the crossroads the world now faces offers a nuclear Iran on the one hand, and an Israeli strike on Iran’s enrichment facilities on the other. Or, as iconic commentator Norman Podhoretz put it, writing for The Wall Street Journal: the choice is between “a conventional war now or a nuclear war later.”

The Zionist Organization of America’s Mort Klein agreed when he said last week that “there is now probably no way Iran can be prevented from becoming a nuclear power except through military action.”

For Israel, the risks in taking unilateral military action are twofold; the first is the possible military blow-back from Iran and its terror proxies, and the second is the diplomatic fallout from those world leaders who worship in the temple of “negotiations.”

For American Zionists and all other activists who are unwilling to pass on to their children a world darkened by the looming shadow of a nuclear Iran, their focus must be to work tirelessly to mitigate the latter risk.

One option in that regard could be for AIPAC to spearhead a letter in Congress that affirms Israel’s “right to defend itself by itself” (code for Israel’s right to order an Iran strike if it deems that to be the only option). Such an initiative could attract broad bi-partisan support. After all, the President himself has made similar statements. It should be an easy sell.

A declaration of this sort would empower Israel in its decision making process and show the President that the American people are more sympathetic to Israel’s predicament than he is. It would also send a signal to the White House that any punitive measures under consideration in the event of an Israeli strike are likely to be counteracted by Congress.

There should also be a concerted effort to push Administration officials to continuously stress their assertion that they support Israel’s right to independence of action and defense.

Past comments and more recent reports have strongly indicated that the U.S. has warned Israel against moving without its approval. But the fact that Obama himself has said that he “would not expect the prime minister (Netanayhu) to make a decision about his country’s security and defer that to any other country,” means that the administration has accepted this position at least for the purpose of public posture.

The more that Administration officials are confronted on this point, and the more they are challenged to reinforce it, the harder it will become for them to back away from it if an Israeli strike becomes a reality.

Additionally, for Iran, which has shown just how seriously it takes Israel’s red lines by being so careful not to cross the threshold Netanyahu announced at the UN in September of last year, the military threat will begin to return. The mullahs are operating on the assumption that the U.S. will never strike their reactors, but if they get the impression that it may allow Israel to do so, they may be forced to reevaluate their estimations.

After all, is not the practical enactment of the Zionist creed that never again shall the destiny or the defense of the Jewish people be left in the hands of others.

The author is the Editor-in-Chief of The Algemeiner and director of the GJCF and can be e-mailed at defune@gjcf.com.

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  • anon

    Is it worth all this pain, worry and grief to be a minority? If so, why?

    • Paul Palnik

      Yes … It is worth being a minority, a Holy nation among a vast sea of profane peoples who have no understanding of holiness at all. Yes … it is worth being a Light in the darkness. Yes … it is worth being alone in the world if that is what it takes to serve God. Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes.

      • john


    • Mark_

      We are among many persecuted minorities and we are not holy people above other people. Jews must demand equal treatment and the right to life itself. And many of us do exactly that and will never abandon our people or surrender to our enemies. The people of the U.S., especially devout Christians are some our best friends and will stand by Israel as they have in the past. More American Jews need to bond with all these friends of Israel here in the U.S. including Evangelical Christians who are among Israel’s best allies. The question you pose is a question that should not be asked because because it demoralizing and plays into the hands of Iran and their terrorist proxies in the Middle East as well as the Palestinian cause which seeks Israel’s destruction. Those forces want Jews to give up and surrender our right to exist as a people and defend Israel and support it’s right to exist and its right to defend itself like other nations. Self pity and defeatism are not going to help Israel’s cause. Obama is not a passionate friend of Israel to say the least. Much of the Democratic party is under the growing influence of anti-American and anti-Israel Leftists who do not believe in our own countries right to exist let alone Israel’s right to exist. They are traitors to the U.S. first and enemies of Israel because it is a strong U.S. ally. They have allied themselves with the Islamist cause because it seeks to destroy the U.S. (the big Satan) and Israel(the little Satan.) Communists and Progressives have made common cause with our enemies, even working as they did during the Iraq war to bring about a U.S. defeat and painting the U.S. as a aggressor nation and an enemy of the people of Iraq when our troops in fact defeated and helped to overthrow Saddam who was an enemy of his own people, bombing them and using chemical weapons on them and selling food to buy arms. He also harbored and aided terrorists and paid $25,000 to the family of every suicide bomber who went into Israel to blow up innocent Israelis, including children and the old, mothers, fathers, and peaceful individuals of all types and Jews as well as Christian and Muslim Israelis. Yet some Jews like the long time Communist Leslie Kagan organized and led a very large part of the U.S. “anti-war” movement and worked for the defeat of our troops. We as American Jews need to wake up and distance ourselves from these traitors and defend Israel’s right to exist and the right of Jews everywhere to be treated equally. This is not a time for defeatism. We need to unite to fight anti-Semitism and efforts to destroy Israel.

  • Lenny

    We need to consider that Obama is setting Israel up to strike Iran so that he can send US forces against the IAF. The purpose of this is to force American Jews, who have generally backed Obama in all his schemes, to choose between their loyalty to him and their concern for Israel. He’ll demand that they stand up and chant “I love Big Brother!” to his iconic posters. Note that this doesn’t pit loyalty to America against loyalty to Israel.

    If US and Israeli forces do come to blows, the blowback here in America may be immediate and severe with anti-Semitism becoming equated with patriotism. Obama may be seeking a pogrom as part of his goal of changing America in a radical direction more to his likings.

  • Emanuel

    Very well said! “never again shall the destiny or the defense of the Jewish people be left in the hands of others.” Who would have thought that Israel and Saudi Arabia would ever forge a relationship? Israel may have to act alone but they will have a lot of support if they do it the right way. Israel can and will lead the way for democracy and progress worldwide if they continue to exercise good judgement and lead by example.

    • Sonia Willats

      It will help Israel if the Saudi support for Israel is concrete and open.

      I think the sentence should read:”the diplomatic fallout from those world leaders who worship in the temple of “capitulations.””

      That the nations of the world have ITCHED to trade with a religious dictatorship that makes no pretence at human rights, freedom of speach or religion, and whose “Supreme Leader” profitably confiscates the property of all opponents makes the United Nations an ABSURD FARCE.

      From the Politburo of Europe one could expect nothing less. Russia and China = par for the course. Shame on Britain! As for Obama’s America… Nothing is a surprise anymore.

      So Israel will be forced to act. I fear commentator Lenny above is correct… There will be a reaction by Obama and the Nations.. the same actors who persecute Israel under the banner of “human rights”.