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January 23, 2014 12:54 pm

Pamela Anderson Asks Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu to Support Anti-Fur Legislation

avatar by Gidon Ben-zvi

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Pamela Anderson. Photo: Wikipedia.

Pamela Anderson, the model, producer, author and activist best known for her television series roles on  Home Improvement and Baywatch, sent Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu a letter asking him to come out in favor of a proposed law that would ban the sale of animal furs, Israel’s Channel 2 reported on Thursday.

Anderson penned her plea after having returned from a trip to Israel with her husband, film producer Rick Salomon. In the missive, the former Tool Time Girl notes that she, “…had the honor of visiting Israel… [going] to Masada to see the sunrise, bathing in the Dead Sea and visiting the Western Wall and Yad Vashem in Jerusalem.”  Anderson ends the beginning of her communiqué by exclaiming that spending time in Israel “changed my life.”

Later in the letter, Anderson writes that, “As an honorary director at PETA [People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals], I was especially thrilled to hear that your country is considering a bill that would ban the sale of fur, similar to the legislation that was enacted in West Hollywood, California… I appeal to you: please do everything in your power to help push the this historic bill – which has already been signed by 40 MK members – through.”

Next, Anderson encourages Netanyahu to view a short film that shows animals being beaten and electrocuted. Such brutality she says, is an affront to “…Jewish values that forbid the inflicting of unnecessary suffering on animals.”

Anderson concludes her appeal by planting the seeds for a possible future meeting with the Israeli Premier: “I hope that one day I will have the honor of meeting you in person,” she says.

Pamela Anderson’s battle for a fur-free Israel dates back to 2010, when during a visit to the country she called on the Minister of Religious Affairs with a similar request as the one she made today to Netanyahu, Channel 2 said.

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  • Plain Talk

    Like my Prime Minister said when he addressed the Knesset last week “We support Israel because it is the right thing to do”
    As much as people want to ignore the reality of the situation for their own reasons, the “animal industry” is entrenched in the pain and suffering of living creatures and is blatantly wrong.
    We should always do the right thing like we expect others to do when it applies to us.

  • BuckDePublick

    Who CARES what this silicone-infused retard has to say about ANYTHING? The entire “PETA” bunch is an absurd annoyance and deserve to be horse-whipped at regular intervals!

  • Aurora Aronsson

    Fur…she never had.
    At least she’s a coherent role model…

  • As usual the Jews are shooting themselves in the foot because some bimbo is getting paid to advertise some left wing idea. Fur trading and furriers is a Jewish trade since time immemorial so stop taking the bread away from Jewish mouths to satisfy some stupid idea. If you are eating meat, fish and wearing leather than the fur is only a by product.

    Calling her rightous is a very very big stretch.
    Her cause is rightous but does not reflect her WHOLE LIFE.we dont know the person she became.This is only one facet. We dont know her whole life..
    but she has a nice tatoo on her upper arm.

    On ‘youtube’ you can see the horrible clubbing of seals
    for their fur. Gun shots or knife cuts on fur substantially reduces the value of the fur.

    Mankind has a habit of making ‘rightous monsters’ calling anyone who works an extra hour on the job, a hero or ztadeeq. What then should a person do for his part of humanity, doing what Hashem wants from us,if not helping improve the world.
    A mitzvah does not make a person ‘rightous’.
    Those words are precious words and should be preserved for the WHOLE of a persons being, making it a real kiddush Hashem.What anderson is doing is what

  • Avram

    And don’t speak evil– some if the ” humor” in the comments is reprehensible.
    Do not make Jewish people look bad by your callous comments.

  • LouieInSeattle

    It is easy to avoid unnecessary suffering of animals, just as veterinarians do with elderly and sick pets.

    There is no reason to waste fur and leather just because some people don’t like it. Does a dead cow care that it isn’t buried with its hide on?

    I do agree that chickens and cows ought to range free, which is why that is an option for most people to buy. If people only buy free-range chicken eggs I guarantee that is what will be produced.

    • Andrea

      Unfortunately, you are buying into the industry propaganda. Leather is not a byproduct of beef, it’s a huge part of the profit structure that allows meat to be sold more cheaply. And fur is never a byproduct. The fur industry is indefensible; the animals live in filthy little cages and are usually killed with anal electrocution to not damage their skin. Often animals are just skinned alive and the bodies are piled up and thrown away.
      And I beg you not to believe the Free-range Myth. There are NO legal standards for free-range. It usually means thousands of chickens in a warehouse trampling each other and running over dead chickens. This is widely known! Google it and you’ll see. TRUE free-range as you imagine it would simply take up too much land for the number of animals eaten each year. Americans ate TEN Billion land animals last year, you think we have room for billions of chickens to happily live in coops? Not to mention the female chickens and cows exploited for their eggs and milk. I am so proud that Israel has become the most vegan country on earth! Jews understand the dangers of violence and exploitation against others.

  • Victoria D Matlock

    Yes this is good she is a Class act

  • Emanuel

    From the title I did not think I would agree but I do. “…Jewish values that forbid the inflicting of unnecessary suffering on animals.” Yes Pam that makes a lot of sense!

    • sujaye

      20,000 chickens in a dusty chaotic chicken house isn’t cruel? How can an egg be kosher when a chicken lives it’s whole life in a teeny tiny cage and can’t even stretch? That isn’t cruel? A cow injected with hormones and other things and fed only grain in a very crowded feedlot isn’t cruel? Ah, but there is a shochet! Have you even seen a leg trap in the woods with a leg still in it, because the animal chewed it’s own leg off to get free? Ah… but we need our streimels Time to take a new look at what really is “kosher” and what constitutes unnecessary suffering. Pamela isn’t perfect for sure and people will tear into her for wearing leather or being a shiksa or some other stupid thing but for the most part she is right on.

      • gilgulman

        I agree whole heartedly with your vision of what should not be considered kosher. The shtreimel is mere custom, and no animal should suffer to produce anything we wear. It is simply appalling that a barely adequate actor can see this when legions of the purportedly wise cannot!

      • yosel G

        At least she does not say anything about scheta. We can wear fake fur like she has a fake large chest.

      • Avram

        The fact that she is not Jewish js inconsequential.
        She is a righteous person. What matters is the person she
        has become, and everyone can learn from her
        meaningful sensitivity to unnecessary suffering.
        Let others concern themselves with divisiveness and
        xenophobia. Jewish people understand the goodness of all people
        live properly and who seek Gd.