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March 10, 2014 5:11 pm

‘Summit to Reassess the U.S. – Israel ‘Special Relationship” Held at National Press Club, C-Span Re-Broadcasts

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The logo from the conference of the 'National Summit to Reassess the U.S. - Israel 'Special Relationship'' Photo: Screenshot.

The logo from the conference of the "National Summit to Reassess the U.S. - Israel 'Special Relationship''' Photo: Screenshot.

A first-ever conference called the “National Summit to Reassess the U.S. – Israel ‘Special Relationship'” was held at the National Press Club, in Washington, D.C. on Friday, and the event is now being re-broadcast on C-Span.

The conference echoed many of the controversial themes of the Stephen Walt and John Mearsheimer book on ‘The Israel Lobby.’ Walt was a speaker on one of its panels.

The program included sessions, such as “How does the Israel lobby influence Congress?”, “Does Israel and its lobby exercise too much influence on U.S. decisions to wage war in the Middle East?”, “Does the ‘special relationship’ transcend rule of law?”, “History: How did the ‘special relationship’ come to be?”, “Has the lobby captured political parties and news media?”, and “Is Israel really a U.S. ally?”

C-Span broadcast speeches by former Illinois congressman Paul Findley, who served from 1961 to 1983, and wrote the book, “They Dare to Speak Out,” about his experience criticizing Israel, among other policy wonks and journalists known for writing about Zionist conspiracies, such as Stephen Sniegoski, columnist for Veteran News Now, who wrote, “Transparent Cabal.”

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  • Michael O’Neill

    Why indeed? This episode is but the latest in a long series of antiIsrael and antiSemitic voices which CSpan has enabled. Does anyone know who owns/controls CSpan and sets their policies?

    Whoever it is needs to be identified, called out for the bigotry, and make to explain CSpan’s institutionalized racism.

    • Joe

      I attended the Summit and came away with a clearer understanding of the degree of negative influence the Israel Lobby has on our nation’s foreign policy. An analogy would be an evil-natured cancer that has attached itself to a healthy organism to derive as much benefit as possible, no matter that the host may die–no natter, just hop on a new one. Just consider some stats: $150 billion(approximate) in aid from the U.S. since 1985, full diplomatic protection at the U.N.,( 35 U.N. security council Resolutions vetoes by the U.S. shield Israel from censure), the Iraq war fought for the benefit of Israel. I could go-for a long time. What is the gratitude expressed by Israel? Unbounded settlement construction, no sign of any compromise in the Zionist dream of total control of all of Palestine and then some. If Israel continues to reject honest criticism of its actions instead of resorting to vicious name calling and claiming that we critics want to destroy it, consider that fair minded people want to see a change-not destruction in the ominous course this pariah, apartheid state is taking. Otherwise, Jermiah!s warning will cone about: a nation built in evil( I.e. Nakba) will eventually self destruct.

      • Pearl

        Joe, keep sticking your head in the sand, so you like the monkeys, see no evil, hear no evil, etc. really Israel is a cancer? are you pretending to be stupid, or simply too stupid for words.
        without Israel, 85% of your modern marvel, telephone, amazon, medical discoveries wouldn’t be happening. and you wouldn’t reap the benefits.
        put a sock in it!

  • Jossef

    Several days ago I turned on to C-Span for no particular reason and this “National Summit to Reassess the U.S. – Israel ‘Special Relationship'” was broadcasted; I could not take more than 5 minutes of it on two consecutive days. The accusations by the speakers sounded as irrational as those accusing the Mossad to be behind 9/11; each one of them repeatedly referred to his/her book they were advertising. I have never seen such a group of well-dressed and educated lunatics before.

    • Steve

      Had the same experience and came to the same conclusion.

  • This is about the publisher who sniegoski writes for

  • Sharbano

    For myself, I wouldn’t know how to begin an undertaking But, there should be an organizing of different people and groups to counter the arguments presented at the Press Club. It should be petitioned to hold this at this same Press Club and Also aired on C-Span. Speakers such as Caroline Glick, among others should present what Israel has done for not only the US but for the entire world. There should be No waiting in beginning this undertaking.

  • Uziel

    It’s GREAT folks.
    They are dying from envy. In 1945 no non-Jew was envious of us Jews. Now they are. we should celebrate.

    • Mary

      The left is afraid of success. They need a society of helpless, uneducated drones that will follow. I’m a Christian and totally support Israel and am thankful for all that the Jewish people have given us – God’s word of Love. The left is so brainwashed trying to create their utopia. God has utopia with him.

      Hang in there.

  • Gordon Duff from ‘Veteran News Now’ served in total no more then a yr and half he was discharged for psychological problems.He doesn’t represent veterans, well maybe 2.Most of his readers are extreme progressives or from extreme right with some ‘Paulists’followers of the Paul Family.

  • BuckDePublick

    Findley, along with fellow mamzers Charles Percy (fortunately deceased)and Pete McCloskey,were at the core of “respectable” Jew-hatred. These politicians appeared at Holocaust-denial “conferences,” have been the darlings of neo-Nazis, the antisemitic far left and the Islamofascists…and have lent their despicable names to anything and everything that’s foul.

  • Bill Stein

    Well all Bibi cares about is Iran and his stupid peace talks and his legacy what is his grand plan to fight BDS that he promised still don’t see it.

  • Israel is most likely recalibrating its relationship with the U.S. Government. Nonetheless, many Americans support Israel, including the House of Representatives.

    • David Hoffman

      With all due respect, this bill does very little. Most of its provisions amount to telling the Executive branch,
      “(A) Think about how you might be able to improve matters in thus-and-such area, and (in some cases)”
      “(B) Report back to us.”
      Any bureaucrat worth his salt can cook up a convincing list of reasons why it’s not possible or advisable to do more than is currently being done in a given area. (I know because being a bureaucrat is what I do for a living.)

      The only way to get real change out of the Executive branch is through the combined effects of (1) a law that has real teeth in it, including criminal penalties for non-compliance, (2) a president who cares passionately about enforcing it, and (3) cabinet and sub-cabinet officials, all the way down to the top of the “non-political” civil service, who are prepared to work hard for the law’s implementation. Even then it’s not easy.

  • Allan Fritz

    I agree that these people at this conference do not know of what they are speaking. They obviously have never been to Israel to see the miracle the Israelis have accomplished. They have never spoken to the Israeli military about their experiences and successes.

    • Kris Kristian

      What you have written, is what I have been writing and saying now, for years.
      Of the total world population, how many have ever visited Israel? maybe .0001%
      Those who have visited have gone home with a complete view of Israel as the real people. Not the savages that the Muslim world and Tutu have been preaching about Israel/Jews.
      The Arab/Islamic propaganda is brilliant. They have the oil money to afford the best liars in the world.
      So, they use the Nazi minister of poropaganda Goebbbels theory. “the bigger the lie, the more often told, the more the world will believe it” And that sums up the lies about Israel, which has increased the hatred of Jews and Israel.
      Those who have never visited or experienced Israel, believe all the lies and condemn Israel and support the terrorist murderers.

      THose who have never been to israel have been so brain washed that they support BDS and whatever else to try to destroy the Jewish state. And Obama and Kerry have done more to support those lies.

      Amazing, but the Christians of the world who have visited Israel, return every year and have marches thru the eternal Jewish capital, Jerusalem,in support of the Jewish state.
      I visit Israel almost every year, and have never found any form of apartheid.
      Like all the previous empires, Rome, Spain Britain Nazi Germany, etc, have all become history
      So this will happen to the Arabs in time. But the Jews have outlived all the haters and will always be HERE>

  • Myrna

    Instead of just complaining–why don’t we try to come up with a plan to try and reverse this? -Start a think tank or a ct. of 1000–something.

  • judorebbe

    America’s “special relationship” with Israel has changed under the Obama administration. Israel is the only nation which the United States is actively trying to destroy. This has emboldened those who otherwise might have stayed under wraps.
    The piling-on by the media has been a can of gasoline just waiting for a match, for forty years, since the Saudis (and other petro-wealthy Arab nations) began funding Israel’s demonization on campus, in the media, and in government.
    This is the inevitable result, which Israel has not taken forceful enough steps to counter, until recently.
    And worse yet, too many (the majority of) American Jews don’t care enough to scream out on behalf of Israel … because they believe (incorrectly) that it isn’t their problem.

    • Michael O’Neill

      Well said–i have thought for quite a while that the rampant demonization of Israel in the media, the Universities, and now in the White House will eventually lead to a very bad situation for Israel and Jews in general.
      Historically ignoring growing manifestations of antiSemitism hasn’t served Jews well.
      We need to become more vigorously active in pointing out the inherent dishonesty,, bigotry, and politically motivated antiIsrael racism which drives all this irrational bashing of Israel.
      New JDL anyone?

  • noel eliscu

    one by one Obama screws our allies.

  • Horatio

    Well, this NPC charade provides grounds for re-assessing the legitimacy of the NPC.

    Some questions need to be asked and answered: Just whom does it represent? CAIR? The Saudis who funded Clinton’s presidential library? Are the foreign sponsors of CAIR and UNRWA funding the NPC these days? When did the NPC become a propaganda arm for Al Q? For CAIR?

  • Andria Spindel

    These are the most lazy, I’ll informed journalists ever, who create their own propaganda and fail to understand history, but that doesn’t forgive their antiSemitic instincts.

    • Kris Kristian

      The best way for journaists to make money, is to try to destroy Israel. After all, ‘JEWS ARE NEWS” AND THAT SELLS PAPERS.

  • artcohn

    How come the media don’t show a tape of Obama’s remarks at Khalidi’s going away dinner at the U. of Chicago?


      Maybe because the chant/toast was “death to Israel”… “death to the United States”. I defended Obama since from the recording one cannot tell whether Obama actually heard it or whether Obama was deeply involved in conversation. In either case he should have apologized and distanced himself from Khalidi and the others. Unfortunately, president Obama made anti-Israel commitments to Khaldi but asked Khalidi’s understanding that Obama would say anything to keep the Jewish political and financial support until he had the power to do the things that he and Khalidi had agreed upon in reference to the Palestinians and Israel.

  • yankel gorokhofskij

    What a disgrace that they are broadcasting it!

    • Sharbano

      It is no surprise whatsoever that C-Span would broadcast such a program. It has been noted on many occasions that C-Span has anti-semitic programming. When the author of From Time Immemorial, Joan Peters, was to appear they would not put her on Unless there was someone who would dispute her book. They wanted “both sides”, “supposedly”. I quit watching them Years ago after hearing the most vile anti-semitic callers and the host allowing every word of it, without any question. This was not to just allow a caller to say what they wanted because there WERE times callers WERE called into question. But when it comes to Israel, anything goes.

  • This is very scary. Israel will have to pay close attention to how Obama enforces the guarantee of territorial integrity the U.S. gave to the Ukraine in return for that country giving up its weapons of mass destruction. It is becoming evident that the U.S. is prepared to throw its only democratic ally in the middle east under the bus if Israel does not give in to the totalitarian demands of those who are sworn to its destruction.

  • E Pluribus Wombat

    By the end of Obama’s term there will be open calls for politicians to have to swear a pubic oath that they are not Jewish in order to hold a job in the Federal government.

  • yussi

    Figures…antisemites come crawling out from under their respective rocks…cowards one and all…

  • Judy Silver-Shapiro

    With SON-OF-ISLAM obama as US Pres, there is no ‘special relationship’ between the US and ISRAEL.

    He has never treated ISRAEL as the US’ most loyal steadfast ALLY.

  • Moshe Rudin

    Amalek is alive and well and living in Washington. I am surprised that this was not covered in any other news outlet. Where there no voices of protest from those who care about truth? Remember the lesson of Purim- if we allow distortion, lies, and paranoia to go unchallenged, then darkness falls.

  • Efram

    The anti-Semitism just keeps spiraling and spiraling out of control. Next the ‘press club’ will put Protocols Of The Elders Of Zion on their reading list (if they haven’t already).

  • Gregg Solomon