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May 25, 2014 3:40 pm

Sensational European Union Elections See Major Gains for Far-Right Parties

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Marine Le Pen. Photo: Front National.

Guardian – France’s nationalist extreme right turned European politics upside downon Sunday, trouncing the governing Socialists and the mainstream conservatives in the European parliamentary elections which across the continent returned an unprecedented number of MEPs hostile to, or sceptical about, the European Union in a huge vote of no confidence inEurope‘s political elite.

According to exit polls, the Front National of Marine Le Pen came first in France with more than 25% of the vote. The nationalist anti-immigrant Danish People’s party won by a similar margin in Denmark.

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  • Beatrix

    Palestine was the name the Romans gave to Israel. The first Arabs arrived in the 600s, about 2500 years after the Jews. Palestine (Israel) was ruled by the Roman, the Ottoman, and the English Empires. The English gave their Palestinian territory to the UN to divide between the two people living there, the Jews and the Arabs. The Jews took their portion and named it Israel. The Arabs went to war and lost to the Jews. The Arabs also lost to the Jordanians and Egyptians who made a land grab for the West Bank and Gaza. In 1967 with four Arab armies on her doorstep, Israel engaged in a preemptive strike winning back the West Bank and Gaza, which she offered over 20 years ago to the Palestinians in return for a peace agreement.

    There was no Arab Palestinian nation taken over by the Jews. In fact, there has never been a Palestinian nation, only a territory. The land the Arab Pals lost was in a war they started themselves. The narrative that is destroying the West and the left is the propaganda of Arafat, an Egyptian, which has been continued by his underling Abbas.

    • Julian Clovelley

      The trouble with your analysis Beatrix is that were it proved to be wrong then the entire framework you base upon it falls in a heap. So how well does your analysis hold up?

      Since Crusader times the British (or in the past, English) have never had a Palestine territory to give anyone. What they had in the twentieth century was a mandate to oversee the development of the area, which was appointed to them by the League of Nations, which organisation recognised that the defeat of Turkey in 1918, and the consequent collapse of the Ottoman rule, left a vacuum in the area that it was no felt no party could make an absolute valid claim to exclusively fill. The British gave notice shortly after the Second World War, in the forties, that they intended to unilaterally withdraw from the mandate.

      The grouping “Arab” – much like the grouping “Jew” Is far more defined by culture and tradition than by discreet genetic grouping. These are clear findings of modern science, including blood group and DNA studies. Modern Jews and Arabs are each racially indistinct when their individual groups are examined as a whole. Modern Palestinians would seem from Genetic studies to be descended from multiple groups and tribes which would seem – partially because of genetic similarities with Jewish people – to be equally linked with the ancient Caananites. This would in fact confirm Biblical and Koran claims that they are at least partially descended from the same root – in the mythology or history of both, the Patriarch Abraham

      To describe the 1967 as a purely “Arab” versus “Jew” war is a gross oversimplification. The Arab populated world, then as now, was far from being one united entity.

      I urge you, as I urge all people, to look a little closer at the details of this complicated history and try to get away from simplistic nationalist and religious pseudo histories and mythology. Mythology and inaccurate nationalist history are roadblocks to peace, in that everyones fiction is every bit as valid as everyone elses. I’m sure Turkey too would not object to the “return” of “its” Empire.

      In the twentieth century ethnic and nationalist claims, wrapped in political extremism, created conflicts that escalated into war and Genocide. The most recent of these is currently taking place in Syria. Earlier ones occurred in many other nations from Yugoslavia to Lebanon and North Africa. The twentieth century made a start in finding a negotiated resolution of such disputes through the foundation of the League of Nations, and the United Nations. These bodies are the real cradle of modern Israel and modern Palestine, but the process disrupted by war and internal hostility is incomplete

      That is the tragedy both Israel and Palestine face. I tend to agree with the Pope that a two state solution would be the only workable starting point.

      This continuing dispute inflicts itself on both Arab and Jewish people worldwide. You are right to worry about antisemitism, but it is probably currently not as prevalent in Europe and the US as ant- Arab sentiment against Arab minorities. A resolution of Middle Eastern conflict would go a long way towards de-escalating European prejudice against both groups.

  • Another Holocaust can happen. .If it happened before it can happen again. We must make certain that Israel remains strong. That is our salvation. Rabbi Dr. Bernhard Rosenberg

  • Julian Clovelley

    Well if you will keep pushing the Right in the Jewish community what do you expect?

    I have seen attack after attack on the Democrat Administration in America, on the United Nations, on charitable organisations, on International Law, and on other organisations such as Amnesty international

    You might think that when one pushes the Conservative Right in America it has no effect outside, but that isn’t the case – there is a flow on effect. Politics, like Business, are Globalised these days and as corporate interest and state interests increasingly operate in tandem, Mussolini’s definition of Fascism emerges on a global scale, with only weakened local sovereignty and local democracy to resist its march

    I am far too sensitive to suggest what you are excavating, but I do sometimes wonder will people never learn

    There is a need to say to some people in the Jewish community “Who on earth sold you this pup and what made you buy it?” Truly, are the settlements worth it? Golden rule in minority politics “NEVER support or promote the Right”

    I truly hope the Right in European nations, individually and collectively, doesn’t follow the usual pattern whereby it provokes polarisation to gain power as party of order

    A gentle reminder of how it was done – first a minor election success, then a lot of disturbance and provocation, and then the so called “Gesetz zur Behebung der Not von Volk und Reich” – the Enabling Act of 1933 – They’ll call it “Austerity” and “Restraint” this time, in fact they already do.

    Throw in a scapegoat and you are there

    Enough said

  • Oxford Punter

    Opposition to the EU is not restricted to the ‘far-right’, though no doubt the US media will try to paint it as an ‘extremist’ issue. The reality is that the EU is fundamentally undemocratic, run as it is by a group of unelected Commissars and the sooner it is abolished and replaced by a non-political trading-only association of independent nations – a real ‘Common Market’ – the better.

  • Eric R.

    The European “right” (which is not really rightist except for UKIP) is no better for Jews than the left. If there is one thing that pretty much almost all Europeans agree on, regardless of nationality, religion or political outlook, is that they hate us Jews, think we’re sub-human scum and hope that the Iranians finish Hitler’s work.

    • Joseph Australia

      By filling up with Muslims and kicking out the Jews to Israel and the USA, Europe went from the 21 century to the 7th Century.

      Two countries that are still full of the Jews are economic powerhouses. This could have been with the Europeans had they not kicked out the Jews.

      I read in Wikipedia that rich Jewish free Sweden, one of EUs Islams greatest apologist, will regress in the Human Development index and drop from 5th in 2007 to 45th (after Libya) in 2030.

      It could not have happened to a more deserving people.

      • Eric R.

        Europeans do not care if they slide into poverty and enslavement under Sharia Law, so long as they can have a Judenrein world.

        Europeans imbibe Jew-hatred from their mother’s milk and are pathologically incapable of thinking rationally when it comes to Jews.

        This is why Israel has basically given up on Nazi Europe and is pivoting to Asia.