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April 27, 2014 4:07 pm

Hamas Calls Holocaust ‘Made-Up Story’ Ahead of Yom HaShoah

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A pro-Hamas rally at Al-Quds University on March 23. Photo: Tom Gross/Mideast Dispatch.

JNS.orgAhead of Yom HaShoah (Israel’s Holocaust Remembrance Day), the Hamas terrorist organization—which last week signed a unity pact with Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas’s Fatah party—issued a statement Saturday that called the Holocaust “a made-up story without foundation.”

On Sunday, Abbas was quoted by the Palestinian news agency WAFA as calling the Holocaust “the most heinous crime to have occurred against humanity in the modern era.” But at his weekly cabinet meeting, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Abbas’s alignment with Holocaust-denying Hamas is more notable than his remarks.

“Instead of issuing statements designed to placate global public opinion, Abu Mazen (Abbas) needs to choose between the alliance with Hamas, a terrorist organization that calls for the destruction of Israel and denies the Holocaust, and a true peace with Israel,” Netanyahu said.

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  • michael wyatt

    maybe just maybe there are some moderate Arabs but you can`t find them and they are most likely full of trickery…the bottom line is…in war the victor takes….and the loser faces their new consequences and this has been since the beginning of time….how many wars has Israel been in where the surrounding arab countries if they could would have destroyed Israel….fuck world opinion Israel takes care of Israel and that is all there is to it….Arabs are still camel jockeys in the desert….i feel no pain for the militant palestinian…facts are facts….never never again…never forget we come first…..wyatt earp.and dirty harry…..

    • Joseph Gottdenker


      I agree with most of what you had to say but would like to point out that it’s Jews everywhere that need to assist Israel in taking care of Israel.

  • Mort Moooze

    Well here we go again …
    So Six Million did not die, according to Hamas, they were sent east to resettlement …
    An now 70 years later those six million are now 75 million!
    They have a standing army of two million with the most sophisticated weapons and latest nuclear strategy.
    This military super-force is ready to defend Jews any where in the world when needed.
    This super-army is financed and supported by the transaction fees collected by New York Jewish brokers on Arab and Muslim Big Shots “investors” who have stolen the finances of the past, present, and future, Arabs and Muslim peoples and use such as there own personal money!
    Hamas and Fatah could be blown up and out like a birthday candle on very short notice.
    As usual the pallies are bent on self destruction rather than self -betterment.
    And of course they blame the Jews, Zionists, and Israelis for their predicament!

    • Joe

      Great piece Mort.
      They make me ill
      Arab/Palestinian nationalism is the biggest threat to Jews in 2014
      We should never forget that we are never away from another Jewish tragedy