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March 16, 2014 3:43 pm

Jewish Cemetery in Hungary Vandalized With Swastikas and Anti-Semitic Slurs (PHOTOS)

avatar by Shiryn Solny

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Vandalism in a Jewish cemetery. Photo: Gabriel Eichler.

Unidentified vandals desecrated a Jewish cemetery in Hungary last week spray-painting swastikas and various anti-Semitic slurs on tombstones, Israel National News reported.

Residents of the Jewish community in Tatabanya were shocked to discover the offensive slogans on Friday, which included “STINKING JEWS!”, “HoloLie” and “There was no Holocaust but there will be!!!”

“They spray-painted swastikas and the black cross which was a symbol of the Nazi movement during the reign of Adolf Hitler,” said Zohar Meir, one of the leaders of the annual March of the Living in Hungary, which is scheduled this year for April. “There is a very strong wave of anti-Semitism in Hungary.”

“Based on past experience, these waves are getting stronger as the economic situation becomes more difficult and all the anger is taken out on the Jews,” he added.

This is not the first act of vandalism at a Jewish cemetery in Hungary. In July 2012, vandals desecrated 57 Jewish graves some 200 miles southwest of Budapest in Kaposvr. The damage was estimated at some 12,000 euros, according to the report.

Vandalism at the Jewish cemetery. Photo: Gabriel Eichler.

Vandalism at the Jewish cemetery. Photo: Gabriel Eichler.

Vandalism at the Jewish cemetery. Photo: Gabriel Eichler.

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  • T

    I sent this recently to the British home security secretary , please send out a signal to these Eastern European anti Semitic fanatics, that they are not welcome here in Great Britain, I have now met quiet a few of these people and so called friends who absolutely have unjustified hatred for the Jews. I have never met such pathetic people that use the likes of social media and You tube to promote their unfounded claims. Many of these people all celebrated Christmas recently, which is actually the celebration of a Jewish child been born, who never anywhere in the bible said I am not Jewish, he still is Jewish.

    I am not Jewish, but come on you people with blinkers on. You could perhaps learn something from these Jewish people, and perhaps blame your corrupt governments for your plight. I have noticed it getting worse, governments are saying it’s not ok, however underhandedly seem to condone this behaviour.

    Hitler was a despicable leader, the problem is there is a raising of many Hitlers.

    We need to penalise the movement of these people for there hate crimes,
    ISRAEL never give up a mm or your state, it’s the only sanctuary for your people. I am a Christian and have no benefit writing this, only that I follow the teachings of a Jewish Man Christ who does not condone hatred at all.

  • Sergio Téllez, Jr.

    ¡Hola amigos de Algemeiner!

    Lo mismo pasó con el cementerio judío de Douglas, AZ, USA,en donde están enterrados mis ancestros.


    “Hello, Algemeiner friends!”

    “The same happened to the Jewish cemetery in Douglas, AZ, USA, where my ancestors are buried.”


  • Nancy Kemper

    How the Holocaust can be denied, since those how committed the crimes kept excellent records, is beyond my understanding. Those who believe that it did not happen are, perhaps, trying to salve their conscious or they are ignorant or both. Unfortunately, we will not change their minds.

    Jews have always made great contributions to the world, not the least of these was the Old Testament. But obviously that is forgotten. Israel, a country which has contributed so much to the world in all fields, should not make these contributions available to those who are so ready to hate and destroy.

    People, unfortunately, need to blame someone for their
    troubles (never themselves). After traveling in Eastern
    Europe, I believe that humans can take lessons for animals. They kill only to protect their families and to
    feed their young.

    Ignorance is the danger and even educating those who
    wish to commit those acts due to ignorance and hate is
    a waste of time. Withholding those things that Israel
    produces that help the world should be done. It may not
    help but it will give them pause for thought.

    • Sylvie7

      Couldn’t agree more, but the inventors and producers would never give up their profits.

  • it is a shame for all of Europe

  • Brian Nabney

    It is disgusting that this is happening but be assured that there are still many of us in Europe (Jew and non-Jew) who will oppose this and fight against these moronic evil racists and anti-semites. Long Live Israel – Long Live the Jewish People

  • judorebbe

    We should not feel unrealistically comfortable in America. Anti-Semitic assaults and vandalisms are on the increase, here too. Even in America, we are “outsiders” in someone else’s land.

    • Ori Rosenbaum

      These actions are why Israel, beyond being the bastion of democracy, liberty and tolerance in the Middle East. Beyond being the light unto nations. Beyond leading the charge in medical and technological advancements for all of humanity. It is also where every Jew from anywhere is always welcomed with open arms. It the Jewish peoples birthplace and home and the one place on earth worth defending and protecting against all those that wish it harm.

  • zev

    What else–the Magyars are no different than their Slavic country cousins. And then there are the 400,000 Ukranian Jews. First their Chief Rabbi suggested they leave Kiev. Then he advised them to keep a low profile. How reminiscent of the European Jews waiting to see what their enemies would do next. The world’s Jewish Community should mobilize to help these people leave for Israel or some other country.
    Edgar Bronfman we need you back.

  • It is unfortunate and sad that anti-Semitism has increased significantly in several European countries in recent months. It also appears that most of the authorities in these countries have been wearing “blinders” with respect to this anti-Semitism by taking very little or no action to contain it.

    Jews are now being used as a scapegoat for the instability and chaos prevailing in Ukraine and for the poor economy in Hungary. Other European countries are also blaming Jews for their major problems.

    Consequently, Jews living in these prejudicial nations need to seriously consider moving to more accepting nations — such as the United States and Israel — that will provide them with equality and peace of mind.

  • Why the shock and surprise? Europe has been a Jewish cemetery for centuries past and will continue to be so. Jews must accept the fact that the script remains unaltered-only the actors have changed.

  • AZ

    It is happening in the whole of Europe indeed.
    Just this evening the hiding-house of Anne Frank in The Netherlands was set on fire .
    Everywhere burrial grounds are desecrated and shrines are demolished. By whome …..?
    I have a guess but airing that would incriminate the muslim part of The Netherlands so I won’t say just that !

    • Dale K.

      I’m not finding any news reporting a fire at the house. Your source? Thank You

  • Otto Waldmann in Sydney

    Ah, this is nothing, I would not bother with it, forget it.
    What I cannot forget, however, is that THE SAME budos magyarok have murdfered ALL my grandparents and the rest of dozens of Waldmanns in Nagyvarad and Budapest and Briszks in Kolozsvar.
    Has the Hungarian changed since then !!?? Soha !!!(Never)

  • Shaun Donaldson

    An outrageous insult to the living and those that perished in that dark period of World History. Millions died and still the denials and slurs continue, it beggars belief!

  • Jill Maleson

    History is repeating itself. And the world doesn’t care. Does this sound familiar?

    • Kerry M. Berger

      I agree with you. When the economy is down, people somehow feel the need to take out their frustrations against any scapegoat they can find. No matter how much we try to educate, the next economic downturn sees a similar result. Clearly, the education of history is not getting through the deaf ears of succeeding generations.

  • Marv Hershenson

    It is time for Jews of Eastern Europe, as well as all of Europe to leave this forsaken land. I recently traveled in Eastern Europe and the Anti-Semitism is very real.

  • Very sad to see this terrible desecration of the Jewish tombstones.

    History is repeating itself, and the blame always falls on the people who deserve it the least. They forget that Jews give to the world to make it a better place to live in.


  • Doris Bachman

    Horrifying and a real wake up call. My ancestors from Budapest could be in some of those graves….Rosenbaum Family. The rise of blatant Anti Semitism is a clarion call to action on the part of Jews globally to stand up to right here and now. If this is nt stopped, we will be in a global Holocaust. May God be with us as always!

    • Thomas

      I am glad that this “real wake up call” has finally awakened you. But the unfortunate thing is that we must be very very sound sleepers as this has being going on in Hungary in particular ever since the fall of the Communist government, who for all its faults not only outlawed but prevented almost all overt antisemitism. And even more unfortunate is that there are those of us still not awakened by the clarion call of the ever present, previously less open, and now increasingly louder blaring antisemitism found in Europe.

      And that same clarion call though quieter is now growing louder in North America.

  • Dale K.

    There’s a new storm raging.