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February 26, 2014 3:40 pm

UCLA BDS Supporter Melts Down After Student Council Rejects Anti-Israel Resolution (VIDEO)

avatar by Shiryn Solny

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A UCLA student captured on video swearing about losing a vote that would have called on the school to divest from Israel. Photo: Screenshot /

A UCLA student captured on video swearing about losing a vote that would have called on the school to divest from Israel. Photo: Screenshot /

A University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) student broke down in tears after an anti-Israel resolution she supported was defeated late Tuesday.

A YouTube video, posted on Wednesday, shows the female student sitting behind an open laptop while screaming “I’ve never been so f***ing disappointed.”

In her almost 2-minute rant, she also says, “we just f***ing blew it.”

The unnamed student was a note taker who backed the Student Council resolution that proposed divesting school assets from Israel, according to the Legal Insurrection blog of Cornell law professor William Jacobson.

The video prompted a reaction from some Twitter users. Conservative pundit Michelle Malkin wrote, “Dear parents: Watch this video to see the results of a UCLA education. Good Lord.”

Jewish Agency for Israel spokesman Avi Mayer wrote, “I won’t mock someone’s tears, but this student’s reaction to her campus’s rejection of #BDS hate is really something.”

Watch the UCLA student’s meltdown below:

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  • Rudi

    I agree. Paying Israel is a burden and its unappreciated, it’s time to move on.

  • Steven Geller

    She’ll probably go to law school and bring down that profession even more

  • Blaine
  • I’m so F***ing HAPPY that this idiotic bigot is “so F***ing disappointed”. Made my day. May the rest of her sorry life also be disappointing to her.

  • KJ

    As an American Jew but not fully practicing Judaism yet still respects Judaism, I of course highly disapprove of her overly dramatic and emotional response. She obviously needs a good balance of emotion and logic. I have stated many times that there is a growing anti-Semitic presence in American Universities. This does need to be offset and curtailed because they think and perceive in generalities. HOWEVER, these SAME GENERALIZED thoughts and perceptions are and have originated from the conservative religious Christian right in America. They are socialized that way and continue to try to socialize others the same way as well. I do not approve of aligning with the dominionists or conservatives in America. It’s better that Israel stand independently and individualistically. The sooner Israel no longer needs financial alignment with American conservatives then the better. As a Jew living in America, this places me in a very uncomfortable position. I am not liberal yet not conservative. I disagree with the Christian Bible and their views of Judaism and Jews in general. I disagree with both liberal and conservative sectors who are preoccupied with race and ethnicity. Then, there are the crazy conspiracy theorists to have to contend with. I disagree with all of the conservative Christians trying to assimilate Jews, pull Jews to “their side” or Christianize Jews or socialize Jews as Christians. I am an individualistic person …..very independently minded and give the Talmud credit for that attribute. So, I am quite offended with these stated American sectors taking away MY freedom of choice and opportunity especially when I do nothing on MY end likewise. I think Israel should carve out an independent niche for itself and be very wise about who she aligns herself with. Yes, this is not easy considering the amounts of anti-Semitism internationally. It’s difficult to stand alone. I would know.

  • R. Grayson

    She’s “so f**king disappointed” that other students have their own minds, and don’t rotely hate Jews as much–and as facilely–as she? I’m disappointed that UCLA allowed her to take up an admissions slot that could have gone to someone who isn’t beyond the emotional age of three, and who thinks that her puerile perceptions are as infallibly unchallengeable as her Jew-hatred. I wish her and her ilk infinitely MORE congruent disappointments in the future

    • maria

      She is like a Hitlerjugend hysterical women, a racist and antisemite and fortunately she had no weapon. Otherwise she would be a female Nidal hassan

  • Noel Herasfield

    She must be the first antisemite who cried because someone disagreed with her.I am left wing on a number of issues ,including health care and abortion.Those were rational decisions.Some left wingers actually think rationally,believe it or not.Some people who denigrate all of us by using the term lefties when we disagree with the righties are as stupid as this immature,frontal lobe deficient ,immature dombell!

  • Batyah

    FOR CLARIFICATION: Definition and correlation between BDS and IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome): They both entail uncontrollable spewing of disgusting excrement…

  • Sue Deutsch

    I actually find this frightening. It is a good example of the anti-Israel movement. The world is filled with countries that commit terrible injustices. Many nations in Africa have now enacted laws that order horrible penalties against gay people. Countries like Congo and Sudan have been in chaos for years. Children are forced to become soldiers and kill their own family members. Women and children are routinely raped. Yet this doesn’t bother the anti-Israel crowd. In North Korea the most horrible crimes against human beings are committed since the Nazi era. Again, this is a matter of little concern. And, of course the Middle East is in turmoil. There are a million poor souls who are refugees from Syria–again no reaction from the anti-Israel fanatics. I could go on and on. But instead of any protest against all of the crimes against humanity being committed around the world–we see a student at UCLA burst into tears because her beloved cause–a boycott of Israel didn’t pass. Is Israel perfect? No, it is not. Anymore than the U.S. is–or England–or Canada–and it is perfectly appropriate to criticize another democratic nation and suggest changes in policy. But the hatred directed toward Israel–and Israel alone–suggests only one thing. Anti-Semitism!

  • Eric

    Really amazing the lack of any shred of self respect, and dignity. A very long journey ahead for her and her ilk.

  • Ruby

    poor thing. all that hard work she’s put in to demonize and delegitimize Jews was done in vain. STAY STRONG, FREEDOM FIGHTER! STAY STRONG!

  • scott B

    All you hear is the word “like” This is the type of person that is on a committee to vote on this issue? She needs to go back to elementary school to learn how to be articulate. She is anti semitic all the way. She doesn’t deserve a job after she graduates.

  • Carol

    I enjoyed watching the faces of the Numnut’s colleagues. Is it possible that witnessing such ugly, irrational, and out-of-control HATRED will result in a never-to-be-forgotten lesson — the profile of the anti-Semites: ugly, irrational, and out-of-control.

  • Rosalind Dobson

    Reminds me of my 2 year old granddaughter’s temper tantrums – without the adjectives! The ‘lady’ is suffering from arrested emotional development. Time to behave like a big girl and learn how to accept defeat with dignity.

  • Batyah

    Wow! NY state just passed law to deny funding to schools who support BDS!!!

  • Robert Rowley

    Anyone know what this stupid proto-terrorist cow’s name is?

    • Batyah

      The Legal Insurrection video of Danielle Dimacali, a student notetaker having a meltdown went viral after the event after at which point the Google Hangout session abruptly ended probably to spare her any further embarrassment. Danielle Dimacali began by saying that she rarely speaks at these events and the rest was tears and recriminations.

      • She just needs a good spanking (which she probably never received) to put her head back in shape. But that could and should come only from her parents

  • Batyah

    IRWIN GRAULICH — HERE’S HER NAME. Let’s verify her identity. Let’ first make sure there was no hospitalization following her psychotic break. If not…make her infamous…

    The Legal Insurrection video of Danielle Dimacali, a student notetaker having a meltdown went viral after the event after at which point the Google Hangout session abruptly ended probably to spare her any further embarrassment. Danielle Dimacali began by saying that she rarely speaks at these events and the rest was tears and recriminations.

  • Jeff Edelman

    Funny. Embarrassing. Deranged. Nancy Pelosi does this same thing when see doesn’t get her way. Having a bit more experience, however, she waits until she gets in the privacy of her office.

  • margo

    Revolting, not only she holds obnoxious views, but she doesn’t know how to take the defeat.

  • R

    So young! Yet already in her life, a confirmed Jew hater. Where did she grow up?

    What are her (college-mature mind’s reason for all her Jew-hatred?

    Let’s all send her a great big GET WELL CARD THAT SAYS…DON’T WORRY HONEY…WHEN


  • Carl

    I hope that poor girl has a good medical staff on hand if she is ever confronted with actual crimes against humanity, like Arab terrorism or China’s treatment of dissenters or the barbarism of Assad against the Syrian people or Iran hanging gay people or Saudi Arabia executing those who simply follow a different faith from their Muslim rulers. But let’s shed those big crocodile tears for a group that has repeatedly chosen warfare and terror over peaceful coexistence.

  • Ben

    This is truly a sad human being. It goes to show you that these people are not fueled by humanity rather they are fueled by pure hatred. It is astounding to view their absolutely silence on everyday murder of ordinary human being by Israel’s neighbors, yet they are focused on Israel, as the only Jewish nation on the globe, to bring her down. I really hope that this young lady comes to her senses, other than that, she will suffer for the rest of her life because if history has taught us anything, it is that truth and justice will always prevail.

    • Sonia Willats

      Good comment, Ben. Truth and Justice will prevail.

      Messiah will come and save his people. It is in all of the prophets, and I believe and see the day coming.

      This kid is part of a youth gang movement, effectively. It’s a fashion and it makes them feel important. No doubt it was the same in the Hitler youth.

      The tragedy is that they feel nothing for all the other human suffering in the world, those losing their necks in Iran, and the children, women and even innocent men of Syria etc.

      Girl should learn how to talk proper English too.

  • michael garfinkel

    Note to Aviva: Your sympathy is misplaced.

  • “Poor girl” I feel sorry for her… it didn’t go her way…

  • I want her name and will make sure she never, ever gets a job after she graduates.

  • relda

    I guess she’s disappointed?

  • Joel Keller

    She’s a complete, blithering idiot!!

    • Anshel

      Like, she’s a wholly unlikable, complete, blithering idiot! 🙂

      (I do not normally use “like” in the manner of our blithering idiot, but a bit of alliteration on that term
      I find enjoyable in the present context.)


  • Jill Maleson

    This is what hatred does to a person. 80 years ago she would have been a Nazi.

  • Fritz Kohlhaas


  • BH in Iowa
  • BH in Iowa

    My new ringtone!!

  • Pam Buckroyd

    Isn’t this why BDS goes to colleges and universities? A ripe supply of young people, many of whom are easily influenced and misled by lies and half-truths.

  • BarryS

    How long do we have to listen to these crocodile tears and anti-semtic rants? People should have cut off her mike. What a major macadamian.

  • Stuart Kaufman

    Oh, grow up!

  • Nurit G

    This female student hates Israel so much that when her drive to boycott Israel did not materialized, she had a mini nervous breakdown! Any doctor in the house to help her cure her anti-Semitism disease?

  • GZLives

    How many hundreds of times does she use the word “like” ? Is it over 500 times in less then a minute? How utterly pathetic and embarrassing to the school

  • Sol Bleiweis

    She tepafies what is wrong with the liberal lefties. So much hate for Israel and the Jews that she has become a wlling participant in our Holocaust. Let her stew and be consumed in her hatred.

  • Sunshine

    Great! Thanks for the laugh. Watched it three times.

  • Anatoly Tsaliovich

    No people, this not laughing matter, but a proof that normalcy is losing the propaganda war to the leftist loonies.
    And all this lunacy is happening to the tune of tens (or hundreds?) of thousands of hard earned $$$$ dollars paid by each brainwashed idiot’s parents, and us the taxpayers, for such (pardon my French) education. But the real price our society will pay when this generation of the mentally challenged citizens will come of age and will own this country.

  • Jay

    This woman needs to be placed in a mental hospital. A hate promoter whose mouth sounds like she was raised in a sewer.
    Get over it. After this, you will never ever be taken seriously for the rest of your life.

  • Bernard Ross

    what a nut job!

  • Jack

    We need a transcript. Publicizing her rant could be very useful.

    • Ben


      If I weren’t an attorney and had the time, I’d do it.

  • This wayward soul should be sanctioned and boycotted given her divestment from reality and justice.

  • M.A. Kinamohn

    This stupid girl is just one of thousands that are nothing more than brain washed by the media and muslim lies!

  • JMSC

    I hope this goes viral so she’ll be embarrassed for a very long time.

    • speak truth

      You Zionists got to that panel…I don’t blame that young woman…she has a right to be upset…it means the Zionists win a small battle…but you cant win them all…just wait and see.

      • June Grant

        Are you for real, ‘Speak Truth’? Obviously the Zionists haven’t got to you, although other spiteful hate-mongers have succeeded in influencing your receptive mind.Enjoy your delusions while you can.

      • Mossad

        Don’t worry, honey, we already found out who you are and we’re coming for you. Pack you stuff and prepare yourself for life behind bars in Zionist’s high security prison, where you’ll be spending your miserable life between Jews in the country you hate so much.
        We’re coming!
        Be afraid, be very afraid!

    • Stuart Kaufman

      Nothing embarrasses these people. Note how its all about her.

    • It’s already gone viral.

  • JMSC

    She needs to get back on her meds.. poor thing. A Valley Girl with a misguided agenda…

  • Ben Yehiel

    Buy her a nice dildo as a consolation prize

    • M.A. Kinamohn

      Doubt if she would know how to use it!

    • Zionman

      She definitely has a date with a caterpillar D9 in her future.

  • Arie

    She comes from the same family that stood outside Auschwitz when it was liberated, seeing that Jews survived, and also screamed and cried that “I’ve never been so f***ing disappointed.”

    And all the while using a Zio-Jew invented laptop using a Zio-Jew invented Windows operating system and screeching into her Zio-Jew invented cell phone

    • Nurit G

      Damn right!

  • Aviva

    If this student is in any way representative of the BDS students, it help me understand a lot. This young girl seems completely self hating, and I do feel bad for her. Hope she feels better, but her reaction is so way out off, left left left field of crazy land.

    • margo

      Let her feel bad forever, and let Israel’s success give her plenty of reasons to feel revolting. What a stupid creature, not one gramm of dignity and class.