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January 17, 2014 5:38 pm

Netanyahu Says he Would Be Open to Meeting Iran’s Rouhani

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Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu being interviewed on CTV. Photo: Screenshot / CTV.

Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu being interviewed on CTV. Photo: Screenshot / CTV.

JNS.orgIsraeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said he would be open to meeting Iranian President Hassan Rouhani if the Iranian leader recognized the Jewish state, Netanyahu said in an interview on Canada’s CTV.

“If Rouhani said ‘we recognize the Jewish state. We, Iran, are prepared to have peace with Israel, Israel would be here forever,’ well that would peak my interest, in Davos or anywhere else,” Netanyahu said.

Next week both Netanyahu and Rouhani will be attending the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. Some have speculated that the two leaders could run into each other at the premier world event.

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    Israel should not “court” Iran’s Rouhani. Israel doesn’t need Iran. In fact, if the Iranians wised up for a few moments, they would realize that NOBODY, ANYWHERE NEEDS IRAN. But if would stop showing off their muscles and behaved like civilized people in the world, they would find that a lot of people would smile their way – economically, and in exchange of interests and ideas. The Untied States, Israel, France, and many other countries would jump at the chance to have trade relations and much more, with Iran. But first, the Iranian government has to learn that it’s now 2014A.D, not 2014 B.C. and nobody feels like putting up with a loud-mouthed bully. They have to show they can sit at the world’s table and end – for all time – their military threat to the rest of the world. Let’s put it this way: There are enough spies right now, IN IRAN, that, if they ever thought they would seriously consider attacking Israel and/or any other country, Iran would become a parking lot so fast, you’d wonder where the hell all the bulldozers ever came from!! Don’t you think Iran’s government knows this? They want the Iran people to think that these leaders are really great military leaders, heroes,big deals, making Iran a big fierce military state on the world state. The problem is, IRAN IS NOTHING OF THE SORT. MILITARILY, IT IS A PIMPLE ON THE FACE OF THE WORLD. THEIR ECONOMY IS FAST APPROACHING TOTAL RUIN BECASE THE PEOPLE DON’T NEED GUNS, THEY NEED FOOD, HOMES, NEW AND GOOD CARS, SCHOOLS, UNIVERSITIES, MORE HOSPITALS, TRADE WITH THE REST OF THE WORLD, INCLUDING SOUTH AMERICA AND AFRICA, AND OTHERS, AND MORE. Watching Israel prosper while the Iranian economy goes down the toilet every day of the year as the Iranian public stands there gaping at Israel’s prospering economy, education, and on and on into the night. Meanwhile, Iran is a two-bit player on the world stage and even the Iranian STREET CLEANERS know it!!!