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January 21, 2014 2:16 pm

George Galloway’s Farcical TV Show Takes Anti-Israel Slander to Unprecedented Level

avatar by Lakkana Nanayakkara

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Former British MP George Galloway, who is known for his anti-Israel views. Photo: Wikimedia Commons.

George Galloway spent an entire episode of his TV show, Sputnik, vilifying former Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon and the State of Israel. The British MP, who was expelled from the Labour Party in 2003, was joined by two anti-Israel activists who added to the denigration of Sharon’s legacy. While Galloway repeatedly referred to Sharon as the “Butcher of Beirut,” he remained silent on the ongoing carnage in Syria that has claimed more than 100,000 lives, and other grave human rights abuses committed by Hamas, Hezbollah and Iran.

His show is broadcast on Russia Today, a television network funded by the Russian government and notable for producing a relentless stream of anti-American and anti-Israeli bulletins. The level of vitriol in this episode however, was unprecedented, even by RT’s standards.

His first guest, anti-Israel activist Jeff Halper, promulgated a theory that Ariel Sharon withdrew from Gaza to make Israel the hegemon in the Middle East. Halper, who supports the anti-Israel BDS, Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement, stated that Israel cannot be weakened internally but could buckle under external pressure.

His other guest, Gaza based anti-Israel film maker and activist Harry Fear, perversely stated that Palestinians were celebrating Sharon’s passing “because this is the only act of justice that has ever come to Ariel Sharon.” Fear referred to Sharon as a “psychopath” and “butcher” and said that he was “responsible for massacres in Lebanon.” He further added that “in Israel it’s almost like creating blood and terrorizing Palestinians and knocking them into the darkest corners of the earth is success.” He agreed with Galloway that Tony Blair’s eulogy to Ariel Sharon was “hard to bear.” Among other incredulous statements, Fear claimed that Tony Blair is responsible for a million deaths in Iraq.

Fear claimed that the situation for the people of Gaza has gotten worse, placing the blame on Israel and glossing over the brutality, terrorism and economic mismanagement of the territory’s rulers Hamas. Although Israel withdrew from Gaza, Fear claims that the “besiegement continues in broad daylight, against the law, against all morals.”

Galloway described Netanyahu as a “petty and venal figure” and Tony Blair as a “war criminal.” He claimed that he just managed to escape from Lebanon in 1982 from the IDF’s “phosphorus bombs and tanks.” Galloway’s anti-Israel diatribes were supported by his sidekick Gayatri, who also happens to be his wife. She chimed in with libelous claims saying that Israeli dams contributed to flooding in Gaza, and described former Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin as a “terrorist leader.” The former allegation had been previously exposed as a falsehood and a spokesman for Israel’s Water Authority confirmed that “no dams even exist in the area.”

Toward the end of the program, Galloway bizarrely claimed that the blue lines on the Israeli flag represent the Israeli ambition to rule from the Nile to the Euphrates. Contrary to this absurd claim, the blue lines derive from the design on the traditional Jewish prayer shawl.

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  • Andy Gill

    George Galloway is a racist, and is only an MP because voters in his area are largely Muslim. He is equally loathed and ridiculed by most people in the UK, who are sick of his pandering to the Muslim vote.

  • Liza

    This man has promoted hatred against Israel and support for Islamic fundamentalism as a means of furthering his own political and personal career: he is an ersatz celebrity, notorious, of course, but being well known in British politics he is irresistible to pathetic individuals happy to bathe in the reflected light of his notoriety. It’s a sick dynamic really,, but dangerous nonetheless in that his antiSemitism and total unequivocal support for radical Muslim rulers has no doubt given great impetus to would-be Muslim radicals. With his mouth he wouldn’t have lasted a minute in the totalitarian regimes he so favourably endorses, but in a democracy he wins fame and fortune. I think he might also like the fact that as an Islamic man he can get away with “lovin em and leavin em” with no strings attached. I believe he is now on wife # 4. Not a bad life for a kid from the slums of Dundee.

  • Galloway you are a treacherous traitorous piece of white trash. Scotland is ashamed of you, Britain is ashamed of you. you not only have angered the people, but you are an affrontary to god himself. Not your new found god=hubal. but our god, the father of Christ. You like Saville are child molesters sex offenders,
    You have been a political failure all your life.
    only Islamic savages support you. as they have given you a young attractive wife as a reward for your treachery and deceit. Im sure if journalists where to dig deep into your history. they would come up with sex allegations against you, from under aged girls. over 3 decades. Your nothing more than a piece of Islamic shit. So shall it be written so shall it be known. Pussycat Meeeawwww,

  • Ant Aloy

    May I respectfully draw attention to the following please. Please accept my apologies if it is long. God bless you all.
    The UN view of the Palestinian Territories can be seen at
    the following URL:
    * The West Bank and East Jerusalem is occupied Palestine (bilaterally recognised by 133 nations in the world including India, China, Russia, Brazil, Malaysia, Indonesia, Guatemala, Thailand and Iceland).
    * Palestine is officially a non-member State and recognised by the UN. 138 nations supported Palestine in November 2012 in its successful bid for statehood. France, Spain, Portugal, Ireland, Italy, Norway, Greece, Cyprus and Malta were among many European nations to support Palestine. Their vote for Palestine was important as were those cast by India, China, Russia, Brazil, Japan, Mexico and New Zealand who supported Palestine too. The Secretary General of the UN and Vatican Church wel-comed the re-birth of Palestine.
    * However, Palestine (West Bank and East Jerusalem) is still illegally held and sadly Israel’s Prime Minister Mr Netanyahu has ignored the ruling of the International Court of Justice (subsequently supported by the UN and EU) with respect to the “separation barrier”. This “wall” is 3 times the length of the Berlin Wall.
    * UNESCO’s recognition of Palestine in 2011 was supported by France, Spain, Ire-land, Belgium, Norway, Greece and other European nations.
    * Please also see UNSC Resolution 478 concerning Jerusalem. The 4th Geneva Convention is applicable to all the Palestinian Territories.
    * International law and UN Resolutions (over which there are over 150) are ignored by Israel’s Prime Minister and Foreign Minister.
    * UN Resolutions specify Israel’s illegal hold of the Palestinian Territories to be a vio-lation of the 4th Geneva Convention and as such is a War Crime under international law. More so now, that settlements are being placed in another nation.
    Yours sincerely
    *** UN Security Council Resolution 478 (1980) of 20 August
    1980 – BINDING
    The Security Council, recalling its resolution 476 (1980);
    reaffirming again that the acquisition of territory by force is inadmissible;
    deeply concerned over the enactment of a “basic law” in the Israeli
    Knesset proclaiming a change in the character and status of the Holy City of
    Jerusalem, with its implications for peace and security; noting that Israel has
    not complied with resolution 476 (1980); reaffirming its determination to
    examine practical ways and means, in accordance with the relevant provisions of
    the Charter of the United Nations, to secure the full implementation of its
    resolution 476 (1980), in the event of non-compliance by Israel ; Censures in
    the strongest terms the enactment by Israel of the “basic law” on
    Jerusalem and the refusal to comply with relevant Security Council resolutions;

    *** Resolution 694 (1991) – BINDING
    Adopted by the Security Council at its 2989th meeting on 24
    May 1991
    The Security Council,
    Reaffirming its resolution 681 (1990),
    Having learned with deep concern and consternation that Israel has, in violation of its obliga-tions under the Fourth Geneva Convention of 1949, and acting in opposition to relevant Security Council resolutions, and to the detriment of efforts to achieve a comprehensive, just and lasting peace in the Middle East, deported four Palestinian civilians on 18 May 1991,
    1. Declares that the action of the Israeli authorities of deporting four Palestinians on 18 May is in violation of the Fourth Geneva Convention of 1949, which is applicable to all the Palestinian territories
    occupied by Israel since 1967, including Jerusalem;
    2. Deplores this action and reiterates that Israel, the occupying Power, refrain from deporting any Palestinian civilian from the occupied territories and ensure the save and immediate re-turn of all those
    3. Decides to keep the situation under review.

    *** Resolution 672 (1990) – BINDING
    Adopted by the Security Council at its 2948th meeting on 12 October 1990
    The Security Council,
    Recalling its resolutions 476 (1980) and 478 (1980),
    Reaffirming that a just and lasting solution to the Arab-Israeli conflict must be based on its resolutions 242 (1967) and 338 (1973) through an active negotiating process which takes into account the right
    to security for all States in the region, including Israel, as well as the legitimate political rights of the Palestinian people,
    Taking into consideration the statement of the Secretary-General relative to the purpose of the mission he is sending to the region and conveyed to the Council by the President on 12 October 1990,
    1. Expresses alarm at the violence which took place on 8 October at the Al Haram al Shareef and other Holy Places of Jerusalem resulting in over twenty Palestinian deaths and to the in-jury of more than one hundred and fifty people, including Palestinian civilians and innocent worshippers;
    2. Condemns especially the acts of violence committed by the Israeli security forces resulting in injuries and loss of human life;
    3. Calls upon Israel, the occupying Power, to abide scrupulously by its legal obligations and responsibilities under the Fourth Geneva Convention, which is applicable to all the territories occupied by
    Israel since 1967;
    4. Requests, in connection with the decision of the Secretary-General to send a mission to the region, which the Council welcomes, that he submit a report to it before the end of October 1990 containing his
    findings and conclusions and that he use as appropriate all the resources of the United Na-tions in the region in carrying out the mission.
    24th April 2012 – UK Foreign Secretary William Hague said:
    “I strongly condemn the Israeli government’s decision yesterday to turn three illegal outposts in the West Bank into settlements. I urged the Israeli government in my statement on 5 April to remove – not
    legalise – outposts across the West Bank”.
    Furthermore, I would like to refer you to specific serious concerns raised by the International Court of Justice (2004) – with relevance to the ‘security barrier’ – which was viewed with alarm by the international community. Incidentally the reference to the illegality of settlements in the West Bank and East Jerusalem was also reinforced when the International Court of Justice also found the following (indeed the EU supported the UN vote pertaining to the ‘security barrier’):
    * That the separation barrier is intended to assist the settlements, the establishment of which violates Article 49 of the Convention. Also, the court pointed out that the restrictions placed on the local population located between the barrier and the Green Line are liable to lead to abandonment of the land, which also constitutes a violation of Article 49. In addition, the opinion stated that taking control of private land to build the barrier injured private property owners, and thus violated Articles 46 and 52 of the Hague Regulations of 1907 and of Article 53 of the Fourth Geneva Convention.

    Some other key UN Security Council Resolutions on Palestine – BINDING AND INTERNATIONAL LAW (there are over 150 UN Resolutions)
    252 (21 May 1968)

    Urgently calls upon Government of Israel to rescind measures that change the legal status of Jerusalem, including the expropriation of land and properties thereon.

    262 (31 December 1968)

    Calls upon Government of Israel to pay compensation to Lebanon for the destruction of airliners at Beirut International Airport.

    267 (3 July 1969)

    Expects Israel rescind measures seeking to change the legal status of occupied East Jerusalem.

    271 (15 September 1969)

    Expects the demand that Government of Israel rescind measures seeking to change the legal status of occupied East Jerusalem.

    298 (25 September 1971)

    Expects the demand that Government of Israel rescind measures seeking to change the legal status of occupied East Jerusalem.

    446 (22 March 1979)

    Calls on Israel to cease, on an urgent basis, the establishment, construction, and planning of settlements in the Palestinian Territories, occupied since 1967, including Jerusalem.

    452 (20 July 1979)

    Expects Israel cease, on an urgent basis, the establishment, construction, and planning of settlements in the Palestinian Territories, occupied since 1967, including Jerusalem.

    465 (1 March 1980)

    Expects Israel cease, the establishment, construction, and planning of illegal settlements in the Palestinian Territories, occupied since 1967, including Jerusalem.

    471 (5 June 1980)

    Demands prosecution of those involved in the assassination attempt of West Bank leaders and compensation for damages; Expects demands to comply by Fourth Geneva Convention.

    484 (19 December 1980)

    Expects Israeli compliance with the Fourth Geneva Convention.

    573 (4 October 1985)

    Condemns the Government of Israeli with respect to the attack in Tunisia. Call on Israel to pay compensation for human and material losses from its attack and to refrain from all such attacks or threats of attacks against other nations.

    592 (8 December 1986)

    Demands Israel comply with the Fourth Geneva Conventions in all Occupied Palestinian Territories including East Jerusalem.

    605 (22 December 1987)

    Calls upon the Government of Israel, the Occupying Power, to comply by the Fourth Geneva Convention.

    607 (5 January 1988)

    Expects Israel to comply with the Fourth Geneva Convention as well as cease its practice of deportations from the Occupied Palestinian Territories.

    608 (14 January 1988), 636 (6 July 1989), 641 (30 August 1989)

    Expects that Israel cease the deportations of Palestinian people from the Occupied Palestinian Territories.

    672 (12 October 1990)

    Expects Israel to comply by the provisions of the Fourth Geneva Convention in the Occupied Palestinian Territories.

    673 (24 October 1990)

    Demands that the Israel come into compliance with UN Resolution 672.

    681 (20 December 1990)

    Expects Israel to comply with the Fourth Geneva Convention with respect to the Occupied Palestinian Territories including East Jerusalem.

    694 (24 May 1991)

    Expects that Israel stop Palestinian civilian deportation from the Occupied Palestinian Territories and ensure the safe and immediate return of deportees.

    726 (6 January 1992)

    Expects Israel to comply with the provisions of the Fourth Geneva Convention and to cease its deportation practice from Occupied Palestinian Territories.

    799 (18 December 1992)

    Reaffirms Fourth Geneva Convention to all Palestinian Territories occupied by Israel since 1967, including Jerusalem. Also affirms that deportation of civilians constitutes a contravention of its obligations under the Convention.

    904 (18 March 1994)

    Israel is called upon, as the occupying power, to take and implement measures, inter alia, confiscation of arms, with the aim of preventing illegal acts of violence by settlers.

    1073 (28 September 1996)

    Calls on the safety and security of Palestinian civilians to be ensured.

    1322 (7 October 2000)

    Calls upon Israel to comply with the Fourth Geneva Convention regarding the responsibilities of the occupying power in the Palestinian Territories.

    1402 (30 March 2002)

    Calls for Israel to withdraw from Palestinian cities.

    1403 (4 April 2002)

    Demands that the Government of Israel go through with the implementation of UNSC Resolution 1402.

    1405 (19 April 2002)

    UN inspector call to investigate civilian deaths during Israel’s assault on the Palestinian Jenin refugee camp.

    1435 (24 September 2002)

    Calls on Israel to withdraw to positions of September 2000 and end its military activities in and around Ramallah, including the destruction of security and civilian infrastructure.

    • Suzy

      Thank you for posting – and for your courtesy.

  • Joseph Kelly

    Georgie, you are living in the Eu,where your so called liberal elite politicians and in academia condemn Israel’s settlement building. You all might not have noticed something called the Arab Spring, where the Arabs have finally clued onto what is really happening in the world. There are 150,000 just killed by Assad, with further 11,000 strangled and starved in Syrian prison with no intervention.

    In one Arab newspaper commented that Arab dictators, your very very dear friends, have killed more Muslims than Israel killed in all their 60 years of fighting including Independence, 6 day and 1973 wars.

    Just today I saw a frustrated Palestinian refugee in Syria asking for an Israeli passport so he will change sides. I am sure that today he will be killed and join the 180,000 women and children, but you and all the elite in the EU just keep worrying about Natanyahoo?