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June 18, 2014 1:47 pm

Why Child Support for Kidnapping Israelis Must be Widely Publicized

avatar by Brian Thomas

Yesterday our blog Israellycool published shocking pictures of child abuse. From all over the world adults are asking their kids to hold up three fingers, smile at the camera and posting these images on Facebook. They are accompanied by a message in Arabic proclaiming joy at the capture of “Three Shalits.”An obvious reference to the terrorist kidnapping of three Jewish kids (Eyal, Gilad and Naftali) last Thursday night in Israel.

At first they handed out sweets, then they invented a new hand gesture and now they’re teaching their kids to be happy at a terrorist act committed against our children. I believe it’s time to stop sugar coating or concealing what the other side is doing. They have systematically taught hatred of us and joy when we are attacked for many generations.

Israellycool’s servers have barely kept up with the traffic: these photos are being seen.

But we’ve had some criticisms I want to address. The first was put to me like this:

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Any thinking person with even the slightest knowledge of the conflict knows that the Palestinians are breeding hate in their own people. Islamic extremism relies on a strong foundation of hate. It’s a fact. It’s wrong.

But when we use our hate to justify our own, or to write off the Palestinians or to justify that we should do nothing, give nothing, we are also spreading hate.

I don’t believe the full scale of the indoctrination of hate into generations of Arab children has got through to everyone. PMW and MEMRI, who record, translate and disseminate examples of hatred on Palestinian and wider Middle East media, are both routinely discredited in the mainstream and their reports ignored because people don’t want this message in their face.

By holding up these examples, we are not trying to engender hatred of Palestinians: my overwhelming feeling is pity for the children being used this way.

Next up is this:

How do we know these photos are really connected with this kidnapping?

These images flooded onto the web within a couple of days of the kidnap just as Israelis were holding up signs saying #BringBackOurBoys. They are always accompanied by Arabic clearly indicating the  link to “three Shalits.” They’ve captured three more Jews to use as bargaining chips. In all cases we link back to the original source where this can be verified with a knowledge of Arabic or Google’s translate function.

You should protect the identities of these children: they’re minors and maybe they’ll grow up to regret their parent’s actions.

We are not giving these pictures their widest audience. That is happening in the proud Arab and anti-Israel world in which they were originally shared. These pictures were taken and shared with the full knowledge and encouragement of the childrens’ parents. I don’t doubt that the younger kids (below 2) have little comprehension of what they’re doing, but years of seeing indoctrination videos from kids TV shows by Fatah and Hamas have proved that even four year olds are taught to reflexively hate Jews (sometimes they manage to say Zionists).

Should we hide the identity of these kids on the off chance that they might break free from this vile indoctrination later in life? Are we being, in some way, cruel by posting these on to an audience who is not approving?

It’s time people stepped out of their cozy dream worlds where a “vast majority” of peace loving people just want to get on with life and get along. No. That’s false. There is massive support for the kidnapping of three kids among Arab and anti-Israeli society and it must be confronted, even if it shocks a few.

If you want to see the sheer scale of this, check out Israellycool where we have collected numerous images.

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