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April 20, 2014 11:44 am

Israeli Minister Bennett: Let Abbas Go Home

avatar by Joshua Levitt

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Economy Minister Naftali Bennett's Facebook page, showing PA Chairman Abbas ready to leave Judea and Samaria to Israel. Photo: Screenshot.

Economy Minister Naftali Bennett's Facebook page, showing PA Chairman Abbas ready to leave Judea and Samaria to Israel. Photo: Screenshot.

Israel Economy Minister Naftali Bennett on Sunday reflected on a paradigm-shifting report about the status of the Palestinian Authority, in Israeli daily Yediot Ahronot, writing on his Facebook page that he would have no regrets if PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas decided to “go home.”

A screenshot of Yediot‘s English language homepage, posted by Bennett, showed Abbas, gathered with other Arab leaders, under the headline, “Abbas Threatens to Dismantle Palestinian Authority,” in a new proposal that would recognize Israel as the sovereign of Judea and Samaria, with all Arabs living there to depend on Israel for their needs, rather than the PA.

In Bennett’s view, Abbas’s proclamation only shows that myths presented to Israel as peace strategies have been shown to be false, and his frustration is a precursor to Israeli victory.

On Facebook, Bennett said, “The left used to say: Give away Judea and Samaria for peace. Instead it brought us war.”

“So then they said: Give away Judea and Samaria for security. Instead it brought terrorism. Over 1,000 Israelis were killed in Tel Aviv, Haifa and Jerusalem.”

“Then they said: Give away Judea and Samaria because of the demographics. Meanwhile the Jewish birthrate is now higher than the Arab birthrate.”

“Then they said: Give away Judea and Samaria to avoid a ‘political tsunami.’ However, that political tsunami never came.”

“Now they are saying: Give away Judea and Samaria, otherwise Abbas will go home. You know what? Let him go home.”

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  • The Arab-Palestinians have got to prove that they can live in peace and harmony without violence against the Israelis and their own people.

    Teaching hate, violence and terrorism only strengthens Israel’s resolve to eject any Arab violating the rule of law.
    This is the only way to foster a possible future of co-existence.

    Real peace and co-existence will spur an economic prosperity to both sides.

    It should be of extreme importance and interest to promote real co-existence.

    YJ Draiman.

  • Carlos Murphy

    Bennett wants Abbas to go home…Where is home????? The South of France? Next to Suha Arafat?

  • Carlos Murphy

    Bennett seems to be one of the few Israeli politicians who doesn’t fold,and say it as it really is.Abbas is yanking Israel’s chain.and it’s time to put a stop to it…The guy Abbas never smiles,if he ever did smile his face would crack…..

  • Ed

    Israel has never wanted anything to do with G-d except when they are nose deep in trouble .When i say Israel that is northern an southern kingdoms HaShem wants his children to love an obey Him so He sez if you don,t want to do it the easy way we will do it the hard way .So hang on boys and girls the ride is going to get rough .Just a thought!!!!

  • Beatrix

    The man is almost 80. He’s more interested in whether the prune juice is going to work than in whether the country is. The PA has had two propagandists since its inception—Abbas and Arafat—and no leadership. Give the reins to an ambitious younger person, who actually wants to establish and lead a country. Where would America be if Washington and Jefferson had spent their lives fighting the English instead of settling down and starting the USA? That’s the position of the PA. They’ve won, but they can’t take “yes” for an answer.

  • Dafna Yee

    Israel should never have been negotiating with the PLO in the first place under any circumstances!!! Abbas never stopped being a leader of the PLO; Arafat’s hand-picked successor whose ONLY aim has always been the destruction of Israel and NEVER PEACE!!! The fact that Netanyahu followed other traitors like Peres in not only giving away parts of Israel to her sworn enemies while they continually increase their efforts to eradicate Israel, at the same time he’s giving away her pride and her sovereignty by not standing by her own people by agreeing that Judea, Samaria, and Jerusalem ESPECIALLY THE TEMPLE MOUNT were “occupied territory” that really belonged to the “palestinians”!! Netanyahu didn’t even promote the Levy Report; instead he instead he insisted that Israel wanted the oxymoronic “two-state solution” and froze Jewish, NOT ARAB, building, tied the hands of the IDF so that Israeli soldiers had to run away from rock throwing Arabs, apologized to Erdogan and agreed to pay claims reimbursement, and worst of all, FREED MURDERERS IN ORDER TO BEG ABBAS TO TALK WITH HIM FOR A TOTALLY NON-EXISTENT “PEACE PROCESS” to appease Obama and Kerry even after they both made it abundantly clear that they were definitely anti-Israel!!! The fact that Netanyahu would STILL have been willing to release MORE MURDERERS not for peace but just for the chance to make more concessions, confirms again that Netanyahu and those who follow him are traitors to Israel, Zionism, and Jews everywhere!!! Abbas and all who don’t accept Israel’s sovereignty should go home!!!!

  • Kerry Berger

    Back to square one. I expect there will be repercussions such as a reinvigorated PLO terrorist organization that will be even more dangerous than the 40 years of terrorism from the 1960’s until the Oslo Peace Talks. Seems like a waste of effort on the part of the United States and Europe since neither party was genuinely interested in resolving their differences politically and making real concessions and compromises. I don’t see how anyone will benefit with renewed terrorism and retaliation.

    • Steven

      If & when Abbas goes home, then other terrorist organizations will begin to appear. Those same organizations are going to appear as long as Israel exist as a unified nation. Do not, I repeat give land for peace. Peace will not occur until Yahweh/HASHEM fights the battle supernaturally.

      Israel will not read the New Testament in light of Ezekiel /Daniel prophecy accounts. Israel is not aware or are blindly going to accept the antichrist as the Messiah thinking this will bring them peace. But it will not happen. The Rider on the White Horse in Revelation of the New Testament will bring Israel the victory over the enemy because the enemy is after the Covenant in which it cannot have. The Covenant is through Isaac’s descendants.

      In light of the above, let Abbas go home or whatever he’s going to go. Israel stand pat and do not give land for peace. Peace is illusive in this instance.

  • Simone Miller

    let him go home and take the rest of the arabs with him.

    • Mel

      “let him go home and take the rest of the arabs with him”

      Your obvious solution presents a new puzzle.

      With ants in his pants all his adult life, where’s home?

      Syria? Egypt? Russia? Qatar? Yugoslavia? Canada?

      Refusing over five years to conduct elections, Ab Ass

      pursues the time-honored, Arabian assassination

      method to retain power. Pushing 80, Abbas by now has

      more partners and more money stashed away in more

      places in more countries than Arafat ever hoped for.

      Whichever place(s) he chooses, Abbas should go home

      and take his marbles with him, before he loses them.

      Lucky for him (unlike Arafat) he doesn’t see Phyllis.

  • Who fills the vacuum left if Abbas and the Authority leave? How does the PA dissolve itself? Between the Southern Lebanon, Gaza and the West Bank the Iranians are un-packaging a plan leaving Israel being forced to negotiate. Yes it will be a paradigm shift of unintended consequences on an exponential scale.

    • Barry Wolfe

      Abbas should go to his large estate in Jordan where he can live out the rest of his years. The Arabs living within Judea and Samaria will live in peace and security under Israeli rule. The citizens of Israel will then be able to live within defensible borders. No longer will lies be permitted to be taught in the PA school system.

  • Joseph Silver

    Bennett is 100% right. Abbas Go Home!!!

  • I totally agree with Minister Bennett, that Abbas should go home to whatever nation he really comes from. Deuteronomy 32:21 says that G-d will use a nationless people to go after us if we didn’t listen to Him. Israel is ours, not some made up Arab Palestinians. (Which by the way “Palestinian” is an Italian name) We need to stop giving away what G-d says is ours.

  • NCS

    Yes…”let him go home.” Judea and Samaria belong to Israel!

  • Bill Stein

    Israel needs to cut off the PA completely Power Water Travel and Food and open one bridge and force them to deal with Jordan. Force Gaza to deal only with Egypt.

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