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May 1, 2014 3:19 pm

Rabbi Extracts Apology From Anti-Semites in Los Angeles

avatar by Joshua Levitt

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Blurry cellphone photo by Rabbi Michy Rav-Noy, as Los Angeles police detain and arrest anti-Semites who verbally assaulted the rabbi from moving bicycles. Photo: Facebook.

Blurry cellphone photo by Rabbi Michy Rav-Noy, as Los Angeles police detain and arrest anti-Semites who verbally assaulted the rabbi from moving bicycles. Photo: Facebook.

A rabbi extracted an apology from anti-Semites on bikes who verbally assaulted him as he was walking to shul in Los Angeles on Wednesday.

Rabbi Michy Rav-Noy wrote on Facebook that the lesson was, “Jews! Stand up for yourselves!”

The “main point” of his story, the rabbi said, was “showing them we won’t put up with it and having them apologize.”

At 9:15am, the rabbi was walking to synagogue when two men on bicycles screamed, “There goes a Jew! Look at that Jew!”

Rabbi Rav-Noy said, “I yelled right back at them, ‘Come here now and say it to my face!'”

As they rode away, he yelled at them, “Don’t ride away like sissies!”

But, the rabbi said, “G-d put me at the right place at the right time. A police car drove by. I let out a loud whistle and yelled, ‘I need the police!” A lady officer pulled over. I told her what happened and stressed ‘NOT IN THE U.S.’ – please go after them.”

Moments later, three blocks away, the two men were being held by two policemen against a wall, with their hands being held behind their backs.

“The lady cop apologized to me and said, ‘I can’t do much more; they didn’t officially commit a crime… but (with a half smile on her face) the good news is that one of them has a warrant and is going to jail today.”

“I told her, ‘You punished them by stopping them and making them stand like this. You gave them a message that they are accountable.'”

“‘They need to apologize,’ I said. She agreed.”

“We both walked over and I told them to apologize. I told them, ‘We suffered for 2,000 years; we shouldn’t have to go through this in the U.S.’ They apologized again.”

Rav-Noy directs the Los Angeles chapter of the Friendship Circle, a Jewish charity that run programs for children with special needs.

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  • Sue Deutsch

    In the 1970’s a group of young neo-Nazis in Milwaukee, Wisconsin started verbal attacks and threats against African-Americans and Jews. They wrote graffiti on Synagogue walls, and held demonstrations in key areas of the city.

    We formed a group called Concerned Jewish Citizens. When the Nazis demonstrated, we counter demonstrated. We took our concerns to the Milwaukee Common Council. We had the support of many members of the non-Jewish community.

    However, certain members of the Jewish establishment were opposed to our efforts. They tried to get us to keep quiet and ignore the neo-Nazis

    We refused to do that. Some of the members of Concerned Jewish Citizens, including my husband, were Holocaust survivors. And I had been taught, by my father, that if anyone insulted or threatened Jews, we must fight back.Concerned Jewish Citizens formed a security squad. We received many threats by the neo-Nazis, but were not intimidated.

    Eventually they stopped their activities and were disbanded. We need to stand up for ourselves and not be frightened. This is America, not Nazi Germany, Communist Russia or some shtetl in Europe. We have rights and it is our right and duty to defend ourselves!

    Good for the Rabbi! He did exactly the right thing.

    • Bs”d
      Dear Sue,
      Wow! I just read your comment. So inspiring! Thank you for sharing and thank you for the vote of confidence.

      I also got some heat on FB. Some were of the opinion that I should’ve ignored it…or even embrace them with love. The blindness to evil is scary.

      Shavua Tov and may Hashen bless you.


  • Jewish People by an large are cowards. They have never really defended themselves against the anti semites of the world. My uncle who was a Communist/Socialist once found himself in a life and death struggle with a SS man in Germany. The Nazi was beating the living daylights out of my uncle and in the process of trying to defend himself, my uncle grabbed the SS man’s pistol and shot him. That was the first time in my uncle’s life that he ever held a pistol. My uncle immediately thought that if the Jews who were being harassed so violently in Germany back in the 1930’s would defend themselves, perhaps the Germans would get the message and harass someone else. That message never resonated, and we all know how that story ended. Jews today need to defend themselves if we are going to think about surviving into the next century.

  • Micha Solomon

    I was physically assaulted by police in L.A. It was an illegal and anti Semitic act as I was pulled over called a f-ing Jew and pulled from my car and beaten and tazed. Never again people. Came to Israel joined the IDF’s counter terrorism unit and will put a quick end to the next person who tries something like that again. Am Yisrael chai

  • Dr.Otero

    Similar events occurred to me in both Venice, Cal. and Virginia although I’m mostly Spanish. ‘Glad I finally made aliya!!

  • dante


    Good for the rabbi. And, good for the LAPD! These officers did something to restore civility that many officers would not have done.

    I’d be interested to know what those cyclists had on their minds. What prompted them to behave as they did? Why did they feel free to act that way? Where did they grow up? Where do they live? What do they have against Jews?

    • Mitch Slot

      I’ll keep it simple for you Dante. Who gives a shit?

  • Joseph

    What would happen if two of the local goyim in Crown Heights accosted one of the chassidim there with a similar attack and the victim tried to flag down a cop to accost the perpetrators?

  • YP

    Is this kind of reaction really going to help stop anti-Semitism, or ch”v the opposite. It sounds like too harsh which is always counterproductive.

    • shloime

      no way. “too harsh”? you mean if we make nice to anti-semites, they’ll stop hating us? that smacks of blaming the victim, because, somehow, if he/she has just not “provoked” the attackers, who have some kind of right… are you out of your mind?

      the ghetto mentality was the result of weakness and brutalization, not by choice. and it didn’t stop any pogroms, or the shoah. it’s safer to be hated for defending yourself, than eulogized for being a victim.

      • YP

        It seems that some posters don’t understand what it means to show real and true Jewish pride. If someone insults, you can ignore or say something witty back – even make a fool out of them by giving a big smile with a thumbs up – and they’ll like stop doing it.

        Calling the police and engaging in overkill which they feel is overkill has the opposite effect and Hashem should make sure that there are no negative results for anyone for this having been handled the way it was. It certainly doesn’t boost Judaism, unlike the above more effective ways, ways which display proud Jewish kindness, which is way stronger and more powerful than anything else.

      • YP

        Also, it’s not helpful to compare a passing comment with violence or sakanas nefoshos. One has to be dealt with immediately and harshly. The other should not be unless one wants it to lead to violence in the long run, G-d forbid. Lumping every act into one box and accusing everyone who doesn’t act out accordingly of endangering lives – when unfortunately the exact opposite is true – is just plain dangerous and wrong.

      • Yes it is way to late one person at a time WE must stand up ALL FOR one ONE FOR ALL G-D see the good and the bad WE MUST stand UP FOR EACH OTHER now and always

  • Gerald Blume

    As Rav Kahane Ztl has said…”every Jew a 22″. The Los Angeles Rav did the right thing..If one doesn’t confront them it guarantees the next Jew will get it..

  • Scott Sobel

    I’m proud to call Rabbi Michy Rav-Noy my friend. He has dedicated his life to giving special needs children an education and identity. Please consider showing him your appreciation for standing up for the Jewish people against anti-semitism by making a donation (even $5 or $10)to his Friendship Circle Los Angeles ( I did!

  • Yosi Teitelbaum

    Chazk Veematz Rabbi that’s a real Mentch!

  • There will be more such attacks against Jews.
    When we attack Israel it opens the door to Anti Semitism. With a Strong Israel and Strong Jewish Community the Anti Semites back off.

    American Jews who love their children unconditionally. Love Israel conditionally only if Israel does and behaves, as they want. If Israel violates one of those imposed conditions these Jews turn to helping the Palestinians who want to kill every Israeli and Jew.

    If you love Israel unconditionally you won’t abandon and betray Israel as many of you have done.

    If you stand up for yourselves and Israel you will be respected. If you don’t you will be seen as weak and disrespected and Anti Semitism increases.

    That means you support Israel no matter which Government is in control.

    • Scott Sobel

      Robin, I’ve never read it more beautifully and poignantly stated. I’d like to copy and re-post with Rabbi Michy’s story on Facebook. OK?

    • shloime

      don’t be so quick to dismiss “american jews”. the majority are not anti-israeli far-left loonies – they just don’t make as much noise. (“jew opposes zionism” has a certain “man bites dog” sensationalism value.)

  • Debra Michels

    What a delightful story to read!

  • John


  • Steve Butman

    Nice job rabbi. The one thing I keep finding over and over is that these cowards love to hide in groups, or hide by the anonymity of their computers, etc., They never (EVER) have the “baytsim” to say something to your face, one-on-one.

    Thanks for standing up to the cowards.