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March 12, 2014 3:14 pm

‘Dirty Jew, Go Home to Israel:’ Jewish Girl in France Attacked by Arab Mother and Daughter

avatar by Gidon Ben-zvi

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Police vehicle in France. Photo: Wiki Commons.

A young Jewish woman was recently assaulted at a laundromat in a suburb of Lyon, France by a mother and daughter of Arab descent, according to Israeli daily Ma’ariv on Tuesday.

The victim, named only as Candace, told the Europe-Israel news site that the mother grabbed and held her down while the daughter hit her several times in the face.

“Dirty Jew, go home to your country, Israel,” the daughter shrieked at Candace while striking her, Ma’ariv reported.

According to Candace, the assailant had noticed that she was wearing a Star of David around her neck.

One of Candace’s eyes was badly injured in the unprovoked assault. She also said she lost some hearing in her left ear as a result of the beating.

The victim, an American expat who has been living in France for 12 years, added that none of the bystanders who witnessed the incident raised a finger to help. Following the attack Candace said she was disappointed once again by her adopted country when French police did little more than record her complaint.

Candace said she remains proud of her Jewish identity, despite the horrific thrashing. However, following the traumatic experience, the young woman said that she now finds it difficult to leave the safety of her home.

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  • Jack

    Israel never started one fight, one war, one conflict. ALL conflict with Israel was provoked by Muslims firing misiles and rockets into Israel, beheadings of Jews, kidnappings, and armed insurgencies across Israel’s borders. Israel has no interests or settlements or occupiers or Jews or Christians or anything inside of Gaza. Yet, Iranians, Syrians, Egyptians, and Lebanese have agents inside of Gaza and/or have supplied the Gaza Warlords with heavy armament for the sole purpose of killing Israeli civilians. They have built tunnels into Israel for the sole purpose of killing Israeli civilians. Likewise, the Palestinians control 90% of the West Bank territories with no Jews, Israelies, or Christians living in those areas. The little sliver of the West Bank that Israel has held onto was captured after Egypt, Syria and Jordan attacked Israel on Yom Kippur in a surprise sneak attack while Jews were praying. Israel would have been within its rights to keep the entire West bank and destroy every man woman and child who refused to leave the captured land. This is what every other country in that part of the world, in Europe, and even in America would have and have done through out history. But, Israel (in its liberal weakness in my opinion) chose not to destroy the aggressors. Same goes for the Golon Heights. That was a little sliver of land captured from Syria – much of which was given back (stupidly) after Israel defeated Syria.

    There are so many stupid comments here that totally ignore history. Probably most from Muslims and Palestinians; and then some from those who don’t read and don’t know their history, or listen to intentionally false propaganda. I can understand the racist, lying rhetoric from Muslims – yes, they got their asses kicked by the Israelies several times and this is all they can do to keep the war going after their defeat. Yep, that’s what happens when you show an ounce of kindness or mercy to the aggressors you defeated – they live to resent and avenge their defeat.

  • The disgusting, murderous and illegal actions of Jews in Gaza is creating a great deal of feeling against Jews (who seem to almost universally support Israel’s actions).

    Protocol 9 says “anti-Semitism is necessary for the control of our lesser brethren”… from the perspective of your Satanic leaders I suppose it is all good; the deaths of Gazans and the the hatred of Jews the inhuman slaughter generates.

    • HH

      wow. No Jews are in Gaza, except for the IDF soldiers hunting down the Hamas warlords who have raped the land of its donated wealth.

      As for quoting “Protocol 9,” do you ever feel bad that you are nothing but a KGB stooge, as they were the ones who wrote that a hundred years ago for this very purpose. Silly, man.

  • Barbara Brown

    1) Glad the Arabs recognize that the Jewish Home is Israel. Always has been always will be. 2) Don’t tell Candace not to be afraid to leave her home (in France, where she sadly has reason to fear leaving her home where she chose, bless her, to publicly show her Pride in being a Jew) – tell her to really come back Home, to Israel. She is wanted here!

  • A. Sanders

    I am sorry for Candace’s experience and I hope she makes a full recovery. Surely the scum that attacked her are not representative of the whole Arab/Muslim community in France. One thing is for sure those scum who cry for Jews to go back to Israel, recognise the country as a Jewish state and that Israel exists which is contrary to what some of their scum leaders believe.

  • delight

    The true religion embraces love, kindness, forgiveness and healing not hatred. That is Christianity. Any country in the world will be safe to live if people were educated to the true faith and religion that based on love, kindness , forgiving and healing as the teaching of Jesus Christ. Follow the ten commandment of God given thru Moses of Mt. Sinai. It teaches love , respect of life , property of neighbors and no adultery or polygamy . These people who has been thought to hate Jews were reared to become criminals not fit to live in a society of men and women . They ought to go back to the desert in the M.E.

    • david

      Sad for you but the fulfillment of the old testament (your description) is not idolatry, polytheism and all too frequently murder. Thank you

  • I am sorry Candace that this happened,I pray you will be alright.I am thinking of you.Violence is a wasted energy and should never happen but we are living in a fallen world where the love for each other has grown cold.Please dont let them beat you Candace,you are stronger because of Him that lives inside of

  • Patrick Hammel

    Please do not stay at home. Go out, you are bound to find those criminals, when you do call the police. The police will take their identies and you will be able to sue them.
    Or you can even practise an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth, at your convenience. Time is of no importance, revenge is ! It will give you tremendous relief and satisfaction. I guarantee and promise you that it will and you do not have to do it yourself, many would volunteer to bash their heads. I know what I am talking about and what’s more they will never lay a hand on anybody after that. You will be a proud Jewess, feeling great about yourself and what you have accomplished !

    • Lea

      Remember this: It was a Jewess that caused the last three years of the false prophet of Islam to suffer until he died from the poison she gave him to eat. Such enormous courage is commendable and the Jewish women are not like muslim women who are incapable of such courage and free thinking.

    • Josette Marie Puch

      Why in a world would an American live in Lyon and share the same laundromat as arabs ??? Come back to us.
      Josette Marie Puch nee Lyonnaise !!!

  • george beacock

    Praise the Lord at least they regonise Israel as thier land

  • Sergio Téllez, Jr.

    Creo que la libertad de credo es básica para la coexistencia pacífica, sin embargo veo que la ideología musulmana fomenta el odio. También que vuelve el antisemitismo en varias partes del mundo. Tenemos el derecho a defendernos y de vivir en nuestros respectivos países, exijamos justicia. Shalom!

    “I believe that freedom of religion is essential for peaceful coexistence, however I see that the Muslim hateful ideology. Also returning Semitism in various parts of the world. We have the right to defend ourselves and to live in our respective countries, we demand justice. Shalom!”

  • Mimi

    WHAT A SICK POST!!!!!!

    Well….lets all be Big Bravo (so called Humans) and call each others Names and Insult one another….because “THAT’S HOW ADULTS” deal with Situations. What a SAD Race of People we’ve become….Insulting….Name Calling INFANTILES…..!

    We’ve raised our Children to HATE one Another….and we wonder WHY children Behave as they DO!!!



    I will Prayer For all Of Your Souls…..PLEASE STOP….Corrupting The Children!

    • EL.a.IM


      You have found something to hold on too 🙂 Happy for you:) I have what I have. Maybe not much. But these `news` are very provocative. There is stupidity in all nations. And in many families regarding prejudice. And yes. We should fight our own battles. Leave the children free from that. We may win or lose. But it is our battle. And only way that it is justified. That the children don`t have to carry the torch of a fight. They are smarter than us, if we let them show that.

      Hope your family is blessed now and in the future.

    • Richie

      Of Course, Well said- Who ARE this idiots?

      And nobody helps? Sure wish I was there!


  • Tracy Sutton

    also God’s chosen people read the bible. old testament

  • Linda Rivera

    Hate-filled, violent savages don’t belong in civilized, non-Muslim countries! The Muslim invaders must be sent back to THEIR countries! The violent Muslim attackers were OBEYING Quran commands to attack hated infidels! And it is why it is an Act of TREASON for ANY Muslims to be allowed into our countries!

    The Quran is filled with commands to Muslims to commit atrocities, barbaric murders and jihad against non-Muslims. The commands are permanent for all time.

    Bukhari:V4B52N220 “Allah’s Apostle said, ‘I have been made victorious with terror.'”

    Qur’an:8:12 “I shall terrorize the infidels. So wound their bodies and incapacitate
    them because they oppose Allah and His Apostle.”

    Quran (3:151) – “Soon shall We cast terror into the hearts of the Unbelievers”

    Quran (3:56) – “As to those who reject faith, I will punish them with terrible agony in this world and in the Hereafter, nor will they have anyone to help.”

    Quran (9:5) – “So when the sacred months have passed away, then slay the idolaters wherever you find them, and take them captive and besiege them and lie in wait for them in every ambush.”


    • EL.a.IM

      Honey. You have not understood the message from Mohammed. He fucked things up. But he did in the perspective he had. He was no mass murderer. Far from that. The Umma he was accountable included Jews, christians, Muslims and Gentiles. And he sorted the arguments not by Islam. But by the religion that were the ones that were participants. And when he fucked things up. It were the decision to change the prayer towards Mecca. Gabriel told him to unite the people of Asia and give them God of Israel. And to pray towards Jerusalem.

    • Marianna

      Let Wikipedia answer your attempt to take “violent” verses from the Quran to make it look bad:

      Bruce Feiler writes that “Jews and Christians who smugly console themselves that Islam is the only violent religion are willfully ignoring their past. Nowhere is the struggle between faith and violence described more vividly, and with more stomach-turning details of ruthlessness, than in the Hebrew Bible”.[8] Similarly, Burggraeve and Vervenne describe the Old Testament as full of violence and evidence of both a violent society and a violent god. They write that, “(i)n numerous Old Testament texts the power and glory of Israel’s God is described in the language of violence.” They assert that more than one thousand passages refer to YHWH as acting violently or supporting the violence of humans and that more than one hundred passages involve divine commands to kill humans.[9]

      It seems all the old, old Books of yore have violence, despite the lame efforts of some to paint on one as violent, they all live in glass houses.

      Whether it is militants, extremism, or even armed forces pretending to defend their country and religion, violence can be found in all religions, including Buddhism.
      It seems at our time, millions of dollars are invested to make Islam look evil.

      • Lea

        The difference is that Judaism and Christianity evolved as God revealed himself to them but as for Islam it is static in its declarations because all the satanic Koran is, is a set of evil instructions for the muslim monsters of Islam, whose faith depends on manifesting the dream of mo, the false prophet, who created the pagan death cult called Islam.

  • Drew

    Certain parts of France do very little against this sort of hate crime. More often that not, the disenfranchised Arabs always outnumber those they attack. It is never a fair fight. It also fair to say that none of these people will ever be treated as equals amongst the white French population. Israel is merely a scapegoat for their misery and wasted existence.

  • H.S.Cohen

    The Righting is on the Wall.Look at the way France acted in WW11!Leave Now!

  • Bart A. Charta

    Anyone else find irony in the fact that while a brazillion Arabs in 22 Muslim states are telling the Jews to clear out of israel and go back to where they came from (Europe), the European sand monkey transplants (Arabs now living in Europe and crapping it up like they did in their home countries) are telling Jews in Europe to go “back home” to Israel?

  • Ted

    Next time Canadace, remember to leave home with your CONCEALED CARRY glock, and that you use it to exterminate muslims like this who attack you.

    • Richie

      Nicely put!

    • Eve

      Hear, hear, Ted! And, in the absence of firearms, learning to punch someone’s brains out isn’t a bad alternative.

  • Yossi Bar-Negev

    “Dirty Jew, go home to your country, Israel,” the daughter shrieked……

    Sadly, truer words were never spoken. We have only one home. Let’s stop deluding ourselves. The handwriting is written clearly on the wall. It is time to come home.

  • FIT

    Since this mother and daughter of Arab descent found the excuse of Jew hate to tell this woman to go home (leave France)when they themselves are descended from immigrants to France. It reminds me of a song we used to sing at camp by Pete Seeger. I also am distressed at the Police in action at all the Jew hate attacks that are 90% Mulsim.

    Listen, Mr. Bilbo, listen to me
    I’ll give you a lesson in history.
    Listen and I’ll show you that the foreigners you hate
    Are the very same people made America great.

    In 1492 just to see what he could see,
    Columbus, an Italian, looked out across the sea.
    He said, Isabella babe, the world is round,
    And the U.S.A.’s just a-waiting to be found.

    In 1609 on a bright summer’s day,
    The Half Moon set anchor in old New York Bay.
    Henry Hudson, a Dutchman, took a good look around;
    He said, “Boys, this is gonna be a helluva town.”

    When the King of England started pushing Yankees around,
    We had a little trouble up in Boston town.
    There was a brave Negro, Crispus Attucks was the man;
    Was the first one to fall when the fighting began.

    Colin Kelly was a pilot flying down low;
    Levine pushed the button that let the bomb go.
    They sunk the Haruna to the bottom of the sea;
    It was foreigners like those kept America free.

    Now Bilbo, you’re taking one heck of a chance;
    Your good friends, the Duponts, came over from France.
    Another thing, I’m sure, will be news to you,
    The first Mister Bilbo was a foreigner, too.

    Well, you don’t like Negroes, you don’t like Jews;
    If there is anyone you do like, it sure is news.
    You don’t like Poles, Italians, Catholics, too;
    Is it any wonder, Bilbo, that we don’t like you!

  • estie ash

    at least the Muslim woman admitted that Israel is our home!!

    • I was thinking EXACTLY the same thing – so if going back home is going home to Israel. Please take “the nice lady’s” advice and please all Jews come BACK HOME.

      • Eve

        Why; so they can have us all rounded up in one place? So that Israel can be a concentration camp, in which all Jews are *compelled* to reside? Jews: SPREAD OUT! Unfurl yourselves across the world and tell all these anti-semites to F*** OFF! No one tells post-holocaust Jews where they may live!

    • rulierose

      that’s the first thing I thought of. now you want us to go BACK to Israel? I thought you wanted us OUT of Israel. make up your darn minds!

    • Eve

      Apparently those of you who think that the admonition for Jews to “go home to Israel” is an admission on the part of Moslems that Israel is the Jewish homeland are missing the SARCASM. What that creature was telling that Jewish woman is that there is NO PLACE ON EARTH FOR JEWS. Don’t you get it? No; they DON’T consider Israel the Jewish homeland; it is their intention to DESTROY Israel. It is their ambition to kill every Jew in Israel. The admonition “Jew, go home to Israel” does NOT mean that they recognize Israel as the Jewish nation; it means “You don’t belong here; go to Israel, where you *think* you belong, and where we intend to finish you off”!

  • Adeola Ikuomola

    It seems so many Jews have not really understood the creative power of the covenant keeping God who has restored their long-lost homeland.
    Who will keep their homeland alive when they choose to remain in hostile lands?

    This brutal attack is a huge lesson for others to return to the Jewish State of Israel for their safety and security.

    • Eve

      “Safety and security” in Israel??? Who are you kidding? How are Jews “safe and secure” in Israel? This is a fairy tale! Jews in Israel are in direct peril, and the thought of congregating every Jew on earth there is tantamount to potential genocide. If God gave Jews brains, they’d figure out that having us all in one place is cultural suicide. The only way that the Jewish nation has survived over thousands of years has been by being dispersed around the world.

  • Alan Kennedy

    Dirty Arabs should get sent back to their sandbox

    • Eco


      • Eve

        Yes; really. They’re f***ing up every place they infest.

  • Victoria D Matlock

    No one should be beaten for who thy are Jews or gentile so Stand for her France She calls you Home wow I would have done something for her if I was there But I am Gay and hated every day for being me

    • Eve

      I don’t hate you for being gay, Victoria!

  • Mitch

    This story is an excellent development. In her emotional state, the woman forgot all about the Arab mythology, and blurted out the truth as she knows it: Israel is the home of the Jewish people.

    In law, her words are admissible evidence to prove the underlying fact (“Israel is the Jewish home”), under the theory that when people blurt out spontaneous utterances, or make statements against their own interest, they’re invariably speaking the truth.

    • Eve

      Unless they’re being *ironic*.

  • Imagine an Arab living in France telling another to move!

    • Eve

      Yes; imagine it. But these are a pushy people, and if you sympathize with the women, remember this little tidbit! I hear a lot of anguished lamentation for these women, but please remember who *raises* Moslem men! Maybe we should start placing the fault where fault lies: with the mothers of these animals! Here, we see them clearly.

  • It is very ironic that a person with the heritage of a group that came to France for a better life is telling anybody to go away. They have come from countries that have no tolerance for humane rights and now are trying to impose a barbaric way of life from the 7th century. Also, calling a Jew “dirty” by someone with the heritage of washing new born babies in camel urine is more than ironic.

    • Eve

      They don’t go to France for a “better life”; they don’t go anywhere for a “better life”. If they did, they would ASSIMILATE to new cultures, in the places to where they immigrate. But they don’t assimilate; they remain as they were; they simply move their culture to another place. They’re not pursuing a “better life”; they’re invading other lands with THEIR life, as it is – – and expecting everyone in the countries to which they immigrate to dance to their tune. They keep their language and customs, intact, while they drain foreign economies, they congregate in communities of their own, that become more aggressive and demanding as they grow in number, and the first thing they want to do with their “better life” is to erect a mosque, with some wailing bastard disturbing the native community five times a day starting at dawn, and impose sharia law. So much for a “better life”!

  • steve kramer

    I am at a loss as to why Candace and other Jews would think that they are safe in France. What on earth would draw her to France in the first place and now, cause her to stay? I really don’t understand the draw for one of us to live there knowing that the French are at best feckless and at worst anti-semitic.

    I mean when Western Civilization has been under threat, has anyone ever said “Let’s call the French!”

    Just look how everyone stood around and watched this poor woman get savagely beaten. Not a man lifted a finger.

    What if next time they decide to rape and murder her? This is a warning. Don’t be like the Jews of Germany in the 30’s who thought it was a passing thing and didn’t flee.

    The French police will not protect her, just like their grandfathers turned in the Jews to the Nazis. Now France and other EU countries are boycotting Israel.

    And for the intellectual giant who claimed that the problem is “Zionism”, well, that’s just a frequent way people try to hide their anti-semitism.

    • Carol Sage- Silverstein

      My sentiments exactly. I had the same questions and thought. “Let’s call the French” indeed. It never ceases to amaze me when Jews move to Europe and expect to be welcomed. I think that is what Einstein called the definition of insanity.

    • Eve

      “What on earth would draw her to France in the first place and now, cause her to stay?”

      Maybe she was BORN there! Why would you think not? I get the impression that these Arab women were probably attacking a French NATIVE.

      Beware, Jewish brothers and sisters, of the common belief that we don’t belong anywhere we were born (but Israel)! THAT is a form of anti-semitism that some Jews insidiously fall into. Why do YOU think that? How brainwashed are YOU that you are under the impression that after hundreds of years of being productive contributing members of a nation, we don’t belong there?! That is an anti-semitic way of thinking. That’s what Nazis believed of German Jewish citizens, who had resided in Germany for centuries. How can JEWS fall into that way of thinking?

      What makes you think that if those women had been attacking a gentile woman, she would have gotten any more help than that Jewish woman received? I think that people are just *afraid* of Moslems, the way Americans have traditionally been afraid of blacks, since the late sixties and the advent of black militancy. In truth, Moslems, like black militants, bleed red, just like the rest of us.

  • M.A. Kinamohn

    Learn to defend yourself, then kick their filthy asses!

    • Absolutely!

    • June Grant

      Or she could take the advice of the assailant and come to Israel.

    • Adi Panner

      I really like your idea, they must learn the self defense with the combination of the street fight, and then of sure you not going to hear much about those incidents.Arabs know one thing force, bit their asses in the right way, they never touch you again.

    • Frederikahere

      If she were still in America, she could’ve had a concealed carry and then they could’ve “gone home” to where they belong.

    • Eve

      That’s what I say!

  • A.Franklin

    Why not sue for personal damages?

  • Buz

    Muslims breed like rabbits. It won’t be long till they start beating French people and tell them to go home.

    • William Channon

      Like pigs!

  • aall55

    Besides stating that Israel is the land of the Jews , this woman of Arab-descent is also insinuating that France belongs to her.

  • French Jews need to make Aliyah as soon as possible.

    • Eve

      French Jews need to stand their ground and FIGHT. Jews EVERYWHERE need to stand their ground and fight.

  • Lone Star

    They are literally cowards. Do you think they would try that on some six-footer built like a football guard? They should only try.

  • gonjtonic

    The French gestapo.. sorry police. They are still the same antisemitic guys who sold Jewish people to the nazis for a dime and a song……may they all rot in hell I wish the allied would have not freed them and they should still be under hitler rule…and not only them also all the other european “friends”..

    • Eco


  • noel eliscu

    Just think about this France has a lot of Muslims migrating their and the French are leaving France because of taxes. French people have fewer children than the Muslims and are not as productive as the French . The Muslims tend to drain the welfare system. So France will become a Muslim nation and go the way of any third world nation plus loose the wonderful French culture.

    • June Grant

      Welcome to the caliphate of Eurabia

  • Mel Sherwood

    Has there been a single act of retaliation by the Jewish community in France to any of the many outrages the arabs there have perpetrated against Jews? If not, why not?

    • Lara

      I like to think we’re generally above such things.

      • Kerry M. Berger

        Most of the time I would agree with you, but in European Jews can contact the Jewish Defense League to take action if French Police will not. Not that I claim to condone violence, because I don’t; However, the fact that noone did anything to stop the fight, I feel sending a warning message to this Arab woman if she is identified and to some of those bystanders is essential. Next time if police do not respond, it will be an eye for an eye.

        • rulierose

          frankly, I DO condone violence when it’s someone standing up for the right of Jews to walk down the street without getting beaten up.

          maybe if someone stood up for their rights in 1937, 6 million of us wouldn’t have been slaughtered.

      • Eve

        Really? Then why are Jews telling Jews to go to Israel, where retaliation is the name of the game? Yes; retaliation: it’s the only thing some people understand.

  • Funny, the founder of Zionism, Theodore Hertzel said, “Antisemitism has grown and continues to grow -and so do I.” I think the cause of antisemitism, is Zionism. You can take my poll to see if you are smart enough to decide who said what: Hitler or Hertzel! Have fun all you Hitler Hertzelites!

    • Mifa

      You are a cowardly, stinking anti Semite. Hope you will
      rot in hell

    • M.A. Kinamohn

      Meet me in Denver on the 16th Street Mall and say that to my face you piece of SHIT!

      • JONATHAN

        Hey Brother ,i don’t live in Denver but if I did I’d have your back!!

    • Lara

      Antisemitism has been around for thousands of years longer than Zionism. Nice try ;P

      • Eve


    • Efram

      Whatever your poll, it is obvious that YOU are a Nazi Victor. Zionism is the only philosophy that will ultimately safe the Jewish people from another holocaust. Being a Nazi, I KNOW you do not want Zionism.

      • Eve

        You know what bugs people about Zionism? The ability of the Jewish people to defend themselves with a military. Tease it out, and you’ll find that THAT is the bugaboo. Tough s**t.

    • Silky

      If you think Zionism is the cause of Anti-Semitism, can you explain it all the centuries before Zionism? Why was there Anti-Semitism in the Middle Ages?

      • Max Shane

        Perhaps it would help to call it for what it is: JEW HATRED.

    • Uriel Priwes

      To call you a piece of s–t is an insult to honest feces

    • Rob

      You are not even deserving of the mud and grime that covers the infested whole you live under.Pure, unadulterated slime!

  • Bernard Ross

    The violent, intolerant, head chopping, throat slitting, honor killing, suicide bombing religion of peace in action. No rocket science here.

    • Mark S. Devenow Esq.

      Thank you, Bernard, fior saying it well.

    • Mark S. Devenow Esq.

      Thank you, Bernard, for saying it well.

  • denis

    since you know where they do their laundry make sure a couple of big, mean guy friends go with you next time!

    • Eve

      Nah. Candace should take a couple of really angry Jewish women with her. Makes me wish I was in France.

  • Hmmm – interesting – so Arabs in France recognize that Israel is the Jewish home while Arabs in the PA (and elsewhere in the Middle East) can’t quite come to grips with that truth!

    • you beat me to writing down the same thought. Kudos.

    • Marni Levin

      Excellent point, Suzanne! I thought the same thing myself!

  • I don’t know why any Muslims hate Jews and Christians all over the world.

    • bonnie loranger

      read their book the coran and you will find out

    • Sensei2004

      Read the book “Al Yahud” by Sam Solomon and Elias Al-Maqdisi and it will answer your question.

    • Eve

      Because without that, they’d have nothing to do but pray! These lazy, useless bastards are just BORED!



    • Eve

      Remember HISTORY and clean them out of Europe! And while we’re at it, clean them out of the U.S. as well, and as fast as possible!

  • Bernard Weinbach

    arabs and french-may they all rot together, time for aliya

    • Eve

      You know – – not that I agree that Jews should all bunch up in Israel, for a quick, easy, devastating target, but – – if Israel and proponents of Jews relocating to Israel really want to encourage immigration of Jews from the west, you might try knocking off the word “aliya”, and other Hebrew linguistics, and those lessons in Passover seders, etc., so that secular Jews might feel more inclined to consider that alternative, for political reasons. Not all of us are religious – – even while being assertively *politically*/culturally Jews – – who are turned off by all the Jewish-y crap. It appears that Israel makes itself enticing only to religious Jews. It should try following the practices of other nations, that do not demand assimilation as a requirement of residency.

  • holy bacon

    Go back to Israel, Leave Israel, make up your mind already!

    • Eve

      They *have* made up their minds. You are just misunderstanding them. The message is “YOU DON’T BELONG *ANYWHERE*”.

  • not surprising comming from arab people

    • not surprising comming from arab people…seems to be their hobby arrasing,assulting,killing jewes.

      • Lone Star

        And each other…

      • Wolff Bachner

        The word is spelled “Jews”, not Jewes” and frankly, we are not just ‘Jews”, we are human beings who follow the JEWISH FAITH!

        • Mitch

          Wolff, did you really find it necessary to insult a non-native English speaker for misspelling Jews? The sentiment in jeaniansimard’s post was perfectly good, and you come across as petty for your criticisms.

          • June Grant

            I agree absolutely. Try spelling French. The sentiment is what counts.

        • Silky

          Wolf, they don’t just hate our religion or else they wouldn’t care about secular Jews (like the Greeks). They hate us because we are Jews. The Jewish religion and the Jewish nation.

        • Max Shane

          Uh…we’re Jews! Plain and simple. Stop with the euphemistic “humans of blah, blah, blah…” business.

          • Benjamin

            We not born hating anyone, we learn to hate and love. Nelson Mandela

        • Eve

          And some of us DON’T follow the Judaic faith, and are no less Jews than those who do. Some of us retain the identity of Jewish ancestry, and are avid Zionists, without all the religious trappings. If YOU do not think we are “good enough” Jews, know that those who despise us do not make that distinction; from them, we receive the same “honors”.