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April 25, 2014 10:11 am

Hypocrisy at Brandeis Deepens

avatar by Moshe Phillips and Benyamin Korn

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Brandeis University logo. Photo: Brandeis University.

The Brandeis University administration professes to be deeply concerned about the rights of black Africans.

In the 1980s, it divested its holdings in companies that did business with the South African apartheid regime. In 2000, it invited Bishop Desmond Tutu to give its commencement address, despite Tutu’s long record of hostile statements about Jews and Israel.

So when the news broke April 14th that 100 black schoolgirls in Nigeria had been kidnapped by an Islamist militia “to use as cooks and sex slaves” (as The Associated Press put it), one would have expected the Brandeis campus to be up in arms.

Eager students should have been circulating petitions in front of the cafeteria and collecting spare change to purchase food packages to send to the hostages.

High-minded professors should have been digging out their magic markers to create picket signs demanding action to save the girls from their Islamist abductors.

Amateur folksingers should have been holding impromptu concerts in the middle of campus to raise awareness of the plight of these “cooks and sex slaves.”

The Brandeis administration should have been announcing that it would be giving an honorary degree to an African woman who has been outspoken against Muslim extremist violence against black women in Africa.

Oh, wait. They did that already.

And then they canceled the degree when some other Muslim extremists complained.

Think about the cruel irony. First Brandeis announced it would give an honorary degree to Ms. Ayaan Hirsi Ali, the world’s leading spokeswoman against the Islamist victimization of black girls.

Then the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) and other Islamist extremists protested, saying that Ms. Ali has been giving Islam a bum rap by focusing attention on Islamist victimization of black girls. Frightened Brandeis administrators quickly dumped Ms. Ali.

And then, right smack in the middle of the public controversy over Brandeis University’s surrender, the Islamists have proven Ayaan Hirsi Ali to be right, by doing exactly what she has accused them of doing.

It’s one of those horrible ironies that would be too coincidental to be believed if it hadn’t actually happened.

The Brandeis administration — and its many supporters among the students and faculty — deny that they are insensitive to black female victims of Islamist violence. They claim the problem is that Ms. Ali has been too sweeping in her criticism of Islam.

Really?  Well, here’s their opportunity to prove it. As you read these words, 100 little girls in Nigeria are being held captive and forced to become “cooks and sex slaves.” Where are the protests by Brandeis administrators, faculty, and students? Where is the outrage, where are the petitions, where are the impassioned demands to rescue the girls? When black girls were being oppressed by white South Africans, the Brandeis community was outraged. Will they display the same indignation when the oppressors are Muslims?

Moshe Phillips is president of the Religious Zionists of America, Philadelphia Chapter; Benyamin Korn, the former executive editor of the Philadelphia Jewish Exponent, is chairman of the RZA-Philadelphia /

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  • Lynne T

    Has anyone ever bothered to contact Ayaan Hirsi Ali about some of the statements she made that her opponents leveraged to get Brandeis to rescind the honorary degree.

    I only see one or two quotes to the effect that she said “No Islam, period” and that “Islam must be defeated militarily”.

    Having just severed its relations with Al Quds University because of the tolerance for demonstrations on campus by Hamas, Brandeis was between a rock and a hard place. But Brandeis could have done better than just withdraw the honorary PHd from AHA.

  • They also asked CAIR to help restore it’s ties with the NAZI saluting Birzeit University

  • BH in Iowa

    Time to remove the word EMET from that seal.

  • Ilbert Phillips

    Brandeis University (as have most American Universities) lost its way years ago. It tends to prohibit speaking at its campus any speaker who tells the truth about how Muslims around the world mistreat women, girls and gays.

  • Reuven

    Brandeis is now part of the extreme leftist-Islamic alliance. It works not only against Christians, but against Jews. Justice Louis Brandeis would be outraged at what the school that bears his name has devolved into.

  • Elisheva Cohen

    Good article. We need to confront these arrogant hypocrites who think they are smarter than other Jews.

  • Ron

    To paraphrase General Melchit in “Blackadder”, when all else fails, an obstinate refusal to face facts will always see you through. More evidence of Stockholm Syndrome in the behaviour of these academics,reminiscent of that displayed by the Jewish Civil Authority in the Warsaw ghetto, a syndrome which seems to be more and more prevalent among those (including politicians) who don’t live on the same planet as the rest of us. They talked the talk, but when confronted by the bullies of CAIR they didn’t have the intestinal fortitude to walk the walk and tell CAIR to shove their protest where the sun don’t shine. Don’t seem to hear much from the feminist movement either! On a door in Fort Douaumont at Verdun, France scene of the epic battle with the German Army, there is an apt inscription: “Celui qui se moque du passe, n’est pas digne du futur” – “He who mocks the past is not worthy of the future”

  • Mel

    How many ways do Brandeis people want to be ewmwmbred?

    Brand Eyes?

    Brand Ice?

    Bran Dies?

    Bran Dice?


    Screwy Louie?

  • Julian Clovelly

    This is very odd journalism – news about what didn’t happen. This could start a whole new trend and give the term “non event” a completely new meaning

    What else didn’t happen today that we should know about? Surely there is a nuclear reactor that didn’t melt down, an earthquake in Hawaii that didn’t take place, with equally absent tsunami. Maybe there was someone famous in America who didn’t get shot with an assault weapon kept as part of a collection of 120 guns

    And of course there is always the old staple of a Middle East peace between Israel and Palestine. It’s London to a brick that didn’t happen yesterday, isn’t happening today, and won’t happen tomorrow either. Not with a Palestinian Coalition that includes a Party that states it will never recognise the State of Israel.

    By the way it isn’t my birthday either.

    • Ron Blower

      Nobody questioned this lie? Well…

      A refusal to be honorable is an action. A dishonorable one. A refusal to act out of fear is an action with a motive; the motive being, in this case as in MANY others, to pamper radical Muslims so as to ingratiate themselves to their acknowledged, future, Masters.

      How’s that working for the Syrian, Egyptian, Indonesian,et al Christians,Hindus, et al in Muslim dominated countries, Julian?

  • Victoria D Matlock

    Wow all I can say is thy are so back words wow Men rule Woman Are nothing and thy let Muslim Men run the show and do nothing to the help the Jews That is No A University wow Dream it up in a Cracker Jack Box

  • Fred

    US Institutions purpose for enlightenment have become mouthpieces for the darker powers.
    Your article brings this out. 100 children girls being abducted for whatever purposes by Islamist bandits. Yet none of these institutions have raised a voice of finger to touch the subject because of intimidation subjected to the idiocy of multiculturalism & correctness.
    For Israel bashing there no such restraint. Wake up America your attitude helped in the murder of European Jewry don’t do the same mistake again.

  • Brandeis reveres the sociopath MUHAMMAD who PERSONALLY DECAPITATED 900 UNARMED JEWS….Muhammad, Mengele, Eichmann, Heydrich, no difference…

  • At one time we were disgraced by the presence of court Jews who kowtowed to the local leadership. We must now contend with panting Jewish academics and institutions who bow in unison to political correctness.

  • noel eliscu

    as usual Jews will shoot themselves in the foot. cowards they are at this university.

  • Mort Moooze

    Well now we have it.
    Distributing the US Constitution at American Universities is a no-no.
    Distributing crude anti-Jewish pamphlets at NYU is ok.
    Who speaks for Brandies U.? Islamist extremists or self-hating Jewish professors ( who would readily push their own mother into an Aushwitz bound cattle car to save their own ass)
    Let them help rebuilding Gaza like Vittorio Arrigoni (1975-2011), the tattooed pro-Palestine “peace activists” who was strangled by the Islamists who love this (kaffir), infidel, so much.
    BBU =Boycott Brandies U ! ! !

  • LouA

    Stop it with the obvious, these Jews just want to remain in the PC bubble no matter what reality may be.