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April 14, 2014 9:47 am

Israel Natural Gas Exports May Help Strengthen Relations With Egypt, Turkey

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Natural gas from Israel's Tamar field began flowing to customers in 2013. Photo: Screenshot / Youtube.

Natural gas from Israel's Tamar field began flowing to customers in 2013. Photo: Screenshot / Youtube.

Reuters Israel’s drive to export its new-found natural gas could help to rebuild strained ties with old regional allies Egypt and Turkey, but could deprive Europe of a precious alternative to Russian gas.

Israel has in recent months already signed energy deals with Jordan and the Palestinian Authority, though relations with the Palestinians are at a low ebb, and now needs to expand its export horizons to cash in on its huge energy discoveries.

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  • A. E.

    If the Egyptian-ARABS support the the minster he will be let go free since Egypt needs

    to get in good terms with the Egyptian arabs to tackle the Ethiopian-Arab spying Egypt.

    . Ethiopia’s good for nothing Defence Minstry military will loose only if the current Egyptian government looses it’s support from the Egyptian Arabs.Because all Ethiopia can do is weaken Egypt from within the only thing this so called Ethiopia’s defence minstry good for?
    Let us bring up the Badme Ethio/Eritrean war for instance all the Ethiopian defence minstry did was provide weapons and bad leadership. Even the Defence Minster ended up in prison for his bad leadership upon returnfromEthio/Eritrean war with a fake victory.. Ethiopia lost almost double the amount of human lifes than the Eritreans due to the Commander in Chief and Defence Minstry strategy to send soldiers into war without adequate training. Ethiopia got three times more injured soldiers than Eritrea which the defence minstry do not even acknowledge them let alone give them any disability assistance till this date. All the minstry did was provide propoganda to recruit , pay them good salary which made the poor very initiated eventhough the salary was discontinued by the end of the Madmen war in 2000 and later on the TPLF Tigray race generals started a Metals & Engineering Corp., an Ethiopian military-run corporation which is in desperate need of markets to sell it’s products. Ethiopia was hoping Egypt will buy weapons from Ethiopia until the Nile river dam issue arose.The Defence Minstry is filled with one race which represent less than 10% of the totalEyhiopianpopulation.The Defence Minstry’s members whole family had been geting free food (for their whole family for the last decade or more) to prepare any war they might encounter fromtheother races within Ethiopia., The Tigray race also had been geting paid good for just siting on their bottom and investing in EFFORT and/or the Weapon corporations while other races suffer.The Ethiopianeconomy ismonopolized by the Tigray race while Ethiopia’s land is shrinking in the rate not seen in a century Tigray general kids are getting to Egypt to create caos and misinformation from within Egypt. Some are there as a refugee others are there with Middle eastern passport as Meles Zenawi himself was a Yemeni passport

    Holder. Tigrayans are saying this time around unlike the ethioEritrean war they wiul send the highly skilled Tigrayan kidscollege kids to the war rather than the weak Ethiopians poor.