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January 21, 2014 6:14 pm

Temple Mount Restrictions Shock Former Canadian Minister on Harper Trip

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A view of the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. Photo: Berthold Werner.

JNS.org Former Canadian minister Stockwell Day, who visited the Temple Mount in Jerusalem on Sunday, said he was shocked to learn that Israeli police forces prevent Jews from visiting the holy site.

Since Israel captured eastern Jerusalem during the 1967 Six-Day War, the Israeli government policy on the Temple Mount has been to cede religious control of the site to the Muslim Waqf, and Israeli police restrict Jewish access there. While that Israeli government policy stems from security concerns, the Israeli Chief Rabbinate also opposes Jewish visitation to the Temple Mount, for halachic reasons.

Day, who served as Canada’s Minister of Public Safety between 2006 and 2008 and is currently in Israel as part of Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s delegation to the country, “was shocked over how Jewish police can do these things to Jews” and “did not understand how one can talk about the reunification of Jerusalem while at the same time Jews are not allowed to open their mouths on the Temple Mount,” Jerusalem resident Josef Rabin, who accompanied Day on his visit to the Temple Mount, told Israel National News.

Rabin and Day also noticed that the Israeli police is now forbidding Israelis to speak with tourists about the compound out of fear of angering the Muslim Waqf.

Day is expected to raise the Temple Mount issue with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in an upcoming meeting.

In another development on Harper’s visit to Israel, Harper and Netanyahu on Tuesday signed an expanded Israel-Canada free trade pact.

“An expanded and modernized trade agreement with Israel will generate more jobs and economic growth at home and in Israel, while strengthening the close friendship that both countries enjoy,” Harper said in a statement.

Harper “really understands the importance and moral justification for a Jewish state, he gets it,” Rabbi Philip Scheim of Toronto’s Beth David Synagogue, who traveled to Israel as part of Harper’s delegation, told JNS.org.

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  • d.vaughn

    It is all according to bible prophecy. the third temple mount will soon be built. we are living in the end times

  • Julian Rapaport

    This is shame fact for Israel secular government and society of religious discrimination of Jews in their own country. What meaning then has Netaniyahu’s demand to recognize Israel as Jewish state? How any official can prohibit people to open lips in prayer? For whole world the only justification for Israel re-birth existence is her historical rights that are totally religious. Rabbinate to follow state pressure using halachical’s excuse.
    Israel should exercise her sovereignty to Mount Temple and if Israeli Arabs and Waqf ready for violence because of this – they should bear consequence. There will not be WWIII because of this law violation.
    This is also huge shame and real disclosure for nature of Islam religion which is willing to oppress other religions. And additional shame that are not mentioned in article: Israeli police has a list of people to whom enter to the Mount prohibited and Waqf barbarically and systematically destroying archaeological site and facts of the remaining of the Jewish Temple. This is against even existing Israel law. And official world always against Jews…

  • Dov

    So sad. Israeli leaders are in a ghetto. They live in fear of what the world will say. And the world? They are shocked to see the Jew in Israel cowering in fear.

  • Temple Mount is a Vortex of metaphysical energy on Earth given to the patriarchs of the Jewish Nation for safekeeping over 3000 years ago by Ribonah Shel Olam, the Holy ONE. But Because the Israeli nation failed to reclaim and ‘liberate’ this Holiest Place in ’67 when Israeli forces liberated Jerusalem after 2000 years, the results are obvious; the cancer of radical Islam has metastasized into a worldwide threat and the Jewish Nation is at greater peril than at any time in it’s history. Israel and the entire world are racing towards destruction closer every day.
    The ‘alien fire’ of el Aqsa must be removed and the Holy Mount returned to the keepers of the Covenant. Only this will bring back the Blessing of Hashem.

    • Zelda Zadorah

      this is OK if you want to be responsible for WW III