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February 14, 2014 1:27 pm

Report: John Kerry is Working to Scuttle Israel-India Arms Deal

avatar by Gidon Ben-zvi

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John Kerry and Benjamin Netanyahu. Photo: GPO.

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry is pressuring the Indian government to pull out of a pending deal to purchase Spike missiles from Israel’s Rafael Advanced Defense Systems, Ltd., one of the Jewish state’s top arms manufacturers, Israeli daily Ma’ariv reported on Thursday.

Until recently, it appeared that the major arms contract between Israel and India was all but finalized, according to the report. The Spike missiles were tested extensively by the Indian army, which had reportedly agreed to spend millions of dollars on the rockets.

At the last moment however, John Kerry along with other senior U.S. government officials began to exert political pressure on the Indians to renege on their agreement with Israel.

According to Ma’ariv, the Americans’ motivation for meddling is financial. The U.S. government is reportedly trying to lure India into acquiring American-made Javelin missiles instead of the Israeli Spike. Washington is allegedly making an offer that it hopes New Delhi won’t be able to refuse: active participation in the development of the next U.S. anti-tank missile.

Evidently, serious cuts to the U.S. defense budget have resulted in a scramble by the U.S. government to line up contracts for the mammoth American defense industry in an effort to prevent this major provider of American jobs from drying up, according to Ma’ariv.

To date, it is unclear whether the Indians will back out of their deal with Israel.

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  • Lone Star

    It is written in Talmud: Woe unto him who has no friends, but beware of him who is everybody’s friend. Sounds like Kerry and company.

  • Yoel Nitzarim

    What does a self-hating person who recently discovered his Jewish past do? He lashes out at those he feels closest to! If John Kerry feels close to the Jewish people and close to Israel, it is no wonder that he would try his very best to get back at those whom he has made every attempt to force into submission to no avail. Having Jewish grandparents and losing members of his family in the Holocaust would surely give him pause to deliberate just how he would treat Israel, yet the self-hating man that he is would undermine Israel’s deal with India as a sign of his contempt for a past that he now most certainly can never live down.

  • Fritz Kohlhaas

    Kerry really is a very nasty piece of excrement!

  • Julius

    Obama is openly anti-Israel, I think he postulated it from his very first day in the White House. And his policies, decisions and actions since then were directed against Israel in every respect. If he didn’t succeed is only thanks to Israel’s resilience to survive at all costs and those in the US law who don’t allow the President to do everything he would like to.

    Kerry? Kerry is a pawn in Obama’s administration. What could one expect from Kerry what one didn’t expect from Hillary Clinton before the God commanded her to stop!

    • Judy Silver-Shapiro


      SON-OF-ISLAM obama and his woeful john kerry are the most hostile-to-ISRAEL and PRO muslim American entities in history.

  • Narda

    I consider Kerry to be very cunning fellow. The present problem of India and USA on the Indian diplomat[Maids] was orchestrated by him. I firmly believe in strong ties between Israel and India.To buy arms from USA, blackmail is always part of the deal.

  • Anil

    I follow indian defense events on a daily basis.

    India doesn’t actually want a co-development program. It wants ATGMs immediately. It wants them NOW in service.

    The indian govt proposed(to the americans) that it wants to buy some ATGMs off-the shelf and wants to license manufacture a greater number locally. The americans rejected that proposal and offered a counter-proposal for co-development. The indian side has not answered.

    If israel can offer off-the-shelf purchases of spike besides Tech transfer for local production, then india can formally reject the american offer and buy spikes.

    There is also a big political issue for india when it buying foreign weapons. As most american defense purchases come with strings attached, the indian side is not willing to buy them. Using american equipment automatically incurs american political pressure on india.

    eg: Pakistan has been americas strategic ally since the 1950s. There is no way the americans will allow the indians to use american weapons against its ally. Hence, the real teeth of indian army has to be non-american like russian, french or indigenous.

    • Emanuel

      India and Israel are natural allies and should form a stronger military bond together. There is little or no animosity on either side and neither is likely to pull the kind of stunts the Russian and American arms suppliers are known for. There is greater potential between India and Israel than China and Israel and the two cultures share a lot in common and respect each other.

      • Anil


        The only state that can resist the american will are the russians. The israelis state is subservient to the american foreign policy. If push comes to shove, the americans can get the israelis to impose an embargo on india.

        Hence, india’s prime preference is russian hardware. Russia understands indias constraint but it uses that to push its weapons to india at inflated costs and poor maintenance.

        In the last 2-3 decades, the US and russians have entered into agreements restricting sale of specific weapons. This means india has to fund its own weapons programme. The problem is that money does not grow on trees.

        India has the muslim world on its west. The chinese on the east. And the americans in the south(diego garcia).

        • Emanuel

          Understood, although I hope Israel is backing away slowly from US influence, in years past I know absolutely the US would control Israel but with the kind of interference and demands the US is now putting on Israel they are losing their standing to make such demands. A lot of what Kerry and Obama are doing is unprecedented both in domestic and foreign policy. Israel is forming new bonds with China and Saudi Arabia that never existed before because of this. Like I said, India has even more potential, the US at this point cannot even control its own citizens because a lot of what is going on is plainly wrong.

        • Anil


          The US has a significant jewish population in the american administration. They form a part of the team that makes foreign policy.

          The aspect that brings israel and india together is that both are caught in between the same enemy. Israel is right in between the islamic world while india is at the gates holding the islamic world as it tries to expand to the east.

          Both india and the israel are actually polar opposite. One is a polytheist while the other is a monotheist. One speaks many languages the other speaks one. One holds various cultures within it while other holds one.

          India is dharmic while the israelis, the middle-east and the west are abrahamic. Once these three abrahamic worlds patch up with each other, they’ll turn their guns on the east. The first in line is india.

          • kumar

            Mr Anil,

            You are cofused.Jews are very different from christianity and Islam.Many Jews are into Yoga and Jews have never attacked any country for pillage and robbery.

            So do not put Jews in the same category as Islamists and Christian crusaders.

            Jews are peaceful people.

    • Tell me something ..

      India Evaluating these missiles and short listed Spike during the 2011’s ..Because of despite cuts and fund the winner yet to be announced ..the Spike defeat Javelin ..after the US offered Co developing they Bring the Javelin on the list so as of now there Two of them ..Waiting for Finalizing

      • Anil

        The Javelin has been shelved.

        The recent US proposal for joint development has not been officially shelved because negotiations with israel are ongoing.

        India already has an ATGM program(Nag). There is no way it is going to put money in a redundant program. The defense ministry is already cash strapped. These facts don’t just speak, they SCREAM!!

  • Rick F

    Kerry is evil and hates the jews ,Hashem will deal with him soon

    • Dakota

      Kerry needs to keep his nose out of that period the US govt. will just screw them over

  • Dov

    So Kerry was right, the EU will boycott Israel he said, because Kerry is orchestrating it.
    If Israel doesn’t see what kind of low life Kerry is, no one can be blamed after any deal is made but Natanyahu and his crew. They should tell Kerry to take a walk…

  • Rick

    John Kerry is a threat to the security of Israel and the security of Israel is the security of the world.

    • Rick F

      I agree 100%

  • steven L

    Kerry AGAINST any and all boycott except US boycott against Israel.
    This is deception the Islamic way. he learned it from the best! His boss.

  • Beatrix

    Kerry returned from Vietnam expecting to be a hero, but Massachusetts, his home, was the most anti-war state in the nation. No problem. He became spokesman for the Vietnam Veterans Against the War, testified before committees, and rode his support to the Senate. After he became a Senator, he never mentioned the vets against the war again. He’s always been a man with his eye on the main chance.

    It’s possible to be loyal and honorable at the same time.

    • Myriam Obadia

      but that isn’t something Kerry has practiced much, is it?

  • jay

    With friends like this administration, who needs enemies.

    • Myriam Obadia

      agreed. or, as an Italian man said long ago: ” Lord, protect me from my friends. From my enemies, I can do it myself.”

  • Bernard Ross

    Maybe the real reason behind the boycotts by the US and the EU is that Israel is taking away a lot of their export business in the arms industry and more.

    • Aurora Aronsson

      Since the Greeks, with the B.S. stories of Jews worshipping a donkey’s head and sacrificing young Greeks in the Temple, the Romans’ with their own B.S. stories, from not eating pork because we worship it and we hate anyone else, or the Church’s that we bleed xtian kids and killed their god (such a god is certainly not the Creator, Our G-od, Who has neither a body nor bodily qualities, is not born and doesn’t die!,… so I don’t write it with a capital letter) there has been no lack of “reasons” to hate and persecute Jews.
      But are those the “reasons” or rather the EXCUSES TO PRACTICE JEW-HATRED?
      Do I really have to care about what’s their CURRENT EXCUSE to strike at the Jews?
      Which parte of the Former CIA Chief words “had Pollard been a Greek-American he’d have been 3 years in jail” are not clear??

      • Myriam Obadia

        very clear indeed, but how do we pass on the message to the brainwashed masses?

    • steven L

      Not really, this is to keep IL weak and dependent on the West antisemites. They do not want IL to be self-sufficient.

    • Robert Davis

      That is RIDICULOUS : Israel’s GDP is that of the State of Louisiana,ie 300 billions,peanuts compared to the US 16,000 billions! soot ball hates Israel just because it is Jewish and a dam against islam and makes fools of his arab friens!

  • How desperate for new business are our arms makers?
    Desperate enough to pressure the Obama administration to pressure India about a simple missile deal.

    When they use the S.O.S. to act as a trade liaison you know how hungry the USA is for export business.

    Screw Israel and any other country that would dare to compete for the same business. After all, “business is business”.

  • Paul

    So John Kerry was right. If Israel does not come around, there would be boycotts. We all blame the EU but it’s the US that makes every other country that is boycotting Israel looks like child’s play. The only democratic country in the Middle East is Israel but America continues to turn their back and would rather deal with muslim terrorists. Did America forget about 9/11? Kerry is not acting alone. He takes his marching orders from Obama. Remember him, the guy that said he will help Israel no matter what. What a 2 faced liar.

    • Okey

      What makes you think that democracy is the Obama (or indeed any other USA administration’s) highest priority?

    • Kris Kristian

      Netanyahu should tell Kerry to stay out of Israel as he is not welcome in Israel
      He is a supporter of Islamci terrorism.
      kerry must forget about a Nobel Peace prize.
      He should get an International Pisher prize.

      He is making more trouble for Israel by his support for a terrorist state of palestine.

      His comments have made arch terrorist leader abbas (may he meet his 72 virgins now, without hurting any Israelis,) stronger in his refusales to make peace with Israel.

      He was awarded his PHD for his book denying the Holocaust.

      Why did Netanyahu agree to release killers of Jews, many of them babies, many asleep in their beds, to get abbas to sit and talk peace?
      Surely, Netanyahu is not an idiot? Any fool without any education would have known that abbas has no intention of making peace with Israel. He ony wanted Israel to release killers, so that they can return to the “old ways”, knowing that when, or if, they murder more Israeli Jews, all that will happen they will go back to the holiday farm, called prison, where they have good food, TV and a chance to study.

      Kerry should join his wife in making Ketchup, and be out of politics.
      Imagine if either kerry or hitlery klinton, is ever elected to the White House!!!.

      Why do they hate Israel so much?
      Are they not aware that Israel is the only country in th ne entire ME and Islamic African countries, where Christians are safe?
      It is a crime in Israel to damage any church, synagogue or mosque., unlike in Egypt and other countries, where Christians are slaughtered, and their churches destroyed?

      Is kerry and obama anti Christian as well as anti Semitic?

      Why did US Jews vote to give obama asecond term?? Are they stupid?

    • No one is prejudiced but in defense of obama, are there any countries in the world run by blacks who are succeeding, balancing their budgets, providing a growing standard of living to their people. Didn’t the Torah says something about them and didn’t it also say that those who hurt the Jews shall succumb to their own inflictions? obama will sure fail.

  • Every which way that this administration can be an obstacle to Israel, they will find it and attempt to thwart Israel’s efforts. This is not an issue of economics for the Obama administration. I am convinced that because of Obama’s fondness for Islam and Islamic states, he does not want to see a close alliance between two nations threatened by belligerent Islamic states, Israel by the Palestinian Authority and the MB. India by Pakistan. There is evidence Obama’s foreign policies favor Islam over all else. In Egypt he supported the MB. In Libya it was the Terrorist backed groups. He abandoned the efforts in Iraq and Afghanistan to eradicate terrorist elements and is allowing for tyranny and misery to return, wasting America’s sacrifices of blood and treasure. He is contently pressuring Israel to give in to its enemie’s demands. This is just his latest effort to hinder and dishearten Israelis. He has given us more reason to to change the makeup of Congress and get rid of Obama enablers and then in 2016 replace Obama with a true American patriot.

    • you are so right.i also belive that Obama is a secret muslim,awaiting to for the right time to come out of the closet.

    • Geoff

      Remember that Obama is the President of the USA who bowed low to the Saudi King. No other president has done that. It shows exactly what his sentiments are. The sooner he goes, the better, but Hilary Clinton is just as bad.

      • Kris Kristian

        The next presidential campaign will be between Hilary Klinton and kerry.

        I hope that the US citizens will wake up and make sure that neither is to be elected to the WH.
        kerry will go all out to destroy Israel.They will both bring USA into serious trouble.

        Keep them far away from the WH.
        Bring in a Republican who is a true American, and supporter of US greatest ally, Israel.

        Kerrys turned history round. No winner of a war has ever had to “beg” for peace.

        abbas and his terrorists should have been the ones to beg Israel for peace, and not make demands which are supportesd by kerry and obama

        Japan and Germany had to surrender and obay the demands of the allies.

  • Dave

    Give the guy a break. Kerry works for the interests of America, as does everyone else who works for the U.S Govt, including those who are Jewish. And right now the U.S. is having a tough economic time of it, so export contracts that otherwise might have had less significance are now important and worth fighting for. Unfortunate that Israel is the other main contender for this contract. Kerry is doing his job.

    • Paul

      America does not have this type of missile defense system. So why is America stoping this. The answer is to punish Israel.

      • Geoff


    • Kris Kristian

      I India tells kerry to “shove it”

    • Robert Davis

      Is kerry also doing his job with a plan to weaken Israel and set up a fireship,a terrorist state in the middle of Israel? Granted netanyahou is a FOOL,a puppet unable to make a national policy cringing in front of obama but this is no excuse for trying to destroy Israel at all cost! obama’s ILL intentions towards Israel are evident.

  • Beatrix

    America had every right to try to outbid Israel when India’s need for arms was known. But to undercut an ally when the deal is complete is as low a business posture as one can get.

    And to do this when Kerry is trying to negotiate a peace treaty and should want Israel’s trust shows nothing but his contempt for Israel. But this fits his history—he’s always been like this.

    Now he and Obama will quiet objections by accusing complainers of dual loyalty.


    The Report: John Kerry is Working to Scuttle Israel-India Arms Deal was shown to me by a Jewish friend who has been a very vocal supporter of Secretary Kerry. He wanted me to assure him that the story was not true.

    I explained to him that it was likely that the story was true. I told him that every Secretary of State, every Secretary of Defense, every member of my staff and I would do exactly the same. That US has its interests which I fight for day and night.. And Israel has its own (sometimes conflicting) interests which it should provide for day and night.

    I told him that the best thing American liberal Jews could do for Israel, for the US, and for peace in the Middle East is to SHUT UP AND stop going public with their pronouncements and opinions ,especially those that run counter to the official policy of whatever government at the time is in charge in Israel. These actions only encourage the rejectionists in the Islamic world and the anti-Israel elements within the US government.

    • Emanuel

      Maybe the best thing for you to do is SHUT UP, ever think of that? We are not your children, we are not subject to you clown. We pay the taxes that fund the government, we make the technology that makes the world work, we build the businesses that employ Americans. You don’t but WE do.

    • Robert Davis

      oh! Jews should shut up! and how about you? I’d rather YOU SHUT UP! Israel has the same right as the US to a NATIONAL POLICY whether you like it or not! Israelis should kick out netanyahou for his cringing policy and dump kerry/obama’s plan where it deserves to be : the trash basket! They should also transfer arabs to Jordan the only way to stop this antisemit political, never ending comedy enabling cowards from all over the world their Israel bashing policy you included!

      • Emanuel

        Robert Davis, I agree that Jews should not shut up but John Train was not referring to Israelis, he was talking about AMERICAN Jews who have equal rights with other Americans. By the way John Train, did you know that it was Jewish gunpowder that won our war on Independence, nobody else would sell gunpowder to the colonies. Instead of telling American Jews to shut up, you should shut your mouth John train, you aint American in my opinion.

  • Israeli trade, security contacts and military cooperation go way beyond Kerry. The Americans know the balance in the ME and SW Asia is shifting. So do the Indians. Pakistan may fall apart before accommodation with internal opposition groups. Problems in Afghanistan affect both countries. Hindu India and Jewish Israel are in many contemporary ways natural allies.

    Israel is flexible, astute and very aware. America appears to be sorting its own domestics. The Jewish lobby is not just simply the Jews. The only historically reliable ally in the western Mediterranean are the Israelis. Geopolitical balances are built on such priorities. As perhaps Turkey is beginning to understand? For the Saudis the implacable enemy may become the silent partner. It’s realpolitik, .the Palestinians must decide what are the best of a number of unsavoury options. The up to now BDS success may quickly be perceived for neo-Nazism extremism.

    Narrowing your options, alienating friends in perilous times for short term uncertainties are the short sighted actions of short sighted men with not just limited vision but a lack of strategy. Unfortunately Israel is stuck with picking up the bill. The rest of America’s allies, Canada, the UK, Australia and New Zealand watch and take note based on the Israeli experience, planning for tomorrow? The EU will be the first to calculate consequences! The law of unintended consequences is proverbial.

    • Robert Davis

      You are absolutely right but Israel can resist and should resist to obama and kerry’s ill intentions! It takes courage and determination to do that not…diplomacy! ill doers like obama and his stable lad kerry do not care about diplomacy this is a power struggle!

  • Robert Barrett

    Obama is playing with hell fire. God is not blind to what Obama is doing. If India cancels with Israel, America will pay for it. It already has with the horrible weather, drought in California, and more is coming.

  • Efram Paul

    It seems simple to me. Israel builds the best, India wants to buy the best. Who is next to Hindu India? Muslim Pakistan. Who are Israel’s enemies? Muslims. So, for one fighting Muslims to profit, and another to protect itself is total anathema to Obama and Kerry. No one messes with terrorists if they can help it!

  • m_

    India is an independent country. Someone needs to let Kerry know. Trade and frienship between India and Israel is a good thing.

  • Herb Glatter
  • M.A. Kinamohn

    Kerry is a crook and a liar!

    • George Bokor


      • Pearl

        I agree, too. also a creep, uninformed, a puppet and many more adjactives a lady doesn’t say.
        basically he’s a snake in the grass, and is following the edicts of the biggest anti-Semite in the US government. the rest of the anti-Semites fall in line, like sheep. Kerry leads the pack.

        • Geoff

          Pearl, no need to be a lady where Kerry is concerned. I have a good idea of what you want to say and I’m sure it will be exactly right. Go ahead and say it!.

    • Robert Davis

      And an ambitious opportunist who cares only for himself. As to obama he is a moslem fanatic who wants to destroy Israel and America above all!

  • ricardo

    C’mon, guys. How can you criticize Kerry & Obama? They’re all for capitalism, the free market, and all the money & power they can steal. They’re politicians, and just like all politicians, there is no loyalty save to self.

    • AlanR

      If it were a truly free market, India would buy the Spike.

    • Bernard Ross

      if they were all for capitalism why did the US ship all their jobs, production and capital to Communist china?

      • Emanuel

        The same China that occupies Tibet? Really? Sorry Ricardo, Obama had been cherry-picking and making partisan decisions since his second term and a lot of it is unAmerican.

    • Robert Davis

      Some are much WORSE than others!

  • gonjtonic

    If we as Israelis can not withstand the heat, then we should get out of the game…..what is this protectionism? If what we have to offer is worth, then everybody will be looking to buy it and if somebody buys 2nd best because of the price from another source, then they will be stuck with second best. None of our problems. We have to strive always to be above the “best”.

    • Raymond in DC

      You seem to miss the point. India had already elected to go with Israel’s offering over the US alternative. So they *chose* the best deal. Factors in such decisions are complex, a mix of performance, price, support services, and side-benefits like co-production or technology sharing.

      Now the US is coming in after the best was chosen, putting the US fist on the scale and saying “It’s best if you choose what we’re offering.”

  • Robert B

    ……Obama & Kerry joining ranks with Roger Waters & the BDS a-holes?

  • Roger Gantner

    This should be no surprise. Kerry has been an anti semite for a very long time. Remember back to the day when he declared to the world that Assad was one of his “best buddies”. Sadly that is only the tip of the iceberg.

    • Beatrix

      His brother is Jewish and his heritage is partly Jewish although he didn’t know that growing up, but he’s like this with everyone.

      • Aurora Aronsson

        There’s NO SUCH A THING as “partly Jewish”.
        You are either Jewish or Gentile. There are no inbetweens.
        We are not butchery items, with a Jewish quart (which one: the hind quart?) etc.
        Being Jewish is NOT a racial matter nor a matter of percentages of blood, as non Jews and certain “Jewish” sects would have you believe with their “limpieza de sangre” or their Nuremberg Laws.
        As clearly WRITTEN since the times of Ezra at least (since he of course did not invent anything!), one is Jewish ONLY if:
        1) the mother is Jewish (Ezra sent away the non-Jewish wives and their kids, ’cause “the non Jewish woman’s child is LIKE HER, HER child, not his”;
        2) if there was a KOSHER conversion, that is one with QUALIFIED BETH DIN (AT LEAST Shabbath Observant otherwise they are NOT acceptable as Beth Din witnesses even if ignoramuses and NOT one of mumarim, that is people who refuse parts of the Torah)

        • Robert Davis

          There are people of quality and others of very POOR quality. kerry is among the worse I ever saw : a renegate,an opportunist,and ambitious good for nothing trying to make somebody of a nobody at the costs of anything on his road! What can be worse that that? hitler?

        • Beatrix

          Jews are a nationality as well as a religion. Your religion can’t be divided, but your nationality can. Learning that the family was part Jewish nationally was enough to intrigue his brother to learn about the religion and to convert to Judaism.

  • rachel robinson

    imagine the big USA is in competition with the tiny country of Israel!! who would have thought? but again Kerry the snake is in the middle of that thing too. he is so obviously an enemy of Israel. the USA has probably enough customers for its planes, but he cannot stand it that it is Israel, not Syria or Iraq of even Iran who are selling the stuff. He just hates israel’s guts. and he is calling himself a “diplomat”, a peace broker! what an ugly little man.!!

    • DrChicago

      Kerry has put forth a remarkable effort of Israel’s behalf. (and he far from a ‘little man’). Your comment is hate filled and just plain wrong,

      • Emanuel

        Ok, Dr. in AMERICA we base judgement on RESULTS and so far what results have Kerry and Obama shown? The most illegal drastic overreach of the executive branch in our nations history? A massive spying program that targets regular Americans? A health insurance bailout that is f=disguised as “affordable care” but raises the costs of healthcare and restricts coverage to more people than before, and now AMERICAN JEWS are insulted daily with stuff like this, what the hell does Kerry have to do with Israel selling arms to India? They are allowing Iran and India to trade oil in the Billions of dollars! What are you doctor of ignorance?

    • Kris Kristian



    • Robert Davis

      He wants to put Israel to its knees and would do anything for that. It is hardly understanble how a thing like him a non american,a liar,a man who had 2 journalists enquiring about his past killed is still the fake and illegal president of the US!!!

  • Laura

    Yep, Obama and Kerry are the best friends Israel ever had…

    • Avrumeleh

      This kind of thinking is just anti-intellectual. Period. I hope you’re just kidding, but somehow I believe you really think that they are. Kerry and Obama friends of Israel? The only thing that keeps them from utterly bailing out on Israel is a strong support for Israel in the American public and its Congress. I was reading just yesterday how Kerry and Obama are angry at Karsi of Afghanistan having released a bunch of terrorists that killed Americans soldiers from its prisons. WHAT? WHAT? Those two…Obama and Kerry…put Israel in a corner so that it would have to release over a hundred murderers of Israeli civilians…children, women…old men. You call that “friendship?” That’s just a sample of how Obama and Kerry view Israeli lives.

      • Robert Davis

        With the help of that stupid PM netanyahou! With a PM like him I am surprised Israel is not wiped out already…

        • Avrumeleh

          Well, sure Netanyahu did agree to the terrorist/prisoner release so he’s culpable there. There’s no doubt that he was under the most enormous pressure that the American government could put him under to “motivate” him to agree to that shameful release so, I suppose it could be argued that he had no choice. But…he did have a choice. Still, Obama’s turning his Kerry-dog on Israel when there simply isn’t even a conceivability of peace is the real evil, here. Kerry’s public Israel bashing is a sure sign that Netanyahu is being beaten about the head and body right now. Clearly, Kerry and his boss think that Netanyahu can be forced to do as they wish. I wonder if he is.

  • Emanuel

    Disgusting. That is worse than a US boycott, Kerry has no right to intentionally interfere with existing contractual relations which the US is neither involved in nor a stakeholder in.

    • BuckDePublick

      AGREED! Kerry is one miserable P.O.S!

    • Lee Greb

      What the Twit Kerry is doing would be considered an actionable tort in American courts. It’s time the Twit was sent back to his river boat and his days of glory.

      • Robert Davis

        Or better to jail!

    • marty

      Would you expeetc anything else from our so called Friend.just remember the lavi aircraft that they made us stop building. Israel must stand on its own two feet.

      • DrChicago

        Israel can’t stand on its own 2 feet, where have you been living, under that rock?

    • Michael Garfinkel

      I share your sense of frustration, but it should be pointed out, again and again, that Obama and his administration have enjoyed enormous financial support, and the votes of eighty percent of the Jewish electorate.

      Lenin said the capitalist will sell the rope with which to hang him.

      He might have added that the Jew will donate it.

      • Emanuel

        Yea right, I gave $75 to Obama and voted for him twice, guess how much I am donating to AIPAC in light of this garbage? Minimum $750! Guess what the odds are that I vote democrat in the next election? Zero. You don’t have to be a genius to lie or trick people and that’s what Obama did, I will not give him another speck of credit unless he earns it and whatever I did for him, I will be sure to do 10 times over for American Jews and Israel now due to this string on inappropriate garbage.

      • Robert Davis

        The capita&lists maybe but those 80% must have been left wing!!! I still did not understand how they could do it…apart from the fact lefters are nit wits!

        • Emanuel

          I’m non-partisan, I’m an issue and results person but the violations and alienation Obama has served up have ensured no chance I vote democrat any time soon. The blind support of the democratic party and the obvious corruption and hypocrisy threatens our nation. This is a balance thing for me and we are heading down the wrong path.