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January 5, 2014 12:58 pm

Czech Officials: Explosion From Illegal Palestinian Weapons Cache Possible Tip of the Iceberg of Europe Weapon Smuggling Ring

avatar by Joshua Levitt

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Guns to be used in attacks captured by the IDF in Hebron. Photo: IDF

Guns to be used in attacks captured by the IDF in Hebron. Photo: IDF

A weapons cache that exploded inside a locked safe at the site of the future Palestinian Authority embassy in Prague was entirely unregistered, and the illegal cache may be just the tip of the iceberg of a Europe-wide weapons smuggling ring, according to Czech officials. The sources made the allegation in interviews with Czech-language, which were translated by the Elder of Ziyon blog.

According to available information, 70 firearms, unregistered by Czech authorities, were found in the future embassy building, in Prague 6-Suchdol, after an explosion killed Ambassador Jamel al-Jamal last week. According to initial reports, the explosive was from material inside an embassy safe, which was being stored at the ambassador’s residence.

Speaking on condition of anonymity, a Czech anti-terrorism official pointed out the possibility that the Palestinian embassy in Prague could have served as a transit point to freely ship firearms to any of the 26 countries within the Schengen Area, allowing passport-free movement within the EU.

General Jiri Sedivy, former Czech Army chief-of-staff and NATO Assistant Secretary General for Defense Policy and Planning, now head of the security studies section at Prague’s CEVRO Institut, said, “Maybe the affair in question involves a well organised weapons and explosives distribution network, including the weapons’s further recipients.”

“I’m horrified. This is not only a blatant violation of diplomatic norms and habits but also of security rules related to keeping such an arsenal, that also implies the tragic death of ambassador Jamal al Jamal,” said Sedivy, adding that similar arms arsenals may also be secretly kept at other Palestinian embassies in Europe and overseas.

“In my opinion this is very probable. The [Prague] blast, which occurred by sheer coincidence, may have uncovered something incredible… on the verge of monstrosity,” Sedivy said. “From the beginning it has not been a mere minor local scandal that would be soon over… but an incident of international dimensions,” he said, adding Palestinian Authority representatives have “played theater” with the investigation into the case so far.

Karel Randák, former head of the Czech foreign intelligence service said,”If this scandal of a collection of weapons and explosives cannot be plausibly explained by the Palestinians, the Czech authorities should terminate that mission without pardon. Diplomats who violate every conceivable principle have no business being in the Czech Republic.”

“But I can not think how they can explain this. It’s Inexplicable and indefensible, so that – at least in my opinion – we have no choice but to expel the Palestinians. Let’s start with the new Palestinian diplomats on a green field – for me, there’s no other way,” Randák said.

The arms cache recalled the discovery, in 2003, of an entire arsenal, including an anti-tank weapon, in the Iraqi embassy in Prague, intended for use attacking the offices of Radio Free Europe.

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  • This is a terrible loss for the Palestinian people! Efforts must be doubled by all European countries to give the struggling Autonomy additional monies to be able to rebuild their arsenal.

  • Here we have an other example of the goal of the Islamists. They are very brazen to use what was to be their embassy to be smuggling weapons, for reasons that can only be to murder civilians throughout Europe. We can only hope that the Czech and EU authorities will treat this with dispatch and extreme prejudice. The Islamists are not only out eradicate the Jews, they are out to get us all,every non-Muslim in the world. Europe is just an other battle field. They were going to use the Czech Republic as an instrument to facilitate terror. This story and its implications need to be spread throughout the world to every decent person, if there are any left.

  • HaroldT

    The Czech’s and EU lick the Palestinian asses.
    Is this a wake up call ?

  • The man responsible for legitimitizing Arafat and thw Palestinians (to this very day) is Shimon Peres.

  • Raymond in DC

    A generation ago much of the “international community” started treating Arafat as a “statesman”, and not the terror leader that he remained. Saying the magic words, they started treating his associates as diplomats. But terrorists they remained at heart. More than a few times Palestinian Authority vehicles, including the helicopter Arafat used to use, were found to be smuggling weapons. Israel elected not to make a big deal out of it in order to keep the illusory “peace process” alive.

    The Czech Republic should, by all rights, expel the Palestinian diplomatic contingency and not just (as reported) demand that the new “embassy” be relocated. Their representatives can no longer claim the privileges of true diplomats – something they never should have been granted.

  • Mike

    Maybe someone is trying,
    to stop the ICC for Abbas,
    I smell the work of Hamas.

  • Alison Weston

    Why am I not surprised. It’s time the World woke up to the threat posed by Palestinians and their like. Let’s face it, the Arabs/Muslims have no respect for human life, their women are subjected to abuse, they support slavery and they are cruel to animals – this is just for starters. With regard to animals here in South Africa they have an appalling record of maltreatment of animals with the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

    • Geoff

      The so-called embassy is no such thing since there is no country called Palestine and therefore, those who work there can have no diplomatic immunity. It follows that every such “embassy” can and must be entered and searched by police and security officials. If any weapons, explosives or evidence evidence of them being transferred between locations are found, the “officials” must be arrested and tried and if found guilty, punished in accordance with the law. Palestinians have no respect for life or law and they are a constant menace to all, especially the West. Best to enforce closure of their “embassies” and other offices until they decide to join the peace-loving peoples of the world.

  • dawn vickye

    The first instinct of many seems to have been to blame this “work accident” (usually a euphemism applied to garages where weapons are assembled illegally by palestinian arabs/hamas or hezbollah, where an emerging bomb has gone off prematurely, killing the bomb-assemblers) on non-palestinian arabs, but on entirely uninvolved Israelis. Subsequent reportage, fortunately, assigns the delinquent internal nature of this explosion to a cache of weapons that is in no way justifiable in a diplomatic domicile, where the presumption is of state matters, not weaponry or hidden arms and ammunition.
    This is cause for concern.

    Without delay, all EU and Asian missions or annexes or consular offices housing such potentially violent and nonlegal circumstances must be investigated so as to clear up any residual fear that a palestinian arab “embassy” (since there is no entity called Palestine, they have no call or right to “embassies,” or for that matter, ambassadors or representatives, frankly) might be harboring similar illegal/dangerous caches of offensive weaponry.

    No advance notice should be provided, either. The slippery occupiers of these facilities, who are known for their dishonesty, taqqiyyah prevarication and rationalizations of violence visited on innocents deserve no courtesy extended when they consistently abuse host countries’ hospitality and tolerance.

    D Vickye, NYC

  • Ben Navon

    The so-called Palestinian nation has convinced the UN that they merit Embassy status in European countries and elsewhere. What a good opportunity to use their diplomatic immunity to bring in weapons in a way that means no checking at entry points; and use their embassies as weapons distribution points. Unless blackmail is applied to in this case, you can say the Pals have been Czech-mated.

  • Fritz Kohlhaas

    The Palestinians don’t care about international and diplomatic norms. All they are interested in is terrorism.

  • Luigi Rosolin

    The Palestinian embassy should be close there and all the other one in EU should be request to be inspected! If they did that there is more that probable that the same is happening all over.
    I thing that embassy had always, not only the Palestinian’s,less or more use diplomatic immunity for wrong activity.

  • Yale

    This event needs to be understood as a challenge to diplomatic and international norms. Using an embassy as an arms distribution/transit point makes the nation that does so an international outlaw.

  • Don C

    Who needs diplomatic relations with Palestine?
    What benefit to the host country?

  • yaakov doe

    Of course a terrorist organization has a cache of weapons. I assume the so called “Palestinians” will blame the Israelis for the weapons.

  • zadimel

    Since the Palestinians have been teaching hatred and encouraging violence against Jews in their schools and media, this discovery is not unexpexted in the Czech Republic. The weaponry expresses a threat against various European nations who support the Jewish State,as well as Israeli diplomatic missions.