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March 21, 2014 10:27 am

Caregiver’s Violent Abuse of Israeli Holocaust Survivor Caught on Tape (VIDEO)

avatar by Gidon Ben-zvi

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A screenshot of video showing the abuse. Photo: Screenshot.

Israeli authorities arrested a foreign worker from Ukraine for abusing a 99-year-old Holocaust survivor left under her care in the Krayot region of northern Israel, Israel’s Channel 2 reported on Thursday.

The elderly gentleman’s family first became suspicious after his wife passed away. When he pleaded with his relatives not to be left alone with the live-in nanny, his family installed cameras throughout his home.

Footage from the tapes revealed shocking, repeated mistreatment. ‘M,’ the victim’s daughter, said the video from inside her father’s home, “left me shaking. [The suspect] came at him with a shoe, spat on him and beat him.”

“Father had told us that he was forced to go to bed at certain times. Every time he wanted to get out of bed, he was beaten,” ‘M’ said. “She would hold down his hands and slap him in the face. He begged us to not leave him alone. I could not believe my eyes. I immediately called my brother and then the police.”

The suspect, Maria Kamit, was taken into police custody the same night the man’s family contacted law enforcement, Channel 2 said. An officer from the Zebulon police department’s domestic violence unit, Dror Peskovich, showed Kamit the film of her beating the elderly man.

Kamit was transported in handcuffs to the Krayot Magistrates Court on Thursday to have her remand extended, Channel 2 said. The District Attorney’s Office of Haifa is expected to file formal charges against her next week.

Watch Channel 2’s video report on the abuse:

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  • Ginny

    Why in the world didn’t the daughter listen to her father’s “begging” in the first place (and perhaps her mother’s who may have died under the nanny’s “care”).
    He’s scared of her; she’s out!!!

    We all know that predators smell fear be it conscious or subconscious. We must vigilantly protect those who have experienced life trauma especially when they are old and defenseless.

    My grandfather witnessed the pogroms and in his 80’s, when his mind couldn’t fight off the old, deep fears of the Kasaks coming to get him. Maybe he had Alzheimers and it wasn’t identified much in the 60’s. I do know that he was targetted by the staff at the senior residence. One night, he had purple bruises on his body.

    So, for this Holocaust victim in the report, why would the daughter wait so long to rescue him…and why were there so many instances of abuse before she finally did (the Nanny’s clothes are different on the nannycam, so one can surmise this occurred on different days/weeks)??!!
    His worst trauma relived? Horrible!!!

  • Emmett

    The relatives of the man should also be charged. He pleaded with them not to be left alone with the caretaker, yet they denied his rightful request.

  • Mike P.

    Why is Israel giving extended visas and/or work permits to people from countries known for anti-Semitism?

    Is Israel stupid or masochistic?

    Or does it simply have incompetent and dumb bureaucrats in the Foreign Ministry?

  • Jo-Ann Morris

    So very sad…brought tears to my eyes. Thankfully, his family listened to him. May G-d bless him and his family.

  • Pam Kaye

    Knowing the antisemitic history of Ukrainians, how on earth could this family entrust their vulnerable father to a member of that race. How this poor man must have suffered and lived in fear

  • Aurora Aronsson

    Why are there UKRAINIANS at all working in Israel?
    Those guys always were among the WORST ANTISEMITES, and they demonstrate it even today with their national hero, Nazi collaborator, Stepan Bandera and the flags of the Ukrainian Nazi Party in all the KIev demonstrations

    • zwolinski

      exacty !

  • H.S.Cohen

    Remember the Ukrainian behavior during WW2? Ugly.

  • rudy hoffmann

    Send that Ukrainian b immediately back to where she belongs!

    • Joyce

      I agree Rudy, that would be a fitting punishment for the anquish that she has caused this defensless old gentleman. The question must also be asked how did she treat his wife during the period she has been in their home, was it more of the same?

  • mike

    Send that b&*ch back to Crimea!